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What color gold?

The First high metal is gold which in the fair yellow color and the shone grace from other metals perfectly .

M. V. Lomonosov What

of color gold? Strange question. Gold - the only metal brightly - yellow color. Beautiful color and strong gloss of gold attracted those who for the first time found Goldberry in sand.

Gloss of a morning dawn the Name this metal is obliged by

to appearance. Word " gold; according to linguists, designates yellow . Close to yellow the name of gold in English - gold and German - Gold.

Latin designation Aurum connect with a name Aurora - so called the goddess of a morning dawn. Came from the same word French - or and Spanish - oro. But color of a dawn rather red, than yellow. Why compared gold to it?

Pure gold

Is such settled expression - pure gold. Red - red means. Red gold? It appears if to heat very pure gold, then it slightly is oxidized and reddens. It is the right indicator of purity of an alloy. The polluted metal remains yellow. But if to gold to add a little copper, an alloy becomes reddish too. With increase in content of copper, reddish shades amplify up to brightly - red. Here only gold with copper impurity more faded, muddy. And color of pure gold clear. Color of an alloy can be improved, having added to it, except copper, it is a little silver.

Color of the failed hope

With growth of the contents of silver gold turns pale. When the content of silver exceeds 30%, gold gains silvery color with greenish outflow, and it is considered already special mineral which received the name elektrum. In process of silver addition color of an alloy turns green, passing in is yellow - green, is yellow - white and, at last, purely white.

Zinc or cadmium also give to an alloy a greenish shade. But, as Ostap Bender spoke, recolouring The Antelope - the Gnu green - color of the failed hope . Such alloys are fragile, and in jewelry are not applied.

Noble pallor to Jewellers ways of receiving gold of various flowers are known to

long ago. Jeweler alloy known as " white gold; - it is an alloy of noble gold with not less noble palladium. The tenth part of palladium gives to an ingot is white - a steel shade. Platinum paints a gold alloy in white color even more intensively than palladium. Nickel allows to receive gold alloys of white color with an almost inaudible yellowish shade too.

Make jewelry with diamonds of white gold. The frame from white gold well reflects gloss of stones and as if in addition lights them. In comparison with yellow, white gold is more resistant to action of the atmosphere. In the West white gold now in fashion. Which - where even to wear jewelry of simple, yellow gold, it is considered a bad form.

Gold of color of an azure If is applied to

on gold a rhodic covering, then the product gives cold blueness. But it appears, using gold, it is possible to receive also an alloy of blue color. The Argentina jeweler Antoniassi within five years experimented with various materials to turn yellow metal into blue. The alloy received by it contains 90% of gold. Does not hurry to open technology of receiving a blue miracle of Antoniassi, but experts consider that all secret in cobalt additives. Also gold alloy of blue color is known. As impurity it contains iron.

Black gold Is not present

, it is not anthracite, and the last market novelty. It is an alloy of gold of very beautiful soft black color. At a recent exhibition in Basel the polished and opaque products from black gold showed several firms. And, everything is strictly secret. It is possible to decipher structure of additives, and here manufacturing techniques - it is difficult. It costs madly much. New material - new opportunities for design. The combination of white and black gold to refined semi-precious stones creates inexpressible effect.

Present gold of darling!