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What is dreams?

We live in two worlds at the same time. And it is as obvious as our daily breakfast or a campaign for work. Remember how many times you woke up with some special mood when you dreamed unusual, color, bright dreams, besides brought closer to reality. There was it when under impression of a realistic dream you went in the morning to work and could not return to usual life, keeping thinking of the dream. And of course, you asked a question: And what my dream means? Why it dreamed me? Someone looks for the answer in dream book, someone tries to explain in own way, and the majority is simply forgotten. But each dream - it is the riddle making the hidden sense.

The unusual country with evergreen forests, fields, some fantastic beings, people, balloons dreamed one person. And in this country he was a king, and it had everything that he did not want. And when that person woke up, long did not want to get up, and wanted to fall asleep and sink into a sleep where   again; was the king in the wonderful country. What could this dream mean? Let`s try to give it psychological interpretation. Snovidets dreamed the fact that he wanted to see what was not enough for him in usual life. Most likely, it was dissatisfied with the situation in life: unloved work, lack of means for implementation of the plans. Subconsciously he wanted sharp changes and changes in the life. And that dream just showed it his mood and the hidden desires. He wanted to live in such situation where he would like to be own master and to dispose of the life and time in own way. It was necessary to understand only that it is necessary to seek for implementation of the hidden desire to achieve internal harmony with itself.

Often dreams show us our hidden desires and dreams which we, for some reasons, try to tire out where - nibud far away, owing to their absurdity and impossible implementation. Sometimes in failure of our desires our neurosises, psychoses and bad mood are covered. And our dreams show us, let in encrypted form, our current situation and problems and possible exits from these situations.

The dream is not the story, not the story, not the movie and not the play. It something, the events in space. In dream space we feel those objects and the phenomena, which, having woken up, we call subject dreams. And what the subject is? It is the substance consisting of time and in which spaces there are we. The matter is that when we have dreams, we consider that we are awake as well as when we are awake actually. That is, we get to the objective reality given us in feelings, thin matter of the other world. Being in it, we endure certain moments, events, emotions, and we consider that it really happens.

Let`s say dreams you that you wounded a leg about a nail and felt pain. When awakening pain continues to be felt until you finally wake up. Sometimes we do not want to leave the things received in a dream. Everything that we dream, belongs to the thin, astral world in which information left consciousness of people, both live is stored, and gone to a better world.

Pictures of the thin world are imposed on everything that we see. However during wakefulness they are only in exceptional cases shown through reality. And if it occurs, so-called miracles rush into our life. Suddenly you with amazement find out that you are surrounded with the strange world of shadows, moods, sounds, pictures. And then you understand that this world always existed in us …

Dream - it at all not small death and the second life, and giving really boundless opportunities, life in which there are no limits of time and space where everyone can become the lord of events. And still in comparison of a dream with death there is a grain of truth: the reality of a dream belongs to the thin world, that where the soul after death goes. Thanks to dreams, the person was given the chance to live in two worlds - material and astral, getting in everyone knowledge and wisdom. Let`s remember how some people dreamed dreams - preventions a day before tragedies, happened, such dreams saved lives to people who cancelled urgent trips, flights by planes which had then accidents. Unfortunately, there were cases when people did not listen to similar preventions.

We can make dreams good assistants, advisers in our life. At any time we will be able to apprehend then hints from the thin world and to use them. Of course, long practice is for this purpose necessary, but the secret is simple: it is necessary to take the dreams seriously and to be able to analyze both dreams, and events in our life. Then the success is possible.

In the east there is a doctrine about illusiveness of our world and reality of the world of dreams. That is, our usual life is a dream, and our life in dreams - real life.

Is only the theory, but goodness knows where the real objective reality? We have to check it.