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How psychologically healthy person looks? A Sound body everyone can imagine

. And here is how psychologically healthy person looks, to present much more difficultly, but nevertheless it is possible.

We will begin with the fact that we will not confuse mental and psychological health. The last was until recently a component of mental health which is related to separate mental processes and mechanisms, namely: memory, feeling, attention, perception, thinking, etc.

Psychological health concerns to the personality in general. It is constantly developing set of mental properties of the person which provides harmony between needs of the individual and society, and focuses the individual on performance of the vital task. At the same time it is easier to correct psychological deviations, than mental.

How looks, according to psychologists, psychologically healthy person? Mark out several qualities allowing to define psychological health.

In - the first , psychologically healthy person is focused on reality. It is clear to all that it is necessary to pay attention to the events, to soberly assess a situation and in some way to participate in this life. It will pass not that by.

In - the second , psychologically healthy person accepts himself and people around such what they are. Agree, it is very difficult. There is always a wish that people well at least sometimes saw the nonsenses and noticed in us good.

In - the third , spontaneity. In Ojegov`s dictionary we read: Spontaneous - arising owing to the internal reasons, without direct influence from the outside, spontaneous . That is, the person behaves spontaneously when he does what he wanted to. Perhaps, it breaks someone`s ideas of decencies, rules of conduct. But without this important quality all of us would be similar at each other. Accurate following to rules of conduct is impossible. Each person has to know first of all what he that his life was successful that he wanted to live wants.

In - the fourth when there are problems at psychologically healthy person, he does not begin to torment himself favourite, does not reproach himself for hit with trouble, and considers the problem under the internal microscope of thought. And even if there was a problem in him, then he looks for a problem in himself, but not himself in a problem.

In - the fifth , strangely enough, psychologically healthy person needs loneliness. Constantly it is simply impossible to be in society. It is possible to stop being psychologically healthy person. And the loneliness gives us not only rest from noise, vanities, people, but also helps to concentrate on the only person who is always with us.

In - the sixth , psychologically healthy person is autonomous and independent. If it is simpler - it is free. It does not need continuous approval of the acts, kicks and strokings at decision-making. He is able to do it for himself if he begins to doubt.

In - the seventh , it has no tendency to perceive people and surrounding in the same way. Yes, if there is only white and black, this bad because Vasya so told, and this good as Manya considers, it is possible and to go mad. Where then my opinion and the right of each person to change?

The eighth , spirituality. This category can be considered from several positions.

First - psychological. Spirituality - knowledge, aspiration to truth. She assumes harmonious interaction with the world and sends the person to search for meaning of life, performance of a vital task without what the feeling of peace of mind and personal happiness is impossible.

Second - religious. It is connected with faith in God. In each person the Spirit Svyatoy makes action. The person is an icon, and sense of his life - to come to himself, to realize own value because God not somewhere in the sky, and on the earth in all that here is that we have and in us. Means, and to all surrounding we have to treat as God.

The ninth , identification with mankind. It is clear. Healthy will not consider himself as other animal if he knows that the person.

The tenth , psychologically healthy person is capable to close relations with people.

And in conclusion of three more parameters, but not the last (psychologists at us the people meticulous): existence of sense of humour, high creativity and low conformality. The humour is at the same time not aggressive.

Here such he is psychologically healthy person. Be also you such. Psychologically healthy!