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How to choose the password?

This question come to any user sooner or later. There is a wish for it to it or not. Therefore it is necessary to know that at the choice of the password it is necessary to consider many aspects, main of which is, the first that it was difficult to be cracked, and the second - that it was not really difficult for storing. Let`s consider these aspects.

The password, first of all, is intended in order that only those people who know it had access to certain information. Therefore do not use simple passwords like such as password, admin, user, music, enter and so forth. On that to crack them, any decent brutforsnik (the program for selection of passwords) spends time minimum.

Choosing the password, you have to take into account that persons who know you can try to steal it, so, they can quite make the small dictionary with words which you can use as the password. Therefore I recommend not to put such words on the password - for example, a name of your girl or wife, or the name of a favorite band.

It is also important to consider password length: it should not be very short, but also too long passwords are not really good too because it is difficult to remember them. Ideal option of length - from 8 to 12 symbols.

At the choice of the password try to use except figure letters, and it is even better special symbols it seems @, #, the % - it significantly increases complexity of a task for the hacker. Of course, it is much heavier to remember such password, but it becomes much more reliable, than idle time which consists only of letters. Try, to crack here such here password - vzqr. z$1 of p @. For generation of such password it is possible to use own brain, and also the special program, for example, Password Generator XP is possible.

One more: try to remember the passwords, but not to write down on a piece of paper, or, even worse, to store in the text file at itself in the computer. As a last resort, you can store the password at yourself in the mobile phone or on a flash card, but I strongly recommend to store it in encrypted form. For this purpose you can use one of many programs for enciphering, for example, the Encoder of v1. 0.

But nevertheless if it is difficult for you to remember such difficult password and to store it you have no opportunity, then you can use the password printed with the Russian letters on the English keyboard layout pattern. That is, language has to be included English, but you look at the Russian letters and print them. The password quite difficult for selection, and easy for storing will turn out. For increase of reliability you can use figures, or the same special symbols about which there was a speech slightly above.

But me it seems that ideal option for the password are the two words put in one, but everyone it is printed on other apportion, well, and plus couple of figures. Now I will explain how it looks. For example, you take two floor - dear and a rat, and write the first, and another - the Russian letters on the English apportion. At you it will turn out - dearrhscf, we will add several figures here - 69, for example. And at you it will turn out 69dearrhscf - the difficult password for selection, but at all - for storing. I specially traded places of figure with letters that the password found logical sense - 69 expensive rats. So that`s that. Now, not to forget the password, you need to remember this logical expression, and it, you see, is much easier, than to remember vzqr. z$1 of p @.

Good luck!