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How to keep surplus of products?

the Economical hostess are not that hostess who saves on everything and in everything to herself and surrounding refuses to all. The economical hostess is that hostess who is able to distribute correctly and competently financial opportunities of a family, it is correct to distribute expenses and in due time to make purchases. Not to buy superfluous, well and if it already happened, then to try to keep all products to a crumb and to use them. And we will always manage to throw out - that.

Council . The main thing - not to go to shop to a hungry stomach and if all - not to avoid such campaign, especially if run after work on a way, try since morning or to sit down and to make in details in the evening the list of those products which need to be bought. Well, or you should not buy because you already have it. The second works better.

Council : make the approximate menu at least for a week. It is already more difficult, but it is fascinating. We open the cookbook, and flight of thought begins. Buy products not for today, and for tomorrow, and then the world and rest will come in your family, and you should not justify youself before the hungry husband and members of household that the refrigerator is empty and to prepare there is nothing.

And still it happened, you bought many products, and at you remained unclaimed. For example, greens : it is not necessary to put it in the refrigerator in such look in what bought in order that she waited for the hour there. Rush hour will come and, having addressed it, you will just throw out the lion`s share. And it was necessary to wash out, dry only greens and, having laid it in a jar, it is simple to season with salt. It will be salted and it can be used then as seasoning to soups, salads and simply, having added mayonnaise or sour cream, to make sauce.

And I do sauce so. To Bor part a tomato - pastes, small I cut greens, garlic, salt, mayonnaise. Further I bring boiled water to a consistence of liquid sour cream and I allow to be stood 12 hours. It turns out not worse than expensive advertized sauces, and macaroni with such gas station is very tasty as an independent dish, and not just as a garnish.

Further: bread . The product which is often thrown out by us. Let`s cut it on portion pieces, we will shift in sacks for a breakfast and we will freeze. Further, on requirements, pieces it is possible to defreeze in the microwave oven, an oven and just since evening on a dining table. Only do not forget to take out before defrosting from polyethylene and to cover with a napkin. And that bread, being defrozen, will dampen from condensate and will become limp. It is possible, of course, and to dry croutons. But our task - to keep a product, but not to change its appointment.

What else it is possible to preserve by a freezing? Tomato paste . Often, having opened a jar, you take a spoon and put the rest in the refrigerator. But then it begins to dry, and the top becomes covered by a mold. The paste rearrangement in glassware and a flood vegetable oil does not give the necessary and long-term effect. All options are tried. I it is simple how is, in a can, I put in the freezer. It does not influence quality. The main condition - any more not to allow defrosting. Got a jar, a knife cut off approximately so much how many it is necessary, and delivered to bank back. And here what cut off, I put on use, or on a frying pan, or to destination in the defrozen look.

Further: the few hostesses know that sauerkraut can also be frozen. I salt cabbage. And after it is ready and she needs to be moved away to the cool place, there is a question and where to take it in the city apartment moreover if there is no balcony? Simply we shift in sacks for a breakfast and - in the freezer. And further we get and we defreeze. It is possible to defreeze quickly, having filled in cabbage cold (notice, cold) with water. Then we allow water to flow down, we wring out slightly and - cabbage gotovak to any kind of application, whether it be borsch or just salad. Fill cabbage with vegetable oil, onions, here to you and a zakusochka. If you just bought cabbage, then without brine it long in the refrigerator will not lie. Will begin to turn sour. Also I recommend to freeze it.

Still there is a strong wish to warn, you should not store sausage and salty, smoked fish in a plastic bag. Get trays. And cut the listed above products on portion pieces for sandwiches, in a tray and in the refrigerator. And it does not matter, if sausage dries. The raw smoked sausage in general develops due to it a taste only after lies down at the room temperature of at least 12 hours. It is better to store this sausage in a hover at the room temperature, without allowing hit of sunshine. On a counter it arrives, as a rule, not sun-burned.

To a regret when houses only potato and oil, first of all occurs only fried potato. And from potato it is possible to prepare a lot of things, without having in principle anything. And boiled potato is more useful fried. Having boiled potato, you do not hurry to pour out broth. Even when the house - full bowl . Potato broth is useful at problems with a stomach, drink it on health. It will help. And you should address drugs less often. Especially at chronic diseases.

Therefore potato is that product which needs to be prepared for the future. It is possible to store it not necessarily in the refrigerator. A box on a balcony, well, or in kitchen. Main condition of storage: pure, dry and not beaten, not rotten potato. However, you should not assume that it sprouted. But if it occurred, urgently we will wash up potatoes, we will clean, we will cut on straws and - in the favourite freezer, on a deep freezing. Only do not forget to spread out to portions in sacks. Potato does not love repeated defrosting and a repeated freezing.

Successful economy!