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What do we should construct WAP? Whether

A not to send you on to three letters? On WAP. With pleasure. On any of, still small, WAP - the websites. Also the competition on this direction the Internet - the front is still small, any can become the creator of own WAP - the website. Even unpretentious services are used by a huge number of people, especially, if they are useful. An opportunity to receive news, to send post messages or just to have a good time where you were, is quite attractive to most of people. Therefore you should not think of WAP as about something inaccessible and unreal. To create own small service on forces to everyone already now, and many will be able to use it.

Exactly thanks to people, which knowledge of WAP (see the article What is WAP? ) did not frighten, creation of WAP - the websites became especially actual recently.

So, here and your head with goodwill visit visited thought of creation of own WAP - the website. Then below, special for you, short introduction course.

According to the WAP protocol, already existing Internet - content directly is not transferred to the client device (phone). Work in the mode of processing of content as the client device is still impossible from - for a large number of problems. The main difficulty is that in the Internet - information is provided in the HTML form - pages. Work with them is calculated on speed of communication, powerful processors, large volume of memory, big screens, the multimedia equipment, and also can demand effective mechanisms of input of information. All these requirements are without effort fulfilled on the ordinary computer.

However mobile phones possess very slow processors and small memory size. Besides, the communication channel differs in very low capacity and intermittence of communication, and mechanisms of input of information are extremely inconvenient. The majority of the existing HTML - pages simply will not work under such circumstances. WAP uses absolutely modern language of a marking - Wireless Markup Language (WML), simpler, but more strictly certain, than HTML. In WAP are applied also language of scripts - WMLScript representing the simplified JavaScript version, and the format of raster images - Wireless Bitmap, or WBMP.

WML - the markup language based on XML (Extensible Markup Language). The official WML specification is developed and WAP Forum, is supported by the production consortium founded by Nokia, Phone. com, Motorola and Ericsson. This specification defines the syntax, variables and elements used in the WML files.

WML would be left without an opportunity to make various operations with information on the server, just means of the formatted text conclusion. Addition of such opportunity, on the contrary, opens to any WAP - the compatible device of a way of transmission of messages on the Internet, to industrial use at the enterprise and electronic commerce. WAP - the compatible device interact with similar sources of information through WAP - a lock. This lock has to be able to interact with various standards of cellular communication, such as CDMA, GSM or GPRS.

can Write a program code in various wap - editors or in usual Notebook . But do not forget to study syntax of language, for a start.

WML was developed for devices with a low capacity and the small display. As a component of this design the concept of sound boards and cards was applied. One WML - the document (to be exact, the elements which are contained in an element) is called a sound board (deck). Interactive interaction with the user is carried out by means of cards (card). The advantage of such realization is that several screens can be loaded on the client device for once. Using WMLScript, processing of actions of the user can be made with use of the cards which are in one sound board, excluding, thereby, multiple transactions with the server.

Of course, in connection with limited resources of the client device there is other problem. Therefore you, quite perhaps, should scatter your cards on different sound boards, in order to avoid excessive increase in volume of one file.

For simplification of work it will be possible to download wap - the Waptor editor. And at the same time at once download the special graphic editor for creation of pictures in the WBMP format (this format of pictures is used for wap - graphics, but not JPEG or GIF.) It is called WAPDraw. It is easy to work in these programs. In them there are not enough teams and it is difficult to get confused. Though, the latests version of popular Adobe Photoshop allow to create pictures in the WBMP format so for the guru of design and adherents of the Photoshop this expense of a traffic will be absolutely unnecessary.

The code of all pages wap - the version of one website is placed in one (!) the file with expansion. wml. Codes of pages are limited " cards; - tags.

The first problem which you will face when developing WAP - the websites is an impossibility of creation of WAP - the website in Russian. You can make all menu items translitas, but it will not save situation. Besides real heroes, such as we, do not look for easy ways. An exit one - to type the Russian text not the Russian letters, but their codes.

Not to transfer each Russian letter to the corresponding code (we are, of course, heroes, but not mentally ill people), it is necessary to establish some HTML - the editor. To create in it the new page and then to keep the document in the coding US/Western Europan. Now type the Russian text in the usual mode, and then you watch a HTML code. There all letters will be already translated.

Ah yes, about the main thing - your WAP - the website has to be in table 100*80. So your screen of phone will look approximately. And in this table do the menu, transitions to other pages, insert pictures.

And, it is obligatory: do not do wap - the page more than 4 KB, otherwise it just will not be loaded into phone. Sign all pictures. Insert more graphics (it is pleasing to the eye). And when everything will be ready - place! WAP - the version is hosted as well as the usual website on a usual hosting, and occupies the folder of the subdomain 3 - go level. And and still: are proud - you made it!