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The love is cruel??

of Petk was a guy from unsuccessful as adults, families like to speak. He never saw the father, and mother worked with the cleaner in some shop and loved to put for a collar . It was brought up by the street - it became it both the father, and and replaced with mother other relatives. Drank Petk`s vodka years from ten, began to smoke, probably, even earlier, and however, he plainly also did not remember. Generally, treated those children who are called chavs . Having lived till sixteen years, it did not become embittered for the whole world as his many peers. Petka had some purposes in life. Generally, he lived quite cheerfully and happily about one day.

In one fine autumn evening the fellow came back home. Petka earned additionally the loader in different places and had the small earnings. It went, cheerfully whistling and thinking of something special. Here its attention was drawn by the following picture: three of its familiar the guy - Vityok, Vaska and Genych reaped the pretty little girl in a corner. She poorly beat off and with despair looked around. Petke suddenly felt sorry for her. It approached to understand.

- You would release it? - instead of a greeting he asked.

In the opinion of the little girl the hope appeared.

- Yes something there is no wish, - Vityok answered, pulling out a handbag from her hands.

Petk was loaded to him by Hook on the right. The hooligan was cut down. Vaska and Genych unwillingly departed.

- Petka, you what climb where you are not asked?

- I Want and I climb, the fellow just answered and cut on teeth Genk, and then to Vask.

The little girl with gratitude looked at it.

- Thanks to you.

- has nothing, - Petka answered and went further. - Wait for

, - she called it.

Petka turned back.

- What to you? - he muttered.

- Let`s get acquainted, to call me Sveta. Let`s go, I tea will give to drink you.

Petka stood as a thunder struck. He did not expect such offer.

- Well, we will go, - somehow he perplexed agreed.

Mother long sighed Svetin`s houses, having heard the story of the daughter. She did not ask Petka - why it has a bruise on a cheek who his parents where also as whom work as what marks the guy studies. Just fed the savior, gave to drink tea.

Then Sveta led it to the room. Petka with surprise examined a situation. In a corner there was a table on which the computer screen flickered. The soft sofa was filled up with multi-colored pillows. Light pointed to it to a chair. Petka shy fell to him.

- Well, let`s talk, perhaps.

They spoke, nearly till the morning.

- Probably, houses wait for you, she bethought. there is no

- Yes, nobody waits for me, - Petka sadly grinned, - but I all the same will go.

- Thanks, you once again, - Sveta repeated and timidly corrected light ringlets.

- And you have blue eyes, - unexpectedly escaped at Petka. You are pretty.

- You too nothing, - smiled the girl and kissed him on a rigid cheek.

Petka stood as a thunder struck. He communicated owing to the origin, generally with little girls from bottoms, same, as well as he. Was at it and girl - Katka who filigree used foul language drank alcohol without screwing up the face, and especially did not break if Petke wanted something bigger, than kisses. Light seemed a being from other world: well-mannered, beautiful. The girl scratched several figures on a piece of paper and stretched to the guy a leaflet.

- There is my phone, call if that.

Petka took it and carefully put in a pocket.

- Surely, - it is pleased he told and left.

So their strange friendship began. Nobody understood it. Neither Petki`s friends, nor Sveta`s environment. Katka terribly was jealous, threatened to beat the girl.

- Only a finger touch, I will beat you, promised it Petka.

To them it was good together: to the girl from an intelligent family and to the guy from bottoms. It lasted year. Gradually the friendship passed into love. Katka was whipping the cat and was angry, but could do nothing. Sveta`s parents only made a helpless gesture: wants this Svetochk, let it and will be. Children were happy - it is the main thing. And then there was a bolt from the blue.

- I leave forever, - Sveta told once. Let`s not call and to write each other, so it will only be worse. Petk`s

is dumbfounded was silent in reply. The girl burst out crying. The guy calmed her as could

A then she left. Petka ceased to smile. The whole day it lay, having turned away to a wall: gases were faced by Svetka. Then Katka was declared. She timidly stroked it on the shaven head.

- Leave, a shalava, - he muttered, even without having turned. - I love it, I love, - understand? - deafly he moaned.

- And how I? - plaintively Katka asked.

Silence was it the answer.

- It is possible I tomorrow I will come?

Petka at last fell asleep. Katka stroked it again, and, having sighed, left.

Next day it came again. In the apartment it was empty and it is silent.

- Hey, Petka, - called she and came into the room.

It lay still, having turned away to a wall. She shook it for a shoulder, and then cried. Skin of the fellow was cold as ice. Nearby the note grew white. Katka the shivering hands developed her and began to read: Darling Katenka, - he wrote, - when you read it, I will not be alive any more. Forgive me, please, for roughness. Just I very much love Sveta. More nobody is necessary to me except it. The sense of my life was gone together with it. Thank you for everything. Keep money and give to mother a little. Hi to boys. Your useless Petka .

Shout of the girl was terrible

In a year Sveta returned. There was its aunt, the girl was going to study in college, with huge work having persuaded parents, to release her here. Did not know world about the tragedy and arrived, of course, only from - for Petki. Joyful it hurried to it home. She was met requirements by the grown thin, matured Katka.

- Hi, - Svetka greeted it.

- You, probably, to Petka go? - quietly Katya asked.

do not have

- Yes. - And Petki any more, - the girl sobbed. - You as soon as left, it swallowed tablets.

Now Sveta shouted already. Then she long sat at a simple iron cross and cried, smearing tears on cheeks. But it all the same fell to the cold November ground. Petka timidly smiled from a porcelain medallion. Nearby Katka sobbed. Ink a hail flew from her pale face. Then they, reeling, left. Petka smiled to them following, but in any way could not console them.