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What should be known, being going to Paris?

In Paris it is very easy to be guided in the " subway; - these words should be heard constantly from lips of people, long or often happening in Paris. Beginners, having looked at the map of the Parisian subway, for a long time fall into a stupor. The enormous number of lines and stations, colors of lines are almost indiscernible among themselves. There are several shades faintly - yellow color, green etc. What else to expect if stations of the Parisian subway are at distance 500, and even 200 meters from each other. And, as I managed to notice, to the subway in Paris you go between transitions more, than you go. But you definitely should not interrogate passersby: But whether you will prompt where here the nearest metro station? And precisely you do not receive the answer: It is better for you to get on the bus and to pass five stops . In Paris the similar situation is inconceivable. On the other hand, and the subway does not differ in beauty. Identical it is dark - green stations, uveshenny advertizing. On everyone in several places the name of station is written. The announcer, as at us, the name of stations does not declare. Therefore it is necessary to hope only for own attentiveness. Cars in trains do not open. To enter or leave, it is necessary to press the button or to pull the handle, they are located both with external, and from the inside of the car.

the Subway is not decorative exotic with breeds of a valuable stone and monumental sculptures, as in Russia. This banal vehicle. Also there is it almost in each city of France. For example, what me shook in 200 - thousand Lille is an existence of TEN lines of the subway. Russia begins to build the subway, only if the number of inhabitants reaches one million.

the Vast majority of Russians, having arrived to the recognized capital of fashion, first of all direct in shops. Here it is desirable to know some subtleties. There, as well as in Moscow, there are a lot of useless shops as there the same is on sale, and often and worse, than in less large centers, but is much more expensive. The guide as they signed the contract with travel agencies seeks to send you to such shops, and they receive a certain percent for each buyer. If to depart several steps, you by all means will find pleasant little shop where you buy the same at reasonable prices. Though, of course, it is not necessary to be under a delusion and be enough spirits for 10 euros for a bottle. Even in Paris they, you can not doubt it, will be counterfeit.

Hotels of Paris are very various. But, as Paris is the city built on uniform architectural style in the nineteenth century, the vast majority of buildings does not exceed six - seven floors. Hotels are literally pushed into limited space. All of them are very old. However in them there is an elevator - an old sample. Many readers will also not remember that they such were. The elevator can hold one, at most two persons. It is closed manually, and the door at it develops an accordion. Elevators often break, and the most part of time lodgers of hotel should go on foot on very narrow abrupt ladders. Many hotels of Paris belong to Arabs. Numbers are tiny. If you wait from the Parisian hotels of luxury of seaside or Alpine hotels, then it will not be there. Everything is very modest. There is also one more feature - it is NECESSARY to put money in the safe. Thefts from numbers became already unpleasant tradition. But, if to you carries, and you lodge in a penthouse, then from a window the view of all Paris will open. It in length only 11 km. However, nobody prevents you to lodge in " hotel; Ritz And in general, optimum are four-star hotels in the center of Paris. Comfort will be slightly more there, than in three-star (their majority), and it is not necessary to reach places necessary to you by public transport.

By the way who does not like to go public transport, those can hire the car. Cost in days - about 70 euros.

From Paris go trains to Brussels (to reach there all a couple of hours). But if you want to visit Amsterdam, then it is necessary to carry out to ways about eight hours, and, undoubtedly, to take care of hotel in Holland. However advantage consists that according to the Schengen visa you will reach all these places freely.

Go trains and to London. But to get there, the special visa is necessary, and holding only the all-European visa, to you it is not necessary and to risk.

So, success in travel!