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How to look after the dog?

Beauty will save the world . All of us know this magnificent saying. Beauty will rescue also our dogs from malevolence, and at times and rage of people around, will help to win the relation, favorable to them.

And as often at exhibitions we fade with delight: this bearing, gait, exterior, and brilliant wool, and performance of teams!

But it is worth to remember that the beautiful dog is, first of all, a dog healthy. And daily departure, attention, the correct feeding, systematic consultations of the veterinarian are necessary for such dog.

But what dog can be considered beautiful? A question this difficult, and there is no definite answer to it. Hounds, borzois, cops have to have a thin, lean body, and the St. Bernard or a nyyufaundler should look heavy and heavy. Beauty of a mastiff, the boxer - in the short shining wool, and the terrier is obliged to possess rigid curly wool, to carry a beard and moustaches. In a word, the concept about beauty in general, and about dog in particular, very difficult, allows the mass of interpretation and relies only on the general and individual tastes. And, as we know, do not argue on them!


Wool at dogs different; differently it is necessary and to look after her. Probably, least of all efforts at owners of sleek-haired dogs.

Boxers, mastiffs, Dobermann terriers, Rottweilers and mongrels with short wool time in three days, not soft and not rigid, similar to clothes is enough to brush. However, if wool very dirty, it is possible to take also a rigid brush, but it is necessary to use it accurately not to scratch leather of a dog. Even if the dog seems to you extremely pure, are not lazy to take for 10 - 15 minutes in hand a brush. This procedure is useful not only to wool, it gives the chance to massage skin, to increase inflow of blood to it.

By the way, now almost all have vacuum cleaners, and when cleaning the apartment not bad at the same time slightly - slightly to vacuum a dog. However, its first reaction to such cleaning not always happens positive, but it only first. Then, as a rule, the dog gets used to this procedure and even asks that he was cleaned in such a way!

There are more efforts at owners of dogs with wool of average length and long-haired: sheep-dogs, layek, collie, setters. Here, besides the vacuum cleaner, the dense crest is necessary. In general, the more often you will comb wool, the better, but in the period of a molt it needs to be done daily. By the way, some dog breeders - fans do not throw out the soft combed-out wool, and collect it, spin, and warm mittens, caps, socks, sweaters knit then. They say that things from such wool help at radiculitis and are the warmest.

Whether washing needs to wash with

a dog? It is necessary, only very seldom. Wash a dog with warm water with soap or neutral shampoo.

Winter of a dog like to roll about in snow, and it not bad clean the skin. And those dogs who do not like snow bathtubs it is possible to rub off during walk pure snow. In the summer the dog usually will not miss an opportunity to popleskatsya in a pond or the river, it has enough it quite.

The destiny of some light fluffy doggies, especially lap dogs is sad. Their owners even erase the pets nearly every day moreover with soap. Hair from unlimited bathings lose a fatty cover, become fragile and fragile. After washing the dog should be combed.

A nose

should not look after a nose of a healthy dog. At the awake dog it cold and slightly damp, and during a dream - a little warm. Some dog breeders consider that it is possible to determine temperature of a sick animal by a tip of a nose. But it is better not to overestimate the sensitivity, deliver to a dog an ordinary thermometer. If temperature of a dog is not higher than 39 degrees, you should not worry.

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