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Whether it is worth holding the leaving love?

Difficult piece Lyubov: falls down the head as snow among summer, inspiring us and forcing to make mad acts.

Unfortunately, psychologists and scientists claim that love - not eternal feeling that it has periods, stages and even the age. All of us meet, fall in love and we feel infinitely happy, being completely given to this feeling. But at some stage everything changes: the pleasure of meetings is replaced by a habit, sex - need, and the happy days spent together for some reason turn into gray everyday life. In such state long you will not stretch, and then before us there is a serious choice: to keep the relations if feelings died away, or not?

Here in the head the strangest thoughts climb:

1. How I will live without it? He calls every day at 21:00, every Wednesday we walk in park him. Gorky, he takes away me from work, and on Sundays we go to the cinema Than to fill up the appeared free time?

2. He knows what ice cream I love, knows how I like to have a rest, remembers when Birthday at my mother and what natural hair color at me We so well studied each other, really it is necessary to begin all over again again?

3. It is such good! It is kind, attentive, gentle, nice; little girls are lost in contemplation of it, and I I am manufactured ! It is a pity to release it, I will suffer still!

Loading itself thoughts about eternal we forget about the main thing, and serious conversation is postponed for long months of doubts and tortures.

In psychology there is even a definition a syndrome of the postponed life when the person constantly delays it and postpones for later adoption of the important decision.

The person who is long not making up the mind to a responsible step completely changes. He tries to find the solution of the problem in magazines or consulting on friends, begins to avoid the partner and not to answer calls, becomes angry and dim, with the naked eye it is visible that it has problems.

The main thing - not to panic, not to be depressed and not to become reserved! It is necessary to wait a little! At all the relations grow cold, it is necessary to try to bring in them novelty. Make something, not peculiar to you: put on a suit of a butterfly or a mumps, replace SMS with letters in envelopes, replace habitual cinema with theater, and shorts - shorts on thongs. A variety - pledge of the strong relations!

The first and only what it is worth thinking of, it: whether your relations have a future? Whether your dreams, the purposes and attitudes are similar? It is important in order that, later time, you had not to repeat eternal: I gave you the best years, and you?!

If you understand what your relations at the deadlock that from - for the partner you cannot go further if it is selfish and does not try to make a compromise, you should not delay. The person cannot be changed, nobody is ideal, and you can only accept him it what it is, or Only do not forget to leave

that it is as difficult to find the soulmate how to win Jack - sweat and if you found true love, carefully store it, hardly in life there is something more important! If you are in love, you already the winner!