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Why to dream sometimes it is harmful or How not to become the schemer of

All of us in the childhood gave vent to unbridled imaginations. Gradually fairy tales gave way to concrete plans and the purposes. Some, having received not one official and informal the school-leaving certificate, continue to exist somewhere far from reality. Dreamers make such plans that takes the breath away from scales of the eccentricities which are thought up by them, and it becomes is frankly a pity for them.

Builders of sandy locks, or schemers, are people who are keen on creation of unrealizable, unreasonable projects. They do not take any sensible steps but only they agitate people around to help them with formidable business - it as creations of paradise on the earth.

of Feature of character and behavior of dreamers
They often dream, and behind this occupation do not manage to solve more pressing problems.

Schemers always create certain ideal project of what has to happen, and do not allow probability of failures and difficulties.

If something goes not so, they lower hands. Planning some business, dreamers lateral sight begin to look for the person who will help to carry out their pipe dreams. Or the person to whom it will be possible to shift fault for an operation failure.

They often accuse of the problems others or circumstances. Schemers often lack

money, they quite often have debts.

They gave up the conceived work halfway more than once. Dreamers the first agree to adventures and doubtful offers. Over time many people try to avoid communication with such a grief - dreamers .

These people, as a rule, are not limited to trifles, their dream - to do much good for mankind. And him the role of ideological inspirers, and all routine work gets: finance, interactions, risks and so forth - have to undertake people around.

Schemers are unreliable, irresponsible, naive, indecisive in that, as for reality. But in their heads the chasm of ideas propagates. And still they have the language ready to tirelessly voice these ideas, and also to state requests to people around. Schemers do not neglect elementary moral blackmail, using human weaknesses. They are the real vampires, and both power, and material. Individuals, having listened with delight to stories of schemers, give a weak point and begin active participation in uncountable pipe dreams.

The best option of an outcome - complete cessation of the relations with the dreamer, more unpleasant - debts, the torn business and friendly relations and the nerves disheveled in the end. Therefore if you feel that the similar phrasemonger is capable to punch a gap in your psychological and other protection, behave with him correctly.

How not to fall a victim of the schemer
stop the schemer In time. If he begins to paint the next brilliant idea, politely, but firmly interrupt him, having referred to urgent matters.

If all is necessary - to listen to him, listen only ears, let the brain and heart remain deafs.

The main thing governed - do not give money neither for any needs and nor under any pretext.

Stop attempts to use themselves as a vest, otherwise you will not notice how will state you the next pipe dream, and you by inertia support it.

You learn to distinguish the perspective person with quite real ideas from the dreamer and the schemer.

If, reading the above, you catch yourself on thought that a lot of things coincide, and you like to dream so too, it is worth reflecting. Or perhaps you are already infected " virus; daydreamings. It is not necessary to panic, and here it is worth talking to the good psychologist. But also most it is necessary to work.

First aid you do not tell

to anybody about the projects, do not receive the first results yet. Starting implementation of any project, make its accurate plan and begin to keep the detailed diary of actions. Beginning any business, in advance estimate the financial opportunities. Do not borrow money at acquaintances, you will not make sure yet that you will lack own means or the bank will not help to solve a problem.

To dream, of course, not harmfully if you know that these dreams will surely come true. And sandy locks collapse about mighty waves of reality sooner or later. I wish you good luck!