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Whether only men are decorated by scars?

more and more people try to decorate Recently themselves in any extraordinary way. One of them is the skarifikation (scarification, scar - English scar), or if in Russian - shramirovaniye. The essence of this way consists in drawing on a body of the decorative scars, in the finished look representing any drawing.

Art of a shramirovaniye consigns the roots to the remote past. In immemorial times representatives of ancient African tribes applied on a body scars for the purpose of designation of the social status, or in the course of ritual ceremonies. Times changed, and now the shramirovaniye became one of the most vanguard courses of art of modification of a body.

There is several various the technician of drawing scars . The simple scar becomes perpendicular to a surface, only depth of immersion of a scalpel in skin varies. As a result graceful, but hardly noticeable drawing turns out. The cut is made for receiving a convex scar under an inclination. Volume drawing becomes a result of such shramirovaniye. At last, some admirers of an extreme shramirovaniye prefer to apply on a body bent scars. They turn out in the course of cutting by a scalpel of the top layer of skin. Drawing as a result represents deepening on a body. However from - for sufficient blurring cannot put a pattern with a big clearness.

Procedure of a shramirovaniye is rather painful. Most often it is done under local anesthesia. Itself should not try to make a shramirovaniye independently at all or to ask for help of friends or acquaintances. It is, in fact, a small surgery. And if to do it in inadequate conditions or with use of the improvised household tool, it is possible to receive serious complications. It is competent only the skilled expert using sterile medical tools can execute a shramirovaniye. Otherwise instead of extravagant drawing you receive where as less extravagant sore up to blood poisoning.

It should be added to protection of a shramirovaniye that many resort to it as to a way to get rid of the already available scars owing to accidents or household cuts. From slovenly they will turn into an ornament element.

Cost it pleasures makes about 150 dollars. And healing lasts about two weeks if the patient to a soblyudayetvsa of manual of the expert.

Experts in the field of a shramirovaniye say that medical education is not required to become the professional in this area, though they are active scalpels. The only condition is an understanding that scars, as well as tattoos, remain forever therefore any mistake will be worth a lot very much. However nevertheless it is worth taking an interest about experience the person to whom you in literal sense will entrust the body.

Also, before deciding on a shramirovaniye , it is necessary to consider everything carefully. It will be impossible to get rid of such ornament already therefore it is not necessary to do it spontaneously, under the influence of emotions. It is not a sweater and not a chain of which if bother, it will be possible to get rid with ease. Despite sufficient freedom in views of many citizens, it is necessary to attend to influence of this ornament on your professional and private life. It is good if you the own master or the CEO of large office - then to you everything easily says goodbye. And if is not present? If your chief strict rules ? You should not dismiss it, it is necessary to consider everything properly. If so there is a wish to get a beautiful scar, then, maybe, not on socially available place? But also you should not cut genitals. Even not any expert will agree to make to you IT

the Drawing received in the course of a shramirovaniye looks very originally. However today all - men much more often than women voluntarily give the body for a scalpel. Perhaps, scars for the present decorate only the man?