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How to untwist the website?

Optimization of the website under search engines - a factor of success of business

Promotion of the website on the Internet (it is possible to consider, how advance of production and a name of the company) are an art of use of algorithms of work of search engines for receiving profit. Well untwisted resource became the integral detail of image of successful firm today.

The companies which begin to analyze efficiency of the website as they the instrument of business, cannot sometimes understand why the qualitative website executed at the professional level, does not work i.e. does not make profit. This question should be heard dolno often therefore it would be desirable to state in brief an essence of a problem and a way of its decision.

Optimization of the website under search engines - one of most few expensive and effective ways of advance of a resource in the Network. However the majority of the companies are practically not engaged in it, missing at the same time target visitors who could become potential clients or buyers. At the moment to all owners the Internet of resources, especially commercial character, it is necessary to accept optimization of the website as an obligatory step on the way to success.

There passed times when the enterprises and firms considered as a good form to have the representation on the Internet. Now it is not enough to have the website, it is necessary to have the effective website. Business accepted possibilities of the Internet as the tool on receiving additional profit which is not demanding big investments. So why you have to miss this opportunity and wait when the resource of the competitor comes to the first positions?

Having snared, it is necessary not to forget for a minute about one common truth: The Competitor is at distance of two clicks of a mouse . I.e. the axiom of today can be formulated so: optimization is necessary, and it is necessary to work, and as soon as possible! Be sure what your competitor already read / reads / tomorrow will read this article and will bring actions for optimization of the website in the next plans.

So why optimization under search engines is necessary:

1. More than 80% of visitors of the website come from search engines.

2. 9 of 10 comers on the website through a search engine - target visitors.

3. Costs of complex optimization are comparable to costs of other types of advance. However optimization considerably wins in the ratio expense / result/duration of effect.

When the person needs information, the best assistant, than the search box not to find. The user enters the words and phrases capturing the question essence and in reply receives a huge number of references to the interesting subject. For example, if the user set request for search of sellers of any production in a search box and received the list from 2000 exile in which the address of your resource is somewhere on a thousand position, then the probability of transition to it is very low. Most of users do not set further the second - the third page of results therefore placement of the website on the first positions or in the top ten by key inquiries - an indispensable condition of success of a resource. I.e. the most effective and least wasteful way for on-line advance of your website lies via the main machines of search.

For carrying out high-quality optimization it is necessary to understand the principles of work of search engines and catalogs that will allow to develop strategy of optimum use of their opportunities. The main difference of search engines from catalogs consists that when indexing pages they use spiders. Spiders (from the English word spider - a spider) are difficult multipurpose programs which periodically do sorties in the Network. They find the new or changed pages and index them, i.e. bring in the database which in a consequence is used for formation of search results on inquiry of the user. The spider finds references which connected pages, and, « on the website; crawling on them (i.e. passing), fixes the corresponding pages in the database. At the appeal of the user to a search engine with the corresponding inquiry addresses of relevant pages get out of the database.

In catalogs relevance of the website are estimated by living people (moderators) who distribute resources according to thematic sections, and also stop use of the forbidden optimization methods. At inquiry of the user the search engine of the catalog counts relevance, as well as the car of a search engine, but already taking into account the estimates appropriated to the website by the moderator.

Many companies dream to see the website on the first positions in the most popular searchers.

The five of resources in which for a high rating it is worth fighting, is as follows:

- Yandex - 46. 0%

- Rambler - 25. 7%

- Google - 16. 5%

- Search. Mail. ru - 4. 6%

- Aport - 3. 5%

Percentage indicators reflect statistics of transitions from appropriate resources. From them the first two are absolute leaders.

An optimal variant is registration in search engines and catalogs of already optimized website. However most of owners of resources begin to realize importance of optimization only when completely are disappointed in efficiency of the website as tool for increase in profit. I.e., if you just registered the website, without having optimized it, then consider that you executed just formality and it is possible to forget about active inflow of target audience.

The rating exposed by a search engine to your website is influenced by a set of factors. The majority of them give in to an assessment and management from the developer or the promoter of a resource when carrying out optimization which includes:

• research and selection of the keywords / phrases characteristic of subject of the website;

• correction of contents of pages;

• optimization meta - tags;

• improvement of structure of pages and website in general.

Further manual registration in the main search engines and catalogs, and also paid registration on some resources follows.

The website assessment by a search engine is influenced by tens of various factors, since a name of the domain and finishing with quality of communication channels. Let`s list the main, influencing relevance HTML - documents:

• Tags Title, Keywords, Description

• Existence of keywords in the tags h1, h2, b, strong, alt etc.

• Robots tag, robots file. txt (or its absence)

• Quality and volume of the text on the

pages • Compliance of subject of the page to the declared keywords

• Organization of the internal references

• Quantity and quality of the referring websites

• Existence of keywords in external references to the website, etc.

To very important factors which however are not giving in to management from the optimizer is referred:

• Competition Level on the chosen subject

• Quality of resources on the chosen subject

• The Demand of the chosen subject

Quite often those who just began process of optimization of the resources carry out adaptation under search engines only of pages. Yes, once it was quite enough. However search engines constantly correct algorithms of calculation of relevance, but not to complicate work of optimizers (they all the same should deal with new rules), and to increase quality of information search. Recently searchers give the increasing attention to external factors, for example, to quality of references to the page from the authoritative websites on this subject. Also the volume of information posted on the website, structure of pages and the website in general is considered. Increase in competitiveness of the project is reached as a result of allocation and strengthening of the main subject and increase of its relevance.

However you should not forget that optimization of a resource is not end in itself, but means of achievement of the purpose. Having optimized the website, you will increase attendance of the website that will lead to growth of sales volume, recognition of a brand of the company and just image influence will play your advantage. But you should not forget that the website has to develop harmoniously, i.e. to high positions in search results there has to correspond the qualitative design, substantial thematic content, the high level of a usability of the website

Optimization is a process which efficiency cannot be estimated at once. The first results appear approximately in a month - it is the average time which is required to a search engine for full indexation of the website and its entering into the database.

Do not forget that optimization for searchers is only a grain in advance of your website. In addition to it it is necessary to use also other methods of advance: banner advertizing, a contextual advertizing, publications on the website of thematic articles, the organization of competitions, partner programs, providing useful services, etc.