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How it is correct to insure the car?

the Market of insurance in Russia is huge, it is possible even to tell that it is oversaturated and crowded. How not to make the wrong choice of the insurer and what the incorrect choice will turn back, I also will try to tell you on the basis of own experience, and also experience of the people asking in our organization for the help in wars against insurance companies.

of the CMTPL.

The abbreviation habitual to all which turned, apparently, our country into the modern state (or, at least, brought closer it to Europe). Let`s not say about the allowed misses and that was not in time yet (or did not want) to make the Russian Union of Autoinsurers (RUA), we will talk about the choice of insurance company. How we treat the choice of the insurer? As a rule - we choose any. What`s the odds? Tariffs - that at all are identical! Tariffs - yes, and here problems begin at a loss occurrence.

in case of problems, by the way, it is possible to complain to RSA (www. rsa. ru) or Federal service of insurance supervision which is in each city.

The COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE, the AUTOCOMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE or insurance of a car upon damage has a huge number of reefs, and here the choice of the insurer needs to pay special attention.

As a rule, upon purchase of a car on credit impose you insurance company, and here upon purchase of a car for cash or extension of the contract of insurance the choice for you, and here it is necessary to learn about the next moments:

Accounting of cost. Official service can carry out accounting of cost as the independent expert (under the Law insurers cannot have the appraiser in the staff), or. If calculation was made by official service (HUNDRED which will make repair), then these are 100% a guarantee that you receive the car in an original form without additional costs. In case of calculation with the appraiser amendments - both in big, and in the smaller party are possible. If you do not agree with estimated cost, you have the right to challenge it. Other appraiser (cost not less than 1000 rubles) it is senseless to order independent examination - all appraisers work according to the same standards.

Some insurers work with concrete HUNDRED and you do not need to look for, receive, make out anything - just drive away a car on repair, and all. However car owners treat similar extremely watchfully, and it is quite justified. When the insurer actually independently carries out repair, quality loss is possible - SK quite reasonably wants to reduce the costs.

to Whom transfer money? Consider what upon purchase of a car on credit money receives either official HUNDRED, or bank, but not you. If HUNDRED, then you do not pay own means for repair and if transfer is made to bank, then it is necessary to pay for repair from the pocket, the bank, in turn, will consider the received payment as repayment of the main part of the credit and percent on it.

in case of voluntary insurance money are received by you. Specify in what way SK makes compensation: by transfer to personal account or cash. Transfer to personal account implies need of opening of such account for any bank and granting requisites to the insurer. At the same time cashing in of the transferred funds will cost you on average from 0,5 to 3%, depending on bank.

Average commissioner. They are not in many companies, and at the same time they do not use services of independent average commissioners. Badly or it is good - to solve it to you. The average commissioner who on the place of road accident helps to fill in all necessary documents is necessary to beginners or in disputable situations when the traffic police can to hang up to wine on you.

Specify in what cases the documents confirming a case from competent authorities and in what is not present are necessary. Often, the stone which took off from - under wheels of the passing car and broken glass is an insured event, only if you declare it on the closest post of traffic police, and in a number of the companies of confirmations of the similar fact it is not required. In some companies one payment to a certain sum (is established by the insurer) is possible, she does not demand any supporting documents at all.

Surely visit office of the insurer. Often the induced luster at communication with the agent pours out in the subsequent in a nightmare at visit of office when in the company only several days a week, and that not full time, reception of applications when only one employee of settlement of losses works is made (them works hard, but the turn releases only one).

Before the conclusion of the contract read not independent, but consumer ratings of insurers in the Network. They differ in the fact that the rating is formed not on the basis of actual data, and on the basis of responses and opinions of consumers.

By the way, about insurance cost. Often it can be reduced. Each company offers the terms. For example, a number of insurers for placement of a sticker on back glass of the car provide a discount of 5%, and nearly a half of insurers provides on the AUTOCOMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE 5 - 10% a discount provided that you at them insured the autocitizen.

And now it is a little about what to do if the insurer violates your rights. According to the CMTPL besides RSA it is possible to send the complaint to Federal service of insurance supervision. Unfortunately, in case of violations of conditions on the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE of the Federal Service for Insurance Supervision will not be able to help, however, all the same direct the complaint. Each complaint is a dark stain on the insurer and his illegal actions.

Main - choose intelligently! Insurance has to provide tranquility and a guarantee of safety, but not to be simple formality!