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What good is in aggression?

B quickly are also unpredictable the changing world very important and it is so hard to find really working reference points of common sense. It is unlikely the rate of monetary unit or the speech of the politician will be able to give the clear answer to the simplest questions Who do I am? Where I? Where I go? . At the same time aphorism The Person, learn yourself! finds practical sense, proclaiming attention to the world of soul. I will try to tell about the most typical for us its states and attributes, supporting it with examples and steps for improvement.

The young family lives in a communal flat and constantly clashes with neighbors in quite powerful occasions. Good luck smiles to them - it is possible to move to separate housing. Contrary to expectations, young people begin to quarrel also actively with each other. As a result - divorce, exchange, again a communal flat. Or approximate house seniors overtake the child selflessly tormenting a puppy. Or in silent, frictionless houses and at work the person suddenly as if something would break, he quickly turns into the unbridled alcoholic, dying in a drunk fight or committing suicide. What the general is in these sad examples?

At the heart of these everyday dramas the defiance to human aggression lies. We got used to consider it as a fruit of fauna or bad education, trying to ignore, or, what is worse, to suppress. However researches show that aggression - same peculiar to all live an instinct as absorption of food or a reproduction. Attempts to ignore an instinct are as fruitful as recognition nonexistent going from - for a truck corner. For what this aggression is necessary, you ask?

As well as any instinct, it serves only one purpose - preservation of a look. Simple example - if two pigeons (by the way, a world symbol) be long time together in a close cage, there will come inevitably the moment when from two pigeons there is one. And vice versa - at mutual pushing away individuals of one look from each other they will evenly be settled across all possible territory, and even the weakest will have chance to live and remove posterity. The problem is that instincts still dictate us will of the nature from within, but outside of them constrain laws, norms and rules - civilization fruits. The allowed ways of emission of aggression which served our ancestors, less. The system of visas and registrations will not allow to escape at the end of the earth, hunting is available to the little, and duel became a criminal offense. However the compromise always is.

Where to look for it? First of all, physical activity will help to master the aggression. It is available even confined to the bed. At all attention to the world of soul kostno - the muscular system and skin remain the most subjected to a stress. In - the first, it is a barrier between world around and our organism, and the barrier by definition is exposed to overloads and needs continuous strengthening. In - the second, from the utilitarian point of view it is 80% of our body weight, the volume of blood and the number of the nervous terminations. And sense here not in self-torture and statement of records, and in regular burning due to physical exercises, excess of biologically active agents (catecholamines) activating aggression. In this regard as the doctor I can tolkoprivetstvovat the interest in single combats and fitness, bathing procedures and massage growing from year to year among our contemporaries. They not only improve a body, but also give balance to soul. It is necessary to notice that relaksiruyushchy procedures for type of autogenic training or lying on the beach are rather effective only at a combination with active nervously - muscular work.

In - the second, change " significantly helps; range of irritants . The average citizen lives in the world of strong and superstrong irritants - sound, light, olfactory. This bombing natural barriers forces us to answer with so strong responses to maintain fragile mathematical balance. At the same time surrounding people are in the same situation, as we, and one increase of tone of a voice in neutral on the content of conversation is capable to turn its course on opposite. If our answers are not proportional to force of irritants from the outside, accumulating nervously - mental tension will destroy harmonious work of our functions and bodies, and human aggression will include some kind of program of self-destruction - from a corporal illness before the use of the stupefying substances or suicide. Any communication with the nature - walk on park or along the coast, a campaign in the wood, work on the seasonal dacha, feeding of an animal - for some time grant a respite to ours blocked city to an organism.

In - the third, you should not be frightened frankly hostile to someone, and even all mankind of the thoughts which are periodically occurring to us. It is enough to lose of them mentally, and it is better - to tell the experiences by that to whom you trust because it is natural reaction of the ordinary person to an obstacle. It will reduce tension level, and aggression from a destructive tornado will become the tone allowing to hold a back directly and to really appreciate the world.