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What is streetball and who such AND1?

Streetball are the separate sport, but not just street basketball which is grown up from basketball as was earlier. Creativity and show are combined with some basketball rules, intertwining with street culture and hip - hopy.

The brightest and famous representatives of streetball is the team under the name AND1. This team which is selected from the best street players travels all over the world, collecting packed houses and street courts of the audience. Tremendous team tactics, full mutual understanding between players and bright identity of each player gives rise to the brightest show on which many dream to get. Every year the team makes America, Asia and Europe tour.

The most sold sports DVD are AND1 miksteypa: tricks of stars of street basketball under music of the hottest hip - hop - performers.

Once on the best-known street court of Rucker Park there was a thin guy Refer Alston (Rafer Alston) included in structure of the school Cardoza High School team. Alston got up unimaginable things with a ball. It seemed that Rafer is connected with him by some invisible thread. The ball flew by between legs at rivals, suddenly it appeared at them behind a back or behind the head, and after some fantastic blind pass performed by Alston, fell to a ring. The sports result passed into the background - it was important to fool the rival, to make a trick which he will not be able to repeat under no circumstances. Alston who got the nickname Skip To My Lou quickly became one of the main sights of the platform. If it came to the platform, the park quickly jammed the audience.

In 1998 cutting from the best moments got to the young company AND1 which was engaged in release of sports ammunition. The cartridge which received the name AND1 Mixtape Vol. 1, it was distributed free of charge to everyone who will decide to try on AND1 sneakers. In two weeks 200 000 copies of the cartridge, the majority of which received children who never heard earlier about Skip To My Lou, dispersed. Everything that they knew - that this guy gets up mad things on the platform.

AND1 quickly understood that guarantee of their success - unrecognized geniuses of street basketball. Without being limited to New - York, they a small seine combed platforms of east coast. So they found Filip Hot Sauce the champion from Atlanta, and Allen AO Owens from Philadelphia, one of the most popular street players in America. What was created by these children was just shock. It was new, fresh, creatively and cheerfully. Nobody to them did such things. AND1 instantly concludes the contract with them and lets out AND1 Mixtape Vol. 3 on which these two players were mainly shown. It was revolution in the basketball world, after this cartridge about AND1 started talking worldwide. All street players wanted to have clothes of this firm suddenly. And all the time of trainings was from now on devoted to dribbling.

Performances of AND1 is not basketball circus as consider some. Rivals of AND1 in their world round (and it is the stars of local platforms collected in one team) go all out to show what they cost. The best of them have chance to get to structure of AND1 as it happened to Tony Go Get It Jones. In game against AND1 he made the mass of dizzy flights to a ring, having driven in stars of streetball ten the most beautiful slem - tanks. So when one of the leading participants of show, Main Event famous for the throws from above, broke a leg in a car accident, Tony`s candidacy - Go Get It was not even discussed. The guy adequately replaced in round one of the main stars of AND1, and since then it in team. Such stories bring even stronger rivals of AND1 therefore their matches are always filled with spirit of fight.

Some become ardent admirers of these former street stars, some hate them and call clowns, but indifferent does not remain