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As it is difficult to be rich. The bus to Everest.

were prestigious to be the rich person in Russia before revolution, at the Soviet power - it is immodest, presently - is sad. The rich person is not able to afford to make simple human acts, somehow: to ride from a hill on Christmas in city park with the girl, to drink beer at twelve o`clock in the morning in the subway with friends and to get to PTDC from - for lack of a stamp in the passport. The rich person is held down on hands and legs by morals of the high society, money and the security service.

Anatoly Efimovich Ugol was very rich and thereof, very and very diffident person. It had everything. To list all this it is quite tiresome, it is enough to tell that at Boris Nikolaevich mister Ugol on a post vice-a premiere was engaged in privatization.

Anatoly Efimovich stuck Fifteen years as unbearable. He sold and bought, received and distributed, beat, pressed, destroyed and wetted competitors in public places. And all for the sake of whom? Of course, for the sake of it, Masha. More precisely than Maria Lvovna, the favourite wife, the third decade of the guarding marital fidelity.

- the Devil would pobrat it, - Anatoly Efimovich frowned and, having picked up fields of a beaver fur coat, sat down on a back seat of the car. - Sasha, drive to the White House.

the Head of the security service Alexander Glotov nodded and pressed gas. After the next attempt and only to it Coal trusted it management armor Lincoln .

Two jeeps of maintenance, raking January snow as if pasted trudged behind on the desert cottage settlement.

- That for life. To sigh, - Anatoly Efimovich kept from the rough word as all life itself also did not swear and hated when someone near it was able to afford to matyugatsya. - Without protection soon already and need you will not celebrate. To throw everything and to go to some Ivanovka!

- Anatoly Efimovich, - Glotov slightly turned the head, - you only tell. A bath, girls - all a rank - chinary. A full relaxation - I guarantee.

- You that, Sasha. Now in each bath on several video cameras it is hidden. Only also wait, swine that I made a mistake. - Coal shrank. Maria Lvovna invisibly was present nearby and held down all his natural man`s desires. there is no

- if you want, I such option will find that any dog does not learn. Only it is impossible to devote anybody and with itself to drag protection. So to speak, incognito.

Coal reflected. Thought of change to Masha of its scarecrow. With, other party, everything, all people of its circle got new women in the different status. Well, sooner or later it has to happens.

- Well and that at you for option?

- the House in the village in hundred kilometers from Moscow. Bought it and to nobody ten years ago, it is absolute to nobody, even did not tell the Lyuska about it. So to speak just in case. All conveniences, the house on the suburb, only on - silent it is necessary. If you wish - I will arrange on the highest level. And to Maria Lvovna, say, that to Davos departed on a forum or where far away.

- Is better, in Chile, on the summit. Only, Sasha, to one somehow in your village nothing to do to me.

- Understood, only tell - who, and I will suit everything. However, I also guess.

- Here stervets, - to Anatoly Efimovich very much was pleasant Irochka from his secretariat. These edible sponges and shitty with povoloky eyes... - When?

- At any time. You will live at me couple of days, in a bath you will take a steam bath, all as a hand will remove. And I on other end of the village will settle at the companion, small fishes I will catch. Passion as I love winter fishing. And I will not disturb you, and near at hand all the time.


On preparation of all operation week left. The person, as like as two peas similar to Anatoly Efimovich departed to Chile. The meeting it at the airport was shown according to the " program; Time . Maria Lvovna was neutralized. Irochk`s

charm and a little excessively loudly laughed at jokes which Glotov poisoned all road. Black " jeep; " Mercedes; took away Anatoly Efimovich and his passion towards Coal licked lips and put a hand on Irochki`s knee. That laughed even more loudly. Life was slowly adjusted.

Arrived after dark. In the small, but cozy house the fireplace burned. The skins of wolves hanging on walls and lying on a floor, bears and lynxes gave hunting addictions of the owner. Opposite to the dining table served according to the highest category the huge head of an elk with smart horns was beaten. The elk sadly looked at guests who, however, did not pay any attention to him.

- Here Anatoly Efimovich, settle down. The bath is ready, supplies - the sea, a bedroom above. I in touch. If that - at once you call.

- is fine, Sasha, go. Thanks for everything.

- then tell Thanks. Oh, the hot girl I feel! - Give

, give, go away. Without you we will understand. Sashk`s

got into the jeep and, purring, - Toreodor, it is more courageous in fight, - left on other end of the village.

This life! Without servants, without protection, without wife, children, grandsons, the bothered partners in business and the president`s calls. Only I and it. - Coal even shrank. - High !

- Anatoly Efimovich, I call to a table, - Irochka already changed clothes and settled in a high leather chair directly under the head of an elk. She, the modern rational woman, perfectly understood what person chose it, and was going to type a maximum of dividends after this trip.

- is not necessary, it is not necessary to call me so officially!

- And as, Anatoly Efimovich. You only tell.

- the Hedgehog, or is possible the hare. Irochk`s

choked on cocktail and long cleared the throat. Then provocatively smiled and winked:

- we Will go better to a bath, the hare - a poprygaychik.

At Anatoly Efimovich is sweet zanylo where for a long time nothing responded.

the Bath was in the yard. The real Russian bath, with the small pool, the sweating room fixed by a linden, oak brooms and the refrigerator filled chock-full. In a word, in a bath there was all necessary for cultural, erotic rest, except one small detail. Irochka noticed at once:

- Oh, a hedgehog, a bath - that is not closed.

I precisely, on doors was not any lock. It is visible, Glotov did not attach it significance, and in vain. The village is unfamiliar, you never know.

- Now I will call Sashka, he quickly will make everything.

- the Hare, why to us the third. You are a man, think up something.

Coal swore about itself. The high slowly disappeared. Irochka sliped in a waiting room:

- Darling, I wait for you! - from loudspeakers Joe Dassin poured down, creating the necessary atmosphere.

Anatoly Efimovich was taken about half an hour. Found a piece of a wire, several nails, made products which it are proud about itself called - a hook. For the first time for the last fifteen years Coal something made with own hands.

- hangs in the Afternoon, and gets to a mink at night, - Anatoly Efimovich for some reason remembered an old proverb.

- the Hare, well where you? - Irochka in a sweating room already all was exhausted waiting.

- I Go, I go, my small fish, - to tell the truth, Anatoly Efimovich had already not so a longing for deeds. At its age it was difficult to gather the second time. But Irochka was a magician. She very quietly walked a venichok on all body of Anatoly Efimovich, then is stronger and stronger Then. there is no

- the hare, is impossible for you so far. Go have a rest, cool down, and I will make such massage that I will remember until the end of life!

the Hare decided to visit the native habitat and jumped out on snow. So in Russian, on valiantly! Why at the same time it lifted vertically up, the hook which is just made own hands, Anatoly Efimovich could not explain subsequently. Directly according to Freud it turned out. Having jumped out on a porch, Coal left in a huff, and dived into a snowdrift. The fact that a hook, from blow having fallen got to the mink intended for it, he did not notice.

The destiny of the person often depends on trifles. Sneezed incidentally to the chief in a nape and lost career, was late for the bus and did not get acquainted with the conductress intended only for you. Or here - a hook, Ordinary-looking such detail. Fie. And as affect can both on the future of the person and on foreign policy of the state, however

the Frost stood 25 degrees. Having jumped out of a snowdrift, Anatoly Efimovich, crashing and gasping, it was rubbed off by snow and for a moment stood, admiring the huge star sky over the head and enjoying deafening rural silence. Having out of place remembered Kant`s imperative, Coal pulled a door, trying to get back to a bath. It pulled more and more, still hoping that it is just someone`s mean joke. Understanding of the situation came not at once. One of the most influential people of the state stood in hundred kilometers from Moscow absolutely naked, except for a felt bathing cap on the head, without any hope to get out of the created situation. M - yes.

- Ira, let, - he whispered and drove in at a door, - Irina Vladimirovna, open, I beg. But Irochka took a steam bath in a bath under Joe Dassin and could help nothing.

Anatoly Efimovich raised the head up and raised a howl on - wolf. For a moment it seemed to it that in the sky there was Maria Lvovna`s face. The face maliciously smiled.

- Mother!

Keys from the house, the cell phone lay in a bath. Fires in the village it was visible not, the lonely lamp was only in the distance shaken. It became rather terrible. Moroz got under skin.

Suddenly was heard noise of the motor, and headlights in the distance flashed. Coal did not deliberate - it was the only chance to rescue itself. At first an easy lynx, then quicker and quicker it jerked on light. Anatoly Efimovich, without having learned female caress, ran, having covered with a hat the causal place, ran, rescuing itself for further life and work for the Fatherland benefit.


The last regular bus, puffing and squeaking worn-out rubber, approached a stop. Ivanych opened a back door and let out the woman Nyura with a heap of bags and parcels. To the regional center the course had about an hour on such road. And then at once home. The wife, Katerina, will pour 100 grams put after flight, and to the TV. According to the first program the fighter American have to twist. He did not notice that absolutely naked person jumped into the bus by the stunned woman Nyura. Ivanych closed a door and the bus started.

Anatoly Efimovich all the life thought that the clothes serve for creation of the status. It always wore expensive suits and tuxedos sewed in one of the most prestigious studio of London with the emphasized negligence peculiar to only very rich and influential representatives of the western civilization. Coal guessed that the clothes are necessary for heat just now, having jumped at a back door of an old LIAZ. Panting after run and knocking from cold teeth, he wiped the eyes powdered with snow and looked round. In the bus there were no more than ten passengers. The majority of them dozed, having buried noses in collars. One elderly lady read. On the last sitting the native in a quilted jacket snored. Near it the empty bottle from - under beer rolled. The bottle in a disgusting way rode on salon, all the time trying to get on Anatoly Efimovich`s legs. Coal, having for some reason picked up it, moved forward to the driver. From the place of the conductor the fat woman with the bag full of coils of tickets rose and partitioned off pass. Having looked narrowly, she grinned:

- Apparently, the ticket at you, the poor fellow, no.

Anatoly Efimovich did not find anything the best how to answer:

- I am the deputy of the State Duma and I have therefore the right for a free pass in public transport.

the Conductor was stunned:

- And where you hide the certificate, the drunk visiting? Probably, under a hat.

- I will explain everything to you now. Only stop the bus.

- Now. We go strictly according to the schedule, - then without any logic the conductor cried, - Ivanych, brake, we have a hare!

Here and Irochka so called me - for some reason remembered Coal.

of Ivanych has a look in a rear-view mirror and gave a whistle:

- Wow! Such slanting at us did not happen for a long time. Semenovn is absent, the spouse waits for me, understand. Besides, where it on a frost with a naked ass.

- Misters, - prosipet Coal, - I have a swagger - major circumstances. Help! Give at least some trousers.

- Alkashnye at you of circumstance, - the conductor, having thought, passed in the end of salon and removed from a spare wheel an old, fragmentary blanket, - on though cover shame.

the Bus, cutting snow whirl, stubborn went forward, carrying away former vice-the prime minister of Russia who is wrapped up in the blanket which became permeated with the smell of fuel oil further and further from a fine cottage, from a bath with oak venichka from Irochka who already began to go crazy, from former, rich and clear life, carrying away in uncertainty.


Nina Stepanovna worked all life the teacher of Russian and literature at rural school and was always proud of it. Was proud of the fact that prepared for new life of future builders of communism. Was proud of the Stalin`s speech who told at congress that the Great Patriotic War was won by the rural teacher. Was proud before reorganization. When the country was led by the bald person with a devilish spot on the head, Nina Stepanovna`s life failed. No, she was ready to suffer lines for products, in war also not that was, was ready to transfer patiently the inflation which came then and a beggarly salary. But generation birth " Pepsi; Nina Stepanovna could not transfer. Pupils ceased to love Mayakovsky and Bagritsky, spat on Pushkin and Dostoyevsky and laughed at members of the Young Guard and Makar Nagulnov. And Nina Stepanovna retired into oneself. More precisely in the favourite books. Only having plunged into slow events of the 19th century it was possible to have a rest soul. Here and now, shivering in the smoked bus, it held on a lap Tyutchev`s small volume. The naked person who rushed into the bus at a stop Gardens Nina Stepanovna learned at once. In total - she watched news on TV regularly as Putin`s arrival to the power gave it some expectations on return of former life. Having waited for

until the conductor deals with a hare, Nina Stepanovna approached the new passenger:

- Mister Ugol if I am not mistaken? - she asked, and, without waiting for the answer, cut to it on a muzzle. Anatoly Efimovich`s

never hit in the face. It, happened, laid a hand. The servants not so will lay a table or protection will be guilty. Well so, same that`s nothing unusual. And here all of a sudden!

- For what, - Coal whispered.

- For everything, - the woman who struck it quietly answered and sat down on the place.

Appearance of the famous person always causes unhealthy interest in crowd. Try to take the autograph from it, to steal details of clothes or just to touch. Anatoly Efimovich was famous all over the country therefore when his personality was identified by the public, around Coal all passengers of the bus, except for the man sleeping a deep dream on back sitting gathered.

- And precisely - it. Prikhvatizator our main. There are miracles!

- to Everyone on To Volga promised, a bough.

- Now, a hole from a bagel to you, but not Volga .

- Companions if we were so lucky, give though to it we will cut off eggs for receiving moral satisfaction, - the little intelligent woman wearing spectacles caught the rest of hair of Anatoly Efimovich.

- will beat Now, - with melancholy Coal thought, but it was rescued by Ivanych which sharply struck brakes and so that all got.

- Sha, I told! Quickly mudflows in places. At first it is necessary to understand, and then already on a muzzle to thrash.

- And che to understand here, - the conductor Semenovna cried out, - the thief it also is the thief. There on top, except Putin, of course, in the afternoon with fire you will not find honest people. This type took away everything from us ten years ago, and we free of charge roll it! And well give a blanket, son of a bitch. Semenovna began to pull together with

a blanket from Anatoly Efimovich. That without restraint resisted. - Allow you to object

. Ten years ago the country was on the threshold of civil war. I actually saved Russia. The idiot, give a blanket! - having hardly won fight for property, Coal continued. - Why to you distributed vouchers, the Lord good? To take on them shares of the enterprises and to live then on dividends. And you? Spent on drink, sold the future for a vodka box.

- It still to whom was lucky, that exchanged for a box. I here personally the in some Hermes - " bank; enclosed. - Ivan Nikodimych, the former chairman of collective farm " got into conversation; Light way going on a visit to the mother-in-law. - And where now this bank?

- is simple to think it was necessary earlier, properly. - Anatoly Efimovich knew inside out in discussions of this sort. It in an oratorical fuse jumped on sitting. - And then, why to you property? Here you personally, the man, - Coal addressed Nikodimychu, - can distinguish franchizing from the endorsement?

Ivan Nikodimych perplexed began to blink.

- Here-. You were given the most important - freedom!

- Aha, freedom to die of hunger, - objected the woman trying to castrate just Anatoly Efimovich. - I offer, if now we have a democracy, to put to the vote a question of elimination of our main privatizator by disembarkation it from the bus. The thief has to sit in snow. I told.

- Well you, the godmother, bent. - Ivanych laughed. - Though it and the swine, in it I concordant, but all - the living person. And then, at us in the country many years of all black cats in honor of its pieces of coal call. The person reached glory peak, and you it during snow.

- You are right, the driver, - Anatoly Efimovich unintentionally opened a blanket and women sprinkled, - Oh, forgive for God`s sake. Yes, I all life loved the power. It as drug. You will try once and it is already impossible to stop. Here, take climbers. They all life conquer different peaks, but all of them are attracted only by Everest - the greatest peak of the world. It is not necessary to subdue it and anything any more any more. But all dream, and only the elite submits. We live in the different worlds. My world - big money, stock exchanges, summits. Yours - six hundred parts, expectation of a pay and sour Russian cabbage soup on a plate. At everyone the Everest. Everything, I finished. Do with me that you want.

In the bus became silent. Ivan Nikodimych got a pack Primas also lit.

- is fine to you, women. Leave the person alone. Let will better tell what it he naked on a frost ran. Probably, from the woman?

Coal silently nodded.

- There now, our person. And that he on top of the power appeared and did del there, his God will judge. Mercy is peculiar to the Russian person. And well, who has cucumbers or fat what is? - Nikodimych opened the briefcase and got a liter bottle of a pervach. - Fly, fell in price.

In half an hour Anatoly Efimovich, sitting embracing Semenovna, sang Oh frost, frost . Ivan Nikodimych told indecent jokes and all laughed loudly to exhaustion. Ivanych conducted the bus along the appointed route and grinned to something in moustaches. Only Nina Stepanovna sat out of the company and thoughtfully looked in a window. Yes the man sleeping on back sitting continued to snore and see some only to it interesting dreams.