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How effectively to use the time?

Hardly anyone - that from us can tell: I have no problems about a time - menedzhmety! ... And it is a pity! Let`s try to define and use the highlights connected with management of the time. with

Ya as the author of numerous publications on human resource management, practically always I begin with a ratio PROCESS - RESULT. This my ratio picked up most of authors, consultants and all who are connected with it. And it is not casual.

How to pass from a point And in a point of B? There are hundreds of ways and ways, and only one way will be the shortest. And as far as we carry out the analysis of this shortest way? Let`s analyse everything point by point.

1. Before to do something, think how it can be made quicker. How quicker to achieve desirable result?

And you know why we do not carry out this analysis? We do not see sense! We simply do not hurry anywhere, but at the same time we are in time NOTHING. Quite recently read a joke:

Call by phone:

- Hi! What do you do?

- Yes anything I at work .

The comprehensive answer, which to me as to the head of the company, it is quite clear.

Now we will understand why we do not hurry anywhere. The answer is simple: if we have no purpose, then why to do something quicker and why, actually, in general to do something.

2. Set the purpose, and you will much quicker achieve the necessary results.

But it was the lyrics. Now about real saving of the time with what each of us has enormous problems. Let`s try to formulate as a problem, and we will find its roots, that is, the reason.

You constantly do not have time in view of the fact that:

- you do not do work as quickly as it is necessary because you like process.

- At you does not remain free time because you are shipped in the solution of small questions.

- you do not structure and do not plan the working day.

Make the table consisting of three columns: 1 - I am a column - time (for example, 9. 00 - 10. 00), 2 - I am a column - action which you made for this period, 3 - I am a column - the note. At the end of the day analyse the work, and you define what N % of the operations performed by you could be delegated (to charge to subordinates), and To % not to do at all!!! Carry out the analysis of three - five working days. What do you receive? The shocking result! You will see, how irrationally you use the time.

Determine by the second stage that you do because you and only you have to do it, and try to reduce time of performance of these works. Again define what can be delegated.

There is an opinion that it is impossible to be engaged in several cases at the same time. Whether so - solve it. At many people, as a rule, openly of 5 - 10 windows of programs, ICQ, Skype is included, they speak by the mobile phone, office phone, read the magazine, the newspaper, the book I cannot tell, it is bad or it is good - arrive as it is pleasant to you more. But, for example, why to close the Word`a file with the underfulfilled material if you return to it in 2, 5, 10, 40 minutes?

Bring order with documentation. Many refer to the fact that they spend unreasonably large number of time for search of the necessary document. In this case it is necessary to order document flow (and document flow is considered ordered in case the electronic or paper document can be found within 1 minute), and problems will disappear.

The most faithful enemy effective a time - management - postponement of affairs for tomorrow . If something can be put off, maybe, it can be not done at all? To make quicker - make today. Somehow the most known kouch on mine I will write you it " tomorrow; answered: Tomorrow can not come . By the way, it is very important and useful phrase. Use it for self-adjustment, and you speak to colleagues more often.

There is, by the way, a way which allows to force the employee to perform work which, at best, it would do for one or one and a half hours in 15 minutes. He receives a task in 17. 45 There is a wish home, and there are only 15 minutes. Cruelly? But it is carried out! In a hurry? Quickly? Yes! But: always control result.

Many problems arise when planning the time. We often somewhere are not in time. And why? We make appointment end-to-end . Do not do it. Leave time stock. If you have a meeting in 10. 00 and you will quite be in time in 11. 30 on the second, appoint the second on 12. 00. For half an hour you will be able to make a little planned before affairs too.

And it is most of all saved time or early in the morning, or in the evening. This fact is proved. Is owls is larks . Each of these categories in convenient for itself much more work, than in standard working hours does hours.

Make so that every minute you used the time rationally. If there is a free minute, sort papers, deliver to the signature, read the magazine or the book, but you do not save business.

Buy the smartphone or pass - the computer. It allows to save plenty of time! It is checked and proved!

Analyse also you the working day, find gaps and white spots, and use the time most effectively finally to receive as much as possible money, we work hardly for the sake of the process (process can bring only pleasure).