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What needs to be done that your family happiness lasted eternally?

to Each of us in life have to have the luck three times: at whom to be born at whom to learn and to get married with whom, and the person reaches all the rest. If in the first and second case we depend on a case, then the choice of the satellite lays down completely on shoulders ourselves and if you were lucky to find the ideal couple, then it is necessary to know how not to lose it. For this purpose I would like to give several advice which will help you not only not to lose it, but also to make your relations even better.

1. Understand the husband (wife), and he (she) will understand you.

2. As the old saying says: do not take out ashes from a log hut - it means that it is not obligatory for foreign people to know details of your family relations. Often at quarrel we try to prove that someone nervous, and someone is wrong, and the majority of the subsequent experiences and tragedies happen from - for it. Over time the married couple forgets about quarrel, and here if about this quarrel one of satellites tells the relatives or the husband`s relatives, then it not only does not resolve the conflict, but can even warm it - when mother, the father or other relative begin to ask you what there? and how there? etc. Though also the opposite case is possible - if you shared quarrel details with his (her) mother, she will help you to solve them.

3. You remember such rule - truth always in the middle. Very often we exercise very strong control over the husband (wife), forgetting that, despite close relations, each person has the right for own thoughts and experiences, for the friends and, eventually, that from time to time it is just necessary for us though slightly - slightly to have a rest from each other. Each of us sometimes wants to stay alone, but we cannot assume even thought in any way that the loved one can have the same desire also. And we begin to ask annoying questions: what, when and with whom?

4. Never try to remake the satellite (I mean his psychological behavior and outlook, but not his tendencies to smoke, drink, etc.) . Anything good it will not lead to. Such concepts as outlook and behavior cannot be remade because they are formed since the childhood, and not to you to dispose its past and to try to correct something in it now. It can only anger him, but the positive effect of all this invention will not be.

5. Do not forget to be interested periodically at the spouse (spouse) about his (her) work, the relation with friends, colleagues, in every possible way showing that it is interesting to you.

6. Arrange small family holidays more often - they can help you not only have fun, but also reconcile after one of family quarrels.

7. And the last - the most important - build the family life consciously, do not allow circumstances to govern it.

Be happy, and let your happiness last eternity!