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Than juice is useful?

the Most important components of juice from the physiological point of view - mineral substances. They contain, mainly, ions of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, aluminum (traces) and anions phosphoric, sulfuric, salicylic, and sometimes and salt, acids.

It is known that in vegetable juice there are more mineral substances, than in fruit. Mineral substances of fruit juice contain potassium about 50% of the general content of ashes, and vegetable juice - 30 - 40%. A lot of potassium contains, for example, grape juice, besides potassium in it is in a good ratio with sodium.

Organic acids contain in juice also. And if you have an increased acidity, stomach ulcer, not as it should be a liver or a gall bladder - be careful. Most of all organic acids contains in garnet, cherry, plum, blackcurrant juice. It is less - in apple, peach, apricot. And absolutely slightly - slightly - in carrot and grape.

A ratio of sugars in various juice unequal. Juice of a melon contains only sucrose. Most of all sucrose in beet, orange, carrot, strawberry, tangerine, cherry, to a lesser extent - in plum, garnet, apricot, currant juice. In orange sucrose about 50% of the general content of sugars, glucose - 20%, and fructose - 30%.

In some juice there is no sucrose at all. So, contains in grape juice equally glucose and fructose, in strawberry - fructose twice, and in apple - is 4 times more, than glucose. Apple, pear, plum, cherry, currant, grape juice is richest with fructose.

Undoubtedly, svezheotzhaty juice is most useful. In them most of all vitamins. For example, vitamin C begins to collapse after half an hour of standing of svezheotzhaty apple juice. Also content of mineral substances changes in it for the worse. No, those do not disappear anywhere, but pass into less digestible form.

If you have no opportunity to prepare juice most, you should know how to choose them upon purchase in shop.

First of all, juice has to be natural. Do not imagine that if on a package or bank it is written natural juice there that which was wrung out from fruit. Actually, the majority of juice is prepared from the concentrates diluted with clear water.

The concentrate is all - navsy fresh juice from which uparit excess of water to reduce costs of transportation of a product. In order that juice had the right to be called natural, the content of water in the diluted concentrate has to correspond to the content of water in svezheotzhaty juice. If on packing it is written: juice of 100% juice of 100% or natural juice if the producer, before you - natural juice did not tell lies.

If on a package it is written " nectar; or nectar despite the beautiful name, this liquid contains only 50% of natural juice. The rest - water. If it is written " drink; or drink - that is water with small (10 - 20%) an additive of fruit juice if only to give a flavoring shade. Add a lot of sugar, and, of course, sucrose to nectars and drinks.

Juice and nectars happen clarified and to pulp. The last are more useful as they contain a lot of cellulose and pectins. The pulp of juice possesses the occluding properties, than helps to bring toxins out of an organism.