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You did not manage to tell fortunes in Christmas Eve? It does not matter!

Guessing were always very widespread among Slavs. Were engaged in it as sorcerers, sorcerers and magicians, and mere mortals. In ancient Russia in long winter evenings of the girl gathered, whiling away time, and tried to learn what waits for them in the near future. It is practically possible to guess always, but especially distinctly and clearly it is possible to foresee the future during the period with 6 - go on 19 - e January. But if you did not manage to tell fortunes at this time, do not despair! On Thursdays you will be able to achieve the dream and to glance in the future because on Thursdays guessing more exact.

So, you were going to guess, but do not know how? It does not matter! Here several examples of guessing which are most popular are given, and also some rules of fortune-telling are specified.

It is impossible to guess in loneliness or together with men (boys, young men) at all. Invite girlfriends, but only such quantity that together you it turned out three, five or seven. Also do not forget that during guessing it is impossible to cross legs, it confuses those objects by means of which you do a ceremony and it is necessary to remove from himself everything that surrounds you (rings, bracelets, belts). If you guess after 19 - go January, then best of all do it on Thursday as I already told, having cleaned all iconostases from the room, having removed from itself a cross and the consecrated ring, if any.

Guessing the first: On shadows Take

the whole sheet of paper (from the newspaper, the magazine, or the usual clean sheet - does not play a role). This leaf should be crumpled so that it became shapeless, but also that there was no obvious form of a sphere. It is necessary that there was only a contour reminding something roundish. The crumpled paper should be put on the plate overturned on a table and to set fire by means of a match. When everything burns down completely, carefully bring a plate to a wall, accurately turn a plate, any shadow which also will prompt to you that it expects you will not appear yet.

Guessing the second: Candle and notes. you Take

a basin, you fill half with water. On its edges you hang up notes, with inscriptions down and inside. In these notes you write different events which in general happen: wedding, birth, pregnancy, death, illness, pleasure, road, good luck, happiness, mad love, etc. Further take a small floating candle. If that is not present, it is possible to take small ogarochek a fir-tree candle, established in a walnut shell half. The one who guesses lowers a candle in the middle of a basin on water. It is categorically forbidden to move a candle or a basin, to blow too. To what note the candle will set fire, expects you in the future.

Guessing the third: Boots Deliver to

six absolutely different boots (the style of boots or their owner are not important here). Put in them six following objects, respectively in everyone on one:

salt - a grief

a coin - to money

a toy - pregnancy

a bread piece - full life

a ring - the groom, a wedding

candy - a dolce vita.

the Girl pulls out at random in a row three subjects. Then interchanges the position of them so that the following guessing person of it did not see.

There is a mass of interesting fortune-telling sessions: card, with candles, rings, water, shadows, footwear and other objects. But how many ways to glance in the future were not, we are all the same not fated to learn what we should not know. Be not fond of games with powers of darkness, guessing though it and entertainment, is blasphemy. Do not go in cycles in it, in life there are much more entertainments - bright, intellectual, fascinating!