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How to reveal low-quality antifreeze or That to us can to zakhimichit ?

Widely the chemistry stretches the hands in affairs human - Mikhaylo Lomonosov used to say. Eh, he as far as would know! Value of chemistry is especially felt by motorists. They face occurrence of winter cold weather with chemistry closely. Still, it is necessary to fill in antifreeze in the cooling system, to replace oil with winter and it is good to take care of the freezing locks and glasses still. And judging by quantity of the counterfeit auto chemical goods sold in the country, we great chemical power.

Auto chemical goods sell, generally foreign firms, Liqui Moly, Blue Coral, Hi - Gear, Jet - Go, Sonax, Loctite, Turtle Wax, Castrol, EnTech, Mar - Hyde, North - American, Polar, but there are also domestic. 50% of sales are the share of technical liquids: cooling, brake and washing. - that our producers are also engaged in them. But here that interestingly. The official revenue of the firms trading in these goods is twice less, than real-life. It turns out that a half of the sold production is unaccounted goods! And it - either smuggling, or a fake.

To make technical liquids rather simply. It is not obligatory to have own trademark, it is possible to make the well-known, but not patented products, for example, " Antifreeze;. If the product corresponds to the name, it will not be able to be distinguished from competitors, neither at the price, nor according to the name. And here if producer will swindle will also save on expensive components, he will fine profit and will press the conscientious producer.

From all antifreezes for us the most important is " Antifreeze;. And it is difficult to overestimate this importance: the engine resource depends on perfect operation of the cooling system. And it, in turn, depends on quality of cooling liquid. The most widespread antifreeze, i.e., nonfreezing cooling liquid - " Antifreeze;. This name became nominal for a long time, having forced out the word " from the use; " antifreeze;. Antifreeze most often is also forged. In boundless ninetieth years the volume of counterfeit antifreeze in the market reached 90%. Now it is a little easier, a share of forgeries about 50%.

Usually ethylene glycol, water and various anticorrosive and antifoam additives are a part of antifreezes. Make antifreezes on the basis of propylene glycol and other substances much less often. The lack of mix of ethylene glycol influences operational main indicators of antifreeze - its ability not to freeze in the winter, to work in the conditions of an elevated pressure and to take away heat.

As additives cost much, falsifiers often save on them. And nothing not knowing drivers fill in in the aggressive liquid cooling system with properties of acid. And the car fails in only a few weeks.

Techniques reliable the express - the analysis of quality of antifreeze does not exist, there are some recommendations how to reveal low-quality antifreeze. Some drivers got skilled at to define antifreeze on taste. It has to be slightly sweetish (at the expense of ethylene glycol). Sour taste speaks about its high corrosion activity. To the touch it has to be slightly soap oily, as glycerin.

Pour a little antifreeze in bank and put in the refrigerator freezer. If freezes - it is not antifreeze. If there is an indicator piece of paper, check an indicator of acidity of solution - rn. If the piece of paper reddens - acidity of antifreeze is big, it is no good. If turns blue - in it too much alkali. Normal antifreeze has to have an indicator rn within 7 - 9. The piece of paper has to be is yellow - green.

Well and, of course, upon purchase of antifreeze pay a close attention that you buy at whom where and how much. First of all - packing and a label. Turn a large bottle or the canister and if contents leak - put into place and you leave, you have nothing to do here. Whether there is on a label an address of the producer, it is desirable with phone?

I be not tempted with low price. Penny-wise and pound-foolish, and you can pay three times - money, the car put out of action and the safety.