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What desserts to prepare by Old New year?

There now also there passed since the childhood darling tangerine holiday. Aroma of needles and a citrus is associated with a fir-tree and New year. But do not long on the left holiday - we still have an Old New year! So - needles and tangerines can take a place of honor in the house again.

By the way, these aromas can be used also in original recipes!

New Year`s drink from needles - unusually and vitaminno, all types of needles contain also in the winter a large amount of vitamin C. Needles of a cedar, a fir and pine are especially rich with it.

From tangerines remarkable dessert salads turn out. And still it is possible to make tangerine " cocktail; Ruby Christmas .

One more winter fruit - a persimmon. Now the juicy and not tart Spanish persimmon, and earlier, is on sale about ten years ago when on counters lay only tart gruel . That on a New Year`s table it had standard a look, from it prepared something exotic. For example, elder. But, of course, the elder can be prepared also from a sweet persimmon. And if on New Year`s Eve where - nibud to find a small dynka - put on a table drink with the romantic French name a cold fruit punch.

One more original dish - baked bananas in sesame. That the dessert was not luscious, juicy sourness will be added by segments of a lemon or the same tangerines.

So, recipes!


On 1 l of drink: 200 - 300 g of needles of a pine (it is possible fir-trees, firs, larches), 40 g of sugar, 2 g of lemon acid, vanillin.

To wash out green needles water, then in the small portions to start needles in the boiling water that boiling did not stop and to cook in ware with the closed cover of 30 - 40 minutes. Then broth is quickly filtered, pour granulated sugar, vanillin, lemon acid, to taste, stirred and cooled.

Gelatin to wet an elder from a persimmon in 1/2 glass of cold water and to allow to bulk up. Then, without merging water, to bring to boiling, but not to boil. To cool.

700 g of a persimmon are good to wash out, remove stones and to wipe through a sieve. In the received mashed potatoes to add sugar, 5 egg whites, lemon acid and to shake up weight by means of the mixer before increase in volume by 2 - 3 times. At the end of beating by a thin stream to pour in the prepared gelatin (1,5 tablespoons).

To spread out an elder in vases and to cool to a zastudnevaniye. Separately to an elder it is possible to give wafer tubules.

the Small ripe melon to cut a cold fruit punch from a melon and a persimmon pieces, to add four kiwis circles, a persimmon segments (6 pieces) to water with the " liqueur; kiwi and to insist one hour. Further to pour in a bottle of champagne and two bottles of riesling (all alcohol has to be strongly cooled)

Ruby Christmas Take

30 gr tangerine or orange liqueur, 30 g of vodka, grapefruit juice 30 gr., cranberry juice.

Pour liqueur, vodka and grapefruit juice add cranberry juice to the high glass filled with ice and stir.

Bananas in sesame

Cut bananas circles or segments (having cut banana lengthways and then in half), put on everyone a segment of tangerine or a half-circle of a lemon, dip in honey, sprinkle lemon juice and roll in in sesame. Put in an oven for 3 - 5 min.

tangerines and shrimps Salad

of 150 g of shrimps to boil in the added some salt water with vinegar and to clear. 6 tangerines to wash up and clear of a peel.

To squeeze out juice of 2 peeled tangerines and, having mixed it with mayonnaise, to make sauce. To divide the remained tangerines into segments, and then to clear segments of a film. To cut apple in half, to remove a core, to clear halves of a peel and to cut segments. Small to chop a celery. Leaves of a green salad to wash up and cover with them a salad bowl bottom.

On leaves of a green salad to lay out the segments of tangerines cleared of a film, meat of shrimps, and accurately to mix apple segments, a celery. Before giving to a table to water salad with the made sauce, to decorate with the lemon cut by half rings and greens of parsley.

of 200 g of a feijoa and a lemon to cut salad with a feijoa, nuts and a citrus segments, oranges, tangerines (200 g) to peel of a peel, to put everything in a dish, to add so-so cut walnut and hazelnuts, raisin. To strew with icing sugar, to add some salt, mix a little with sour cream. Before giving on a table to strew with the dried peel of orange cut by thin straws.

Tangerines, mushrooms, cheese and pepper salad

Apples (2 pieces) to wash up, cut on halves, to remove a core, to clear of a peel and to cut in small cubes. 100 g of champignons to wash up, clear and, having cut on small pieces, to boil to full readiness. 2 pods of sweet pepper to wash up, clear of a core and to cut rings. 5 tangerines to wash up, clear of a peel and to divide into segments. To cut 200 g of cheese in small cubes. To lay the cut apples, pepper, tangerines, cheese and the boiled champignons in a salad bowl.

To make sauce. For this purpose carefully to mix 200 ml of yogurt, 1 h l. mustard, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 h l. honey.

To fill in ready sauce in a salad bowl and to accurately mix all ingredients which are there. Before giving to a table to lay out a hill and to decorate with segments of tangerines.