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Where to take a kitten?

If in the house are the child, then sooner or later he will ask for you to get some living creatures. Most often it is a kitten or a puppy. Having explained to him that with a doggie it is necessary to walk two - three times a day (and meaning that it should be done to you), you stop the choice on a kitten, having decided what with it you problems will have less what it is necessary to it - that? Bowl yes pot! Naturally, it not so, but at first rises other question where to take this kitten?

Answers to this question great variety, as well as options.

The kitten can be taken according to the announcement , and in most cases give free of charge, that is for nothing if it is, of course, not a thoroughbred sphinx, reks, meynkun or a chinchilla - for such it is necessary to lay out a round sum. Option second: to buy a kitten on bird`s market . Also to buy a kitten in special nursery or from the manufacturer . And here one more option - to pick up the thrown kitten on the street .

But all these versions it should be taken into account in more detail. So where it is better? Now we will understand.

If you decided to take a kitten according to the announcement , then, having come to the house to the potential seller, get accustomed more attentively. Not only to the acquired kitten, but also to owners and to a cat - mother and to other kittens if those are available. How the cat whether it is pure in the apartment behaves whether there are no unpleasant smells? The little kitten, the same child - absorbs everything as a sponge, it adopts all habits of owners and mother - cats.

And what if in the house, except the kitten, there are no none of animals any more? There are neither kittens - peers, nor mother - a cat. Here it was necessary to prick up the ears, so this kitten is bought earlier and owners for any reasons just want from him to get rid. Also it is unknown for what reasons, owners can not tell the truths.

It is the most dangerous to buy a kitten in the market , perhaps. Most often in the markets dealers who buy up not purebred kittens at grannies are active or bring together them on cellars and the yards. But it is not favorable to sell not purebred kitten at all therefore they do of domestic kittens the presents thoroughbred kittens, sometimes even from a family tree, however, lime .

White fluffy kittens at once become thoroughbred Angora, long-haired fluffy kittens - Persian, Siberian or even chinchillas. And to become Russian blue or, say, Burmese, the kitten is subjected to coloring, this kitten is almost always doomed to death. You want a sphinx? Without problems, fans of animals will make to you a sphinx - will shave a kitten, or, what is even worse, will make to it an epilation.

In the market most often it is possible to buy a sick kitten, all kittens sit in one cage, and any infection is carried instantly. Unfortunately, buying kittens from manufacturers or in special nursery you are also not protected from the fact that you will get a sick kitten. Manufacturers usually consist in membership of some club, and clubs will organize cat`s exhibitions at which and it is possible to buy kittens. Here it is possible not to worry that instead of a thoroughbred kitten to you domestic Vaska will get. Will issue it the present documents. But happens so that kittens also catch some infection, all adult cats impart, and to do to kittens inoculations still early.

The last from the offered options, alas, not the best - to pick up a kitten on the street. Kittens get on the street in the different ways: the kitten born on the street - wildish and very careful, it is not simple to gain his trust, as well as to accustom to to good manners . The domestic kitten lost or who is thrown out on the street can die in the first week of stay on it, live on the street he is simply not adapted, in the very first days he can pick up the whole bunch of diseases, such kitten who carried a stress - is timid and mistrustful. Important, having taken such kitten, to show him that everything that happened to it earlier, any more will never happen to it.

The most important, do not forget that, having taken in the house of a kitten, you replace to it mother whom it lost also what he will grow up depends only on you.