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For what the steam generator is necessary at home?

the Steam generator - not a novelty in shops of electronics, and even not a novelty in principle, but which of us houses has a steam generator? At units! So far it so. Partly, it is connected with the fact that we just do not know what steam generators happen and for what they are necessary. So, one after another about it.

The steam generator is the device reminding a steam generator in your iron. Both the device same, and the principle of work the same, difference in a design and functionality.

The steam generator is the device allowing to make the cleaning close to chemical, however without application of any chemical means. Force of steam surpasses chemistry. In this regard the steam generator clean spots on carpets (including coffee, juice, blood, wine), remove a chewing gum from any surfaces, make cleaning of a tile, and also bathroom equipment (to whom the problem with cleaning of the chromeplated products in a bathroom is not familiar). The cost of the ordinary steam generator (as a rule, they are executed in the form reminding a duckling) makes about 3000 rubles.

We already know that by means of steam can be ironed (including vertically), and so this opportunity will depend on the iron. Many steam generators which are on sale in our shops already go complete with irons (I will pay your attention that many also with an ironing table). Their price about 300 euros, they allow to work as in a set, and is autonomous (only the steam generator). It is considered that such irons are more careful, and quality of an ironing is much higher, about speed we are silent at all - it several times higher to all of us habitual. Those devices which go complete with a board cost about 800 euro, but justify the cost because the board at an ironing carries out drying of linen.

the Steam generator - the vacuum cleaner. During all the time met only once, it was the Italian producer. And that, now, as I was told, this model was laid off. But, at least, I think that in the future we will meet new models of other producers.

the Steam generator which is soaking up water. I met Similar steam generators only in notorious TV - shops. No it is in one company salon simply. It is considered that the steam generator has to carry out one function - steam generation. In total. No absorption (collecting) should be. Because steam is not water, means and remains then water droplets not so much therefore it is enough to take a fabric napkin and to collect the moisture remains with dirt. Steam generator cost in TV - shops about 2000 rubles.

Now about safety. Contrary to all opinions, it is possible to burn under the crane of hot water, but it is almost impossible to get instant burn from the steam generator. At the same time steam is an excellent disinfectant. Steam temperature higher than 100 degrees allows to kill microbes.

One of disputed issues when using the steam generator is having added waters. Water reaches a limit, it is necessary to make replenishment of capacity, but pressure there. As a safe technical solution the stopper which simply will not be turned off if pressure in the capacity of more put, safe norm was offered. In modern compact household steam generators this problem was solved, and now you can add water when necessary at the expense of an autonomous removable tank.

What it is important to learn upon purchase?

1. What time of heating of the steam generator? The promised 1 - 2 minutes often turn 3 and more minutes, and at the beginning instead of steam you receive hot water. Be not too lazy, spend time and check promises of the producer and the seller.

2. What nozzles are included in the package? Even the smallest steam generator has to contain several nozzles. In particular, for cleaning of hard-to-reach spots (the extended nozzle), a nozzle - a brush for carpets and a nozzle - the brush for removal of spots (it more rigid, than the others). If something else is included in the package - perfectly.

3. Steam generators nevertheless seldom buy therefore sometimes there are problems with guarantee maintenance. Specify brand of the producer and learn about existence service - the center in your city.

The steam generator is a real help to the hostess. I hope, you will be able to find the advantages when using of this device. The main thing - to choose intelligently!