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How to be saved from early wrinkles?

Yes, from early as wrinkles all the same will develop sooner or later on your face: miracle cures can only slow down process of aging of skin, but as to stop it, - scientists did not tell the loaded word yet.

Early wrinkles bring a lot of chagrin, especially to women! But in most cases premature wrinkles - a consequence not of any special characteristics of skin or struggles of life. Pay attention: whether you have habit to frown or raise eyebrows, to shchurit eyes? People often do not notice for themselves it. And nevertheless, the earliest (15 - 20 years) and the deepest wrinkles develop just from - for active a mimicry.

Teenagers often seek to emphasize with a mimicry the relaxedness, special emotionality, without reflecting that these emotions can be put into words, a voice timbre, a look. Some just grimace, expressing contempt, bewilderment or discontent in conversation. What to be surprised that such people have at first folds on skin which gradually turn into deep wrinkles.

Wrinkles on a forehead, a nose bridge develop from a habit to wrinkle a forehead, to raise up eyes and eyebrows. Grooves on cheeks, a nose, at eyes and on a neck arise from laughter (when the person laughs unnaturally expressly, straining all mimic muscles).

At those who badly see, but hesitate to wear glasses and therefore shchurit eyes, the small fanning wrinkles at external corners of eyes are formed. Gradually these wrinkles take a form goose pads . But especially age lines of grief - deep wrinkles from a nose to mouth corners. These wrinkles by right consider not so much as cosmetic defect, how many manifestation of certain traits of character: are formed at people, it is constant something dissatisfied.

Emergence of deep wrinkles can be prevented. It is not so difficult to achieve it, there would be a desire. Look at yourself in a mirror, attentively analyse as you look when you speak by phone, with house as you laugh. Try to speak in front of the mirror quietly, simply, without excess mimicry, to laugh, without grimacing.

Pay attention to the feelings arising at the same time in face muscles. Remember them and by strong-willed effort try not to lose these feelings during the day. Folds on a forehead can try to be smoothed by means of special gymnastics for mimic muscles. But the main condition of success - to wean from a habit to wrinkle a forehead.

Having woken up, not getting up, densely squeeze eyelids for 5 - 6 seconds, put fingers on nadbrovny arches, widely open eyes for 4 - 5 seconds. Repeat exercise 8 - 10 times. In several days need to put fingers on nadbrovny arches will disappear as will not gather on a wrinkle forehead from one wave of eyelashes any more.

If you want to soften lines of grief, try that the look was quiet, friendly, do not clench teeth when you are silent.

Massage will help to get rid of wrinkles also, but only made by rules, differently it will only accelerate formation of wrinkles. So, it is better to address cosmetologists. You have no time to go regularly to beauty shop or not enough means that to correct person? Be not upset. Perhaps, to you there will be on forces councils of the American cosmetologist Laura Hart. It exercises which should be repeated daily within 10 minutes.

1. Banished fatigue. Sit down in front of the mirror and look to yourself in eyes. Lift the right upper eyelid above habitual situation. Then repeat the same with left. You watch that the forehead at the same time did not screw up the face. To carry out 20 times.

2. We will add gloss to eyes. Rotate eyeballs on an arch to the left, to the right as though they - a pendulum of hours. The head and eyebrows have to remain motionless. 4 series on 4 movements to the right - to the left.

3. We will tighten muscles. Wrinkle skin on a nose so that upper teeth opened. You have to imagine the rabbit sniffing to carrot. 10 times.

4. We will depict lips. Pull in cheeks and extend lips forward. Tell the word raisin . 10 times.

5. We will tighten a chin. Involve language, keeping motionless the lower jaw. Take it several seconds directly. 20 times.

6. We will refresh a face form. Press language to the top sky closer to a throat and with a force push out it forward. The lower jaw has to fall down. 20 times.

7. We will lift corners of lips. Lift the right side of an upper lip, then lower. Repeat the same at the left. The lower lip remains motionless. Hitch up all upper lip up, having bared upper teeth. 10 times.

At daily performance of exercises in a week people around will be able already to notice that you got prettier.