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Who such journalist?

of People which got an education in good higher education institution in the specialty Journalism ? Or the person who writes small articles for the blog in the evenings? Or, maybe, the person who attentively reads newspapers, knows authors, editors - who where passed to work who has what style and to what political or non-political direction this or that edition belongs?

We will sort all this one after another - properly. So, whether the person with the higher education in the specialty " is; Journalism that actually? No. Will not begin to work in the specialty yet. The journalist is not a crust and not record in a piece of paper, this calling.

Whom is the attentive reader of all press? Correctly - he is just attentive reader. Honor to it and praise. Without such as it there would be no us also, journalists. And differently for whom to write if nobody is interested in it?

And here we will follow an example of nearly 99% from us - authors of articles for Schools of Life - at the majority absolutely other specialty and work which is not connected with writing articles art in any way. However we nevertheless sit and we write, both we read, and we think out, and attentively we trace responses on our opuses. Whether we are real, most real-life journalists? With confidence I can tell that yes.

Of course, we do not sit with dictophones on a press - conferences, we do not receive a press - releases from public relations - services of the large companies, we do not go to planning meetings in agency and in general - we stay at home in house-shoes and on a cozy chair, on the laptop we splash on keys, and in the course of creative torments in liters we suppress tea and coffee. And as a result we issue on - the mountain the opus. But all - we can call with pride ourselves journalists. We write about what concerns not only us, but also people around, we give something new and we clean old.

But also to you it is not necessary to underestimate work of those who though are not a journalist and the writer by training, on calling, but all - is engaged in this business. However, we will make the reservation - the journalism is not their primary activity, but they are experts in any other area. But they are an integral part of our journalistic brotherhood too.

I consider that it is one of the main problems of any journalist. He is able to write well, but often is not down on to what in general he writes about. An exception are its personal interests which at some stage of its professional activity coincided. However so cannot proceed eternally therefore often to journalists before writing article, it is necessary to get acquainted with a subject and its key moments fluently. But as for details, they will be inevitably lowered.

Therefore many magazines attract experts to writing of article in this or that subject who fall within the scope of professional activity of the author, for number which is prepared for printing. This option is natural in specialized editions on medicine, technologies and so on. It will justify idea of the edition - to convey to the reader new information from experts. Of course, many experts do not possess many necessary skills that their knowledge was legible. Therefore all their opuses are carefully edited and processed in order that the publication looked adequately.

Read and write! Read attentively, and write with soul - then it will be easy for you, and it is pleasant to readers!