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Whether to go to the Crimea in the winter?

Are super - test for fans of extreme sports. Yevpatoria, quiet children`s resort. On streets - anybody. What there, on streets to do? Cars are not visible too. And it is difficult to pass on streets. Each 5 - 10 meters picturesquely scattered potholes. Everything iced over. At four o`clock night falls by Yevpatoria. And where cheerful sparks of street lighting?, several rare fires are visible somewhere in the center. And nearly far away, for couple of quarters from the center, you will see nothing any more, complete darkness. Here it is also necessary to move with a small lamp. A lamp - the integral accessory of each apartment in Yevpatoria. And in apartments of these in the winter it is gloomy too, damp and cold. And it not where - nibud is far in Primorye - it is in the Crimea. Around Yevpatoria are cut down and forest plantations went to firewood. Yes, those which are urged to preserve the nature of the Crimea against hot dry winds and a wind erosion. And than you will order to heat houses of the Tatar immigrants, the squatter settlement grown on suburbs of the city? Nobody will sell coal. And with gas interruptions.

The tender evpatoriysky sea that is not in the winter. Lead - gray shaft over and over again strike to the shabby embankment and wash away the remains of the well-known magnificent evpatoriysky sand from beaches.

Silently there are buildings of tens of sanatoria. There are no vacationers - and could be. Many sanatoria are adapted for year-round rest. There are pools with the warmed-up sea water, the warm inhabited cases warmed by own boiler rooms. The show business - dancing halls, athletic fields, attractions stands idle. Everything could work, but... people do not go to Yevpatoria in the winter. Vicious circle? Do not go because nothing works, and nothing works because nobody goes.

Happening in the summer in the Crimean resorts, we often complain of high cost. Believe, it not from good life. How it not to be if inhabitants of resorts earn money only four months in a year - from June to September? In the winter there are no earnings. As there is no industry. The city - resort.

And yes in the winter climatic conditions of Yevpatoria make salutary impact on children. Children - that can be treated all the year round here, they should not work, and own schools are at many sanatoria. There are also great teachers able to teach sick children there is only nobody to learn.

There is without work an army of doctors, nurses and nurses. The cafe and booths are closed. There is nobody to serve in hairdressing salons, service stations, do not roll by the sea of vacationers of the boat and yacht.

The furious penetrating wind from the sea blows heat remains from the city. But here the storm comes to an end. The sun looks out, puddles on the embankment shine, the sea shines. The fresh breeze joins lungs, filling them with the optimism mixed with an iodic smell of seaweed appear on the " beach; walruses . In the sparkling sea dolphins, seagulls, ducks flounder about, swans sedately float. In the winter them nobody frightens off.

In Yevpatoria mighty curative factors are concentrated. Air is not just air, and salutary mix of aromas of herbs of the Steppe Crimea, needles of relic pines and easy aero ions from the sea. The warmed-up flowing sea water does not concede in pools to natural sea water, moreover, it purer. Curative moynaksky dirt - they and winter of dirt. Is not enough with winter only of the well-known evpatoriysky sun, but it is simply contraindicated to much. Just to them - that is better to come to Yevpatoria in the winter. Yevpatoria waits...