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How it is correct to give some tea? About advantage of understanding of physical laws

Glance in a teapot what you will see there? In case you correctly made tea, then you will see an oily film on a liquid surface. But even if you made tea with derogation from canons (who eventually established them), all of you will equally find this film. There will be no it only in one case - if you understand an okunaniye in warm water as a zavarivaniye of tea (or boiled water) a bag. The full name of these packages on science the filter - " packages;. What they filter, we will understand later for now we imagine what will occur further.

What you have to make to give yourself some tea? You lift a teapot, bring it to a cup and incline a nose that poured down through holes at first in a nose, then from a nose in a cup. Stop! And where film? In a cup a transparent layer of tea leaves of the color loved by you and a shade. Perhaps the film was dissolved? Well, here it, inside the chaynichka - was a little smeared on walls, but generally also lies over tea leaves, at the bottom - as well as it is necessary, the tea leaves which settled, given everything the most valuable in drink. And what in tea valuable except color? Taste. Still constantly tell about advantage of tannins, some essential oils

Here it. The film it is also those remarkable essential oils which passed from tea leaves into boiled water, and then simply emerged. Now council is clear: to add in a teapot boiled water after some period. The new stream will break and will mix the film which began to be formed and will extend new portions of color and taste from tea leaves. But even after a doliv you will not manage to drive a film into a cup by means of a widespread teapot - tea will come to a nose from the center of tea leaves, and forces of a superficial tension will hold a film on teapot walls.

An exit of course is - to pour tea leaves too much, without using specially attached nose, but it is inconvenient and irrational. Or perhaps it is possible to think up something?

Once at the time of total deficiency German chayno - coffee service, with two coffee pots as could seem at first sight got to me. Both big and small " coffee pots; had highly located nose which gave to all service design innovative style. And here then I saw a film of tannins in a cup, is more faithful not a film, but a haze. Forgot to tell that except highly located entrance to a nose this teapot (a teapot, but not a coffee pot) had no holes and tea leaves turned at an inclination by 90 degrees, at the same time the film appeared ahead, and tea leaves - far behind. Now such design teapots happen Chinese, in the form of an eagle or it is simpler.

And what filter packages? Never any package, even the thinnest, will pass a uniform molecule of tannins, a task at them such. Everyone can be convinced of it, having compared " tea leaves; paketovaniye and a usual way - having poured out package contents in a teapot.

To draw conclusions to you. If you hurry, then what there can be ceremonies here