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How to get home, or Elements of a self-locking device of

Many of you probably believe that such type of movement as a self-locking device, it is possible to see only in freedom-loving movies about America and Britain 60 - x. But they are deeply mistaken - driving on “ lifts“ in Russia existed long before the car, in those days, when on the Russian roads there went the carts harnessed by horses. The extended right hand with the raised thumb and in all languages of the world means at all times that her owner wants that gave a ride to him.

A self-locking device, or in the English option - “ hitch - a hayking “ it is possible to go to the sea and to make a round-the-world trip. But we will consider simpler situation: you got out to day off to the country or to see the sights of the beautiful town in the neighboring area, time to go home came, and here you found out that at you money unexpectedly ended or the last electric train escaped from you. In that case - it is time on the route.

First of all, the route, certainly, has to conduct to your city so it is necessary to orient at least on road signs, or to ask somebody to what party it is necessary to go if you have no map or the atlas. Otherwise very offensively later hour expectation, at last, will zastopit the car and to find out that all this time you stood on other side of the road.

It is important correct to choose the place for a self-locking device. The place first of all has to be convenient for a stop to the driver. Therefore it is necessary to choose places where you it is well visible where there is a wide roadside and where cars move with not too high speed. Sites of the road at once behind a post of GAI, at departure from settlements and at top of rises will be ideally suited.

At once I will tell that quicker to move a self-locking device alone, but for reasons of safety it is better for representatives of a fine half of mankind to go together with the guy or, at the worst, with other girl. Bigger, than two, it is, as a rule, very difficult to number of people to leave at the same time therefore it is better for big company to break into couples and to disperse along the route.

It is not necessary to be engaged in a self-locking device if already darkened, and you have no reflecting strips on clothes. In a night-time it is very difficult for driver to see the person on a roadside until he approaches almost closely therefore stay on the route in usual clothes is just dangerous at this time.

Drivers, as a rule, stop out of curiosity or from desire to disperse boredom or a dream live conversation. All bring - both drivers of big trucks, and private traders on automobile transport. If the car stopped, it is necessary to approach, open quickly the right door and to ask to bring to the place which is necessary for you. Happens so that the driver goes not up to the end, all the same, it makes sense to go with it, and then to continue a way with another. Perhaps, he will suggest to bring you to more convenient place for a self-locking device - you should not refuse. At the same time it is necessary to avoid arrival to the cities as then a lot of time should be spent again to get out to the route. If the city has bypass, it is better to ask to land at its beginning.

And here, you, at last, were lucky, and you in the car. It is possible to relax, lean back on sitting, but it is not recommended to sleep. The driver who put you in the car, most likely, counts on interesting conversation, and very first will start conversation. If it did not happen, it does not matter. Some drivers take fellow travelers for some internal motives, perceiving hitchhikers as peculiar guardian angels. In that case do not insist on communication, and just temporarily undertake this role, be with the driver, you look at the road, but you do not sleep.

The self-locking device is initially free way of movement which driving forces are desire to help and need for usual human communication. Therefore to give to the driver of money at the end of a trip, or not (if you have them) is on your discretion. The long-distance truck driver by dvadtsatitonny truck from money, most likely, will wave away, and the summer resident on “ " Zhiguli; I will be glad to an increase on gasoline. In case the driver wants to earn from you, he will start talking about money even when landing.

And finally I will tell that the success in a self-locking device depends on many factors: from the route, intensity of a transport stream, a season and days, weather, your mood and from one thousand reasons. Always there is a luck element - can go by the first car, and can stay two hours and and leave with anything. But anyway, I advise not to lose spirit and to console myself in thought that your machine already for you left.

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