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The short list of computer delusions, or In what us zabluzhdat ?

the Phenomenon of our life called by the personal computer , acquire various legends and conjectures I bring to attention of readers the short list of computer delusions.

Antivirus . Having established an antivirus, some users consider themselves in safety. But any antivirus needs to be helped: to regularly update bases, to check the carriers connected to the personal computer, not to open without careful check of an investment of e-mail, not to click by various buttons and banners on the doubtful websites etc.

The floppy disks 3,5 (diskettes) . Users often were perplexed why the declared information capacity of diskettes (nowadays these notorious diskettes already almost went out of use!) made 1,44 MB, and is available to record less. Let`s make calculation, considering the following parameters: information capacity of one sector - 512 bytes, quantity of sectors on a path - 18, quantity of paths on one party - 80, the number of the parties of a diskette - 2. Total of sectors: 18 x 80 x 2 = 2880. General information capacity of a diskette:

of 512 bytes x 2880 = 1474560 bytes = 1440 CBs = 1,40625 MB.

From 2880 sectors only 2847 sectors are available to data recording (the first sector is taken away for placement of loading record, sectors 2 - 33 are taken away under the file table FAT). Therefore the information capacity of a diskette available to data recording of the user makes:

of 512 bytes x 2847 = 1457664 bytes = 1423,5 CBs = 1,39 MB. This is settlement - information capacity and producers, but not 1,44 MB had to specify!

Gas station of cartridges inkjet and laser printers (and also photocopiers). Almost all producers unanimously assure us that should not be done it at all! And so, it is possible to fill all cartridges, even those which are considered as not filled. Especially as in Russia the cost of a cartridge makes to a half of cost of the printer! And there is no guarantee for cartridges, they are equated to expendables by

Information capacity of carriers . The capacity of carriers declared by producers is not true: for example, if you buy the hard drive with a capacity of 200 GB, its real capacity makes 189,92 GB. At producers the Hamburg account: they consider that in one gigabyte 1000 megabytes, but not 1024. By the way, in America for this innocent deception buyers carried several case from producers.

Cactus . Some users consider that cactuses protect from radiation. By science it is proved that it not so (see. Why system administrators do not love cactuses? ).

Monitor . Monitor diagonal (in inches) is one of the main indicators at the choice of the monitor. However diagonal seen the part of the monitor has always less than declared. The declared diagonal of the monitor is the length of diagonal on external corners, and the user is interested in diagonal seen parts of the monitor. Again innocent deception of buyers by producers!

UPS power . Power of UPS is specified in VA (full capacity). Power of the connected loading is measured in W (active power). The coefficient 0,7 is applied to transfer of W to VA (see. How to pick up UPS and whether it is possible to do without it?) . Sellers, as a rule, confuse these concepts and equate VA to W, i.e. actually offer buyers of UPS with a power of 1,4 times less than demanded!

Passwords . Having surrounded the personal computer with various passwords, users take life easily. And in vain: reliable passwords do not exist. Any password can be bypassed, cracked, dumped.

Athlon processors . Marking of these processors, for example, 3200+ does not mean that clock frequency - 3,2 GHz, actually, the clock frequency of such processor of 2,01 GHz. Explanations that it is so-called virtual frequency, either an index of clock frequency, or productivity index, - the main point do not change: it is available " again; innocent deception since most of users perceive this number as actual clock frequency!

Thermopaste . Many young assemblers of the personal computer consider that the thermopaste layer on the processor is thicker, the processor will be better to be cooled. An, no! Thermopaste in itself does not possess outstanding heat conductivity and has to be applied with a thin layer to fill microroughnesses (the area of a thermolysis thereby will be increased by processor surfaces). If to put it with a thick layer, the effect will be the return!

Formatting and removal of files . Many users consider that after removal, and especially after formatting, it is impossible to restore information on the carrier. It`s not true! If over information other information did not register, then it is possible to restore any files which ever registered in the carrier! Special programs - shredder are applied to full removal of information: they overwrite any digital noise remote files, for example, hammer with zero.

All to you kind!