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How it is correct to be wrung out and why it is necessary?

Now very many people try to be engaged in these or those power exercises, pursuing at the same time various aims: to restore a figure or health, to increase physical force. Someone for this purpose regularly visits the gym or fitness - the center, someone drags dumbbells and weights in the mornings or cuts circles at stadium. In house conditions, even without existence of any special equipment, it is very simple to increase physical qualities of muscles. And the most effective exercise for development of almost all groups of muscles are push-ups from a support in an emphasis lying. For this reason in army force is determined first of all this way.

Advantage and application. First of all, push-ups are responsible for development of various groups of muscles of hands and a breast. But at the correct performance muscles of a stomach, a back and legs considerably become stronger. Of course, as well as all physical exercises, push-ups stimulate a human body to the strengthened work and it is necessary to count its opportunities.

Be accurater with loadings. Be not engaged if are unhealthy. The majority of types of respiratory diseases, including infectious, give serious load of heart, and, respectively, any physical activity is categorically contraindicated. If you have a sore heart, it is impossible to allow even the slightest overloads krovenosno - vascular system.

System of performance.

it is the best of all for b to be wrung out in several approaches with a small break - the their more, the better, and it is necessary to try that in each approach there was approximately identical number of the movements. If you know the norm, then reduce approximately by 20% the number of the carried-out push-ups, and each new day increase the quantitative efficiency by one. At first you do not bring yourself to full exhaustion. It is better to make four times on 25 push-ups, than two times on 50. But also absolutely you should not relax - carry out exercises, you will not feel average fatigue in muscles yet. For busy persons, of course, it is the best of all to execute the maximum load one or two times, for example since morning or in the evening. But if there is opportunity, then it is better to be engaged in it all day - with various intervals and - can determine by mood for yourself the day norm calculated for 24 (16) hours.

Correct performance. can hardly be told a lot of new Here. The main thing that the body was direct throughout. It is necessary to try that the back was not curved from top to bottom, and buttocks did not stick out up. The head looks in a floor. The landing is deeper, the better, ideally it is necessary to touch a support by a breast, or a nose (it is only careful). Breath is systematic: when lowering the case a breath, at rise - an exhalation.

Technology of performance. Anyway, push-up - exercise which can be carried out differently - we will analyze at first the provision of basic parts of a hand - of brushes . Small children and women carry out push-up usually on palm inside, the simplest look - if fingers look forward, then hands automatically become in the most comfortable position. But at such performance there is practically no advantage for muscles of the brush. Simple and most widespread position of hands among men - push-up on fists. At the same time the fist is put on two or three phalanxes. There is a development of group of muscles of fingers and side of a palm which is closer to a thumb. Well, and skin on joints and phalanxes, of course, hardens, the fist gets the most favorable statement for blow - it very much helps people who should fight (at least in the long term).

More difficult look - push-up on a palm edge (in this case the side of a palm opposite to a thumb just develops) and on its back. Certainly, first to be wrung out on the back of a palm it is sick, and trainings are necessary to get used. But over time it will become easier. Such type of push-up promotes considerable strengthening of muscles around pyastny bones, and the brush will get the hardness and small sensitivity to external influence that is extremely useful in extreme and difficult (from the physical party) situations, whether it be parachute jump, climbing ascension or an alloy on kayaks.

Well, and the latest level - push-up on fingers - it is really rather difficult. At first it is better to use all five fingers, gradually cleaning on one. Most likely, all body weight will affect a thumb, and fingers will cave in from top to bottom - something will turn out it seems spider . But try that fingers were direct or roundish up. You can consider yourself as very persistent person if you manage to be wrung out or at least to accept an emphasis lying without participation of a thumb. And push-up on one finger (average or index) is an aerobatics which is given not to everyone. By the way, push-up on fingers very much helps people who play the guitar, violin, piano or deal with typing on the keyboard - the trained fingers will get the hardness, flexibility and speed, and at a latching of strings will hurt less. Push-up on fingers is ideal for training of a direct stroke - the fist becomes iron .

Now about the provision of other part of hands. As push-up is the exercise similar on effect to a press lying except hands also pectoral muscles participate. Therefore what will shake (among hand muscles the triceps most of all trains though big loading goes on a shoulder and a little on a biceps) depends on position of hands. Standard situation - hands at shoulder length, elbows are directed at an angle 45 degrees from a body - to be wrung out so the easiest, loading is distributed evenly. If to put hands more widely than shoulders, and to part elbows to a right angle to a body, then the deltoid muscle and big chest will be involved. And if on the contrary to put hands as it is possible closer, elbows parallel to a trunk, then loading will go to a triceps and small chest. Also for achievement of various result it is possible to change a trunk inclination concerning a surface. At the same time, if the head is higher than legs, the lower part of a breast shakes and if below, then the top part together with press muscles.

Alternative ways of push-up.

it is Very useful for b to be wrung out for development of hands on one hand - it is difficult for want of habit, but trainings stand result (small council: what to part legs more widely, it will be easier for those). Also the effect of exercise amplifies several times if on your back the person sits, or you put one leg on another. You can also practice push-ups with cottons - at first one cotton, then it is possible to do two, three, to clap behind the back etc. It develops reaction and dexterity. If you want to put emphasis on breath training, then be wrung out during run, through a certain distance steadily do about 15 - 20 push-ups.

Play sports, develop force, dexterity and reaction - your body will tell only Thanks !