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About what the Sphinx is silent?

Paraphrasing Ostap Bender, it is possible to assume: if miracles exist, then somewhere them has to be much. From seven wonders of the world of antiquity pyramid of Cheops - the only thing which lived up to now. But Egypt is well-known not only this miracle. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Egypt - the champion on concentration of cultural values. A third of world monuments of culture is in Egypt. Each of them - a miracle.

And not in monuments business. The civilization of Egypt arose 7 thousand years ago - we do not know more ancient country. To Egypt there was no concept of the state. In Egypt writing appeared. Both musical notation, and Pythagorean theorem was also invented in this ancient country, Pythagoras simply borrowed them. Egyptians invented the papyrus and ink, plywood and bronze, glass and faience, points, artificial limbs and condoms. The highest development was reached by art of a mummifying.

Remote Egypt clamped by deserts throughout the millennia conducted rather peaceful life. Therefore, and also thanks to an arid climate, in Egypt the unreasonable quantity of rarities also remained.

Egypt is, first of all, the country of pyramids. And the largest of them are on a plateau of Giza, on the suburb of Cairo. The largest of pyramids - pyramid of Cheops. I will not transfer figure - height, volume, weight and the number of millions of blocks which left on its construction. About it you will read in any guide. It is enough to tell that Napoleon, having for the first time seen pyramid of Cheops, instantly counted that from the blocks making it it is possible to build a three-meter wall around France.

Any, seeing pyramids, will tell that impression of them neizgladimo. Any illustration cannot adequately give that feeling of reverential delight at the sight of these stately giants. They as if a mirage grow up from the surrounding desert, merging with it on color while their tops are clearly visible against the hot blue sky.

Once, davny - long ago, it was not so. Big pyramids were covered with the sparkling facing from the polished sandstone. At the time of Pharaohs of top of pyramids besides covered thin gold and copper plates. You represent how stuck together eyes? There is an assumption that the polished facing of pyramid of Cheops was slightly concave, and it focused light so that a pyramid it was visible for hundreds of kilometers. Alas, facing was peeled in the 14th century, and gold probably even earlier. The part of a snow-white covering remained only at top of the second-large pyramid - Hefrena, making it similar to the mountain covered with eternal snow.

Big pyramids keep the mass of secrets. Nobody knows for what they are extremely strictly focused on parts of the world. It was repeatedly proved that in a ratio of the sizes of pyramids certain mathematical constants, for example, Pi`s number are put. Nobody can evidential explain why in general pyramids were constructed. If as tombs, then why any mummy is not found in them yet? The word pyramid means fire in the middle . Perhaps it is an altar?

The correct answer knows only the Big Sphinx. It is one more miracle of Egypt. He lay down on guards at the bottom of a plateau of Giza. A big Sphinx - this lion with the human head - the largest monolithic sculpture in the world. Of the size of the Khruschev`s five-storey building. Speak, the Sphinx was cut down from the integral rock during government of the Pharaoh Hefren and, naturally, was similar to it.

Alas, to us not to behold these divine lines any more. About two hundred years ago, and maybe earlier, the Sphinx was fired from artillery pieces and as Japanese speak, lost the face . In literal sense.

The millennia he is silent, and nobody will tell about what. Probably, for each person he is silent in own way.