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What you know about dinosaurs of our time or Nessie`s Secret of

On North - the East of Scotland, in the county Inverness, is the extensive lowland - Glen - the Pestilence. And in the middle of it the biggest lake in this severe land - the Sucker - Ness stretches (in literal sense the Nose - the lake). The area makes it about 60 square kilometers, and the maximum depth reaches 230 meters.

Water in the lake that is curious, does not freeze even in the coldest winter. And the living creatures living in its depths strike with the abundance and variety. Who here is only not found - both turtles, and eels, and salmons, and plankton, and even sturgeons, apart from any small fishes... Well and, at last, water which became sight of the lake.

The first data on a meeting with a huge animal from the lake Sucker - Ness belong to 565 g B.C. In one of the Scottish legends it is told about water Kelpi. On a legend, he lived in the lake Sucker - Ness and regularly frightened locals by the terrible state.

According to local authorities, since 1933, since a construction of the road passing across the coast of the lake, people saw Loch Ness monster more than 4000 times. In 1937 eyewitnesses for the first time observed even Nessie`s cub . There are eyewitnesses seeing presently short pedestrian walks of incredibly huge being. Saw also the traces pressed into the coastal soil which the huge creeping animal could leave.

For the first time the monster was seen in 1933 by Mr. and Mrs. Mackay. They came back home by car by the lake as suddenly on a lake surface unexpectedly - unexpectedly there was a strange being similar not on the enormous big fish, not on a lizard. In a word - a monster. Through some ten - twenty seconds the monster also suddenly plunged under water and did not appear any more.

The monster was to five - six meters long; a trunk - as at a whale, not with one, not with two humps on the back shining under the sun; a neck - the long, as at a giraffe, the head - absolutely tiny, at least, in comparison with a neck and a trunk .

Spouses Mackay told about the incident to the neighbor and the friend Alex Campbell who wrote article to the local newspaper. So, in 1933 thanks to the strange occurence with spouses Mackay retold then by Alex Campbell the half-forgotten Scottish legend of water Kelpi who received the name Sucker now - the Nessky monster revived, or it is tender - Nessie.

Over the years the revived legend began to acquire more and more impressive details: hundreds of documentary attestations of eyewitnesses, tens of photos of different degree of reliability, underwater shootings and records of sonic depth finders on which are looked through in whole or in part one, sometimes several, floating pangolins with long necks. At the same time, also the huge number of fakes is recorded.

A certain Hugh Gray was the first to whom has the luck to depict Nessie. It occurred on November 12, 1933. The second and, perhaps, best-known picture of Nessie was made a year later by doctor Kenneth Wilson, the surgeon of London. Its photo bypassed newspapers and magazines of the whole world and became history under the name surgeon`s photo ...

However sixty years passed, and on March 15, 1994 - in day of death of Kenneth Wilson - his grandson admitted that the photo of the grandfather - a fake. And he made it so: cut out a long neck from a tree, got on it the wooden head then he established smart design on the underwater self-propelled device also let on water. So business remained for small - having seized a moment, to press the camera button.

The Dutch zoologist Edemans was the first scientist who tried to describe and classify the Loch Ness monster. Doctor Edemans for the first time assumed that he Scottish water is one of kinds of a sea dragon, a legendary being. The German cryptozoologist Karl Shuker believed as if Nessie is no other than a plesiosaurus - the prehistoric reptile living on Earth about 70 million years ago and by miracle remained up to now.

And it is valid, during searches at the bottom of the legendary lake fossilized remains of a fossil animal were found. Scientists of the Edinburgh national identified in it the plesiosaurus frolicing in the area the Sucker - Nessa at the time of the Jurassic Period. By the way, according to descriptions the prehistoric monster very much reminds our contemporary whose portrait was made according to eyewitnesses.

In April, 1950 the engineer - the pilot Dinsdeyl who devoted to a solution of secret of the Loch Ness monster of 27 years the first filmed a mysterious being, besides in the movement. It is more than that: this film was subjected to the careful analysis in special laboratory of the British Air Force. As a result it was recognized as original. It was established that on a film - a living unknown being who was described by eyewitnesses.

However in 2003 the group of scientists which was carrying out searches of a Loch Ness monster for Air Force corporation already came to a conclusion that Nessie does not exist. Scientists surveyed lake Sucker waters - Ness in which, according to the legend the legendary monster lives, using 600 separate sonars and system of satellite navigation, and on a monster found nothing similar.

But locals are sure (these data pass from father to son) that at the foot of a hill which limits the lake there are huge underground labyrinths, catacombs, cavities, caves.

Here to you Land of the Lost which is cut off from other, changing, in Ice Age and for a long time hidden from eyes human! There can live several Loch Ness monsters. These labyrinths and remained not surveyed.

Present only as many animal species on the planet Earth remains unknown to science. However for all mankind can be the only objective proof of existence of Nessie or the animal caught in networks, or his corpse. Only the death can prove life to

On the one hand, there is a set of the facts of existence of the Loch Ness monster, and with another - there are no direct proofs. Perhaps, Nessie disappears at the bottom of the lake which is entirely covered with a multimeter layer of silt or in labyrinths. And perhaps, the Loch Ness monster does not exist? Nevertheless, people still see a monster, and scientists continue to look for confirmations. Because, that there are no proofs, the secret remains secret.

Nessie does not hurry to come into contact with the person. Though, who knows, perhaps, water just waits for an opportunity. Interestingly, what will be this meeting?.