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How the man and the woman speak without words?

for anybody not a secret that the woman wants much from one, the man - one from many. Anyway, to deny existence of a certain misunderstanding between the man and the woman it is useless. As often you hear from that and others: My God and what I made not so? So long looked at it, and it only threw on me one fleer! or I and erotically a hand ran over hair, and threw a leg on a leg, and it did not react " in any way;.

To help to avoid mistakes knowledge of the international language available to all and to everyone will help you. It is necessary to be only a little attentive to the neighbor, and you will be pleasantly surprised ease of communication with each other.

Usually women are more sensitive, than men, and existence of such concept as female intuition is explained by it. The weaker sex possesses knack to notice and decipher nonverbal signals, to fix the smallest details. Possibly, it is connected with a maternal instinct. The baby is not able to speak yet, and first communicates only in the nonverbal way. On the slightest signs mother learns about health and desires of the child.

Over time these abilities at girls develop so that men often are trapped, trying to deceive the wives, and here most of women can learn secret blessed on his eyes and gestures. The poor fellow even does not know that he was caught in a lie.

There is a set of gestures which interpretation is very fascinating, take me the word, but let`s stop on those which just cannot be disregarded, are gestures of a seducing.

We will remember the known expressions: She only moved an eyebrow, and it - at her legs! or: It should have entered only the hall as all women thawed .

What arsenal of gestures whether there are characteristic gestures which we express the interest? Undoubtedly! Women have wider and refined set of ways of courting, than at men. Some gestures of courting are acquired during life, others are used by us unconsciously. It is difficult to explain as well as where we study these signals, but there is a theory according to which these gestures are congenital.

Men, for drawing attention of women, have the gestures in the arsenal. They as well as dumb animals, begin to smarten up at the sight of the person of an opposite sex who attracted them. It is enough to remember the plumage of peacocks, surprising on beauty, or lirokhvost used by them for demonstration.

To look more attractive, the man will smooth hair, will correct a tie, a collar, a shirt, will brush away nonexistent dust from a shoulder.

Female manipulations are significantly more various, utonchenny and izoshchrenny. Of course, the woman will correct objects of a toilet and a hairdress too. But as it will do it! Correcting clothes, she as though strokes herself. Correcting stockings, she considerably enjoys a touch to own leg!

And how the woman lights in the company of men? She just plays a scene from the play of own statement! The graceful movement of a hand the cigarette gets, big eyes become and the questioning languishing look leads round all honest company. Persons interested to give a lighter always much. I assure you, will continue closer communication it with that from whom will light.

To Make eyes - one more female reception. Having slightly lowered eyelids, the woman looks at the man until he does not notice her look. Then she right there looks away. There is a feeling that furtively watch you. And it, as we know, excites and teases.

The sexual aggressive pose is expressed by the following gesture - thumbs of hands are outdone or for cuts of pockets. It is one of the most popular gestures used by actors of television westerns to show courage of favourite heroes - gangsters. Hands are in position of readiness and serve as the attention center of gravity, the area of genitals is accented. When gesture is used in the presence of women, it can be interpreted so: I am a man. I over you dominate .

This gesture in combination with expanded pupils and the sock of one leg directed towards the woman is well clear to many women. Exactly thanks to this gesture all intentions of the man become obvious since they unambiguously report in such nonverbal way to the woman that at them on mind. These gestures were always considered purely man`s, but when women began to wear jeans and trousers, they began to use this gesture too though they do it only when are dressed in trousers or jeans. When on the woman a dress or that another, sexually adjusted woman stuffs up a hand thumb for a thong or for a pocket cut.

So, now you are theoretically supported. There is no wish to try it in practice?