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How to grow up the happy person?

you for the kid - the whole world. You remember it. And how you will behave in communication with the child, his attitude will depend.

1. If the father and mother think that they around - the world, and under a canopy in a cradle lie and continuous duties start up bubbles, - they are mistaken. Leave the proofs to a maturity and children`s complexes. When the person was born, you had a new mission. It is time to grow wiser and become the center of the Universe, the godlike being bearing meaning of life on shoulders.

2. Always you tell to the child simple and clear words, for example: I love you You are a sweetie pie You are my hand bell . Also smile at the same time. Believe, you will be proud still of the child. You remember it always. The more and more often you will speak to the child about what he remarkable, the better. It such is also it it will be.

3. Always keep tactile contact with the child. Embrace him, kiss, accustom to hands. Yes, if at mother there is a lot of still duties, then it is difficult. We speak not about duties, truly now?

4. If something is impossible to you, forgive yourself and mentally send to the baby the phrase: My dear . Never wind in yourself sense of guilt if enough is not possible to spend with the baby time or in a family - disorders. Mentally send the love and heat to the child, and solve the problems quicker if it is possible.

5. Learn to do massage to the child. It is simple. The child will quietly fill up and have kind dreams.

6. Think of yourself more often: I am ideal mother I am an ideal woman (the same option, only with replacement mothers on father - on a situation).

7. Always you remember that the child loves you very much and soul, and you bathe in beams of love of the child. Listen to this touch of divine love. It is a zhivotvoryashcha. Only absorb. Yes, you were tired and, it - is difficult. But absorb while is what to absorb. It is an elixir which then you will not buy not at any price.

8. When yours chadushko will grow up, it will be necessary to bring up it. Please, show discontent with actions of the child, but not him. Estimate the child`s acts, but not him. It has to be confident that he is loved and allocated with the most remarkable abilities.

9. You remember, in the atmosphere of permissiveness it is possible to bring up only the defective personality. Reflect how it is necessary to inform to the child of eternal truth, respect for mother, the father, the grandmother, the grandfather. The child needs accurately established borders. If they are absent - he even more often will stretch further a point in search of these borders and to respect less and less you. If he learns to step through someone, and you do not condemn him behavior, then he will step through you. Therefore learn to watch how he communicates with other children, tutors, teachers. Listen to opinion of people. In children`s collective, without your supervision, the most remarkable child is capable to get up such things about which you even did not know. Think over it.

10. Respect and you appreciate yourself. The child will adopt everything at you. Stereotypes of behavior undertake from a family, and it is dishonest to abuse it for your mistakes then. It is possible only to confess and ask not to repeat mistakes. If he did not obey you - then to demand. And to prove that it - in its interests.

Grow up the happy person. Let him feel heat of your heart, heat of your hands. Even if you are wrong - he will forgive you. He will be steady against all negative manifestations of the world, will be capable to get the winner out of the most improbable situations. Lyubov whom you grew in it will never run low. It will be enough also for you. Believe, he will manage to make also you happy.