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How it is correct to skip lessons?

I do not hope, teachers and parents, - we will not hold up to shame shirkers. On the contrary, we will give them several useful tips how to increase efficiency of truancies.


Is undoubted, teachers - the people humane. And they will be able to sympathize with the child who was slightly late and declared somewhere by the end of the sixth lesson who Here the quantity of options depends on the imagination.

For example, helped the old woman crossing the road (only properly count how many times there and it is back possible to help crossing the road ONE old woman for six lessons). Or you were suddenly kidnapped, put in the car, and you beat off and ran away (the main thing that the militia did not become interested in this fighter). Or suddenly aliens arrived and came with you into contact

Well and if all this was already told by you and your companions on 10 in unlimited degree of times Well, rescue, at the worst, from fire the little girl (the boy, a cat, a dog). Only, the main thing, set fire to nothing for the sake of such feat you DO NOT WANT


Very effective way - to fade for a good reason. For this purpose it is necessary to approach the teacher, and, penetrating looking to him in eyes, to tell how you want to learn more about the valency of fluorine or the use of a gerund in the English offer, but the little sister in hospital, it should be visited, and to help mother about the house.

Next time options are possible: a) the little sister is ill again because an illness at her chronic; b) not the little sister, and the aunt (the uncle, the vosmiyurodny brother-in-law of the three times removed brother-in-law) is ill any more. It is desirable not to invent relatives: the teacher can check their existence.

And the main thing - a variety. Remember: relatives can not only be ill, but also come on a visit (not daily, certainly, and time in ten years, it is obligatory from Vladivostok or from Kamchatka, and only for two hours), to marry and marry (the main thing, is not more often than time in a quarter each relative) and in general, in every possible way to show the imagination in order that you shirked hated physics.

Minuses: the teacher can check not only presence of relatives, but also an illness (a wedding, arrival) of those. Or to visit together with a class you home that on - timurovsk to help the tired mother or to visit chronically sick little sister.


And the most effective way not to go to lessons, of course, to ache. It is possible to be ill really and for fun.

For the real illness it is possible to eat five packs of ice cream (minus - material inputs of pocket money, plus - it is tasty) or to have wet feet in a pool. It is possible to break a hand or a leg (or together). At last, it is possible to get drunk castor oils and to complain of an indigestion.

Pluses: you do not go to school from three days to three months, feel sorry for you and indulge. Minuses: it is impossible to walk, something surely hurts, to you prick pricks, and sometimes even put in hospital. It is possible even to remain for the second year due to illness.

It is possible to ache for fun. It is good if you participate in amateur performances and you are able to groan, sneeze, cough and represent naturally sufferings of Mumu who drowned Gerasim. The main thing to convince parents that an illness not really dangerous, and they can quietly go to work, having left you alone with a compress, a hot-water bottle and drugs (and also with the TV, the game console and the friends who visited you). Pluses it is available.

Minuses: parents can be disturbed by health of the beloved child and not leave for work, and call an ambulance. If doctors prosenut deception, it is bad. If not prosenut will prick pricks and will even put in hospital.

Note: it is very effective to have avitaminosis. Symptoms: appetite loss, fatigue and absolute inability to performance of homework. Pluses: feel sorry for you, do not allow to study and feed with fruit. Minuses: the most bolyuchy pricks - vitamin. Bruises remain for several weeks, and it is possible to sleep only on a stomach.

And the best example diseases it is given to Nikolay Nosov`s stories Vitya Maleev at school and houses . There one of the main characters managed to be ill even about half a year. However, the visiting companions disturbed: it was necessary to jump in a bed in boots. And once after visit of concerned schoolmates patient decided to stand on the head, and suddenly suddenly one of visitors returned forgot something. Generally, Vitya doboletsya