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How to work with recruiting agencies?

Recruiting - young for Russia, but quite become current concept. Let`s try to consider it from two parties: from the employer and the worker. For a start about recruiting and its differences from recruitment agencies, banal and habitual for us.

A task of recruitment agency - to pick up candidates and to give you an opportunity of the independent choice from all great number of one employee. A task of recruiting agency - to pick up to you 2 - 3 most suitable candidates.

How there were recruiting agencies? Many of them - obvious potboilers who left the sphere of personnel business and left the same principle of work, but from a different angle. Other recruiting companies appeared from scratch, but on the basis of serious system approach.

The APPLICANT - the person who looks for work. It, coming to recruitment agency, it is forced to pay them, in recruiting all differently - you pay nothing to nobody. You are included in the database, and you are begun to sell . I hope, now, in our modern world this word will be offensive for nobody: to sell.

I pay attention of applicants at that time that employers pay for recruiting only when they need the qualified specialist, perhaps, the unique expert therefore recruiting does not consider the main performing specialties.

As a rule, in the recruiting companies the questionnaire consists at least of 4, and even 6 sheets therefore it is necessary to be ready to the fact that besides a waste of time on filling of the big questionnaire, you will need to answer questions of recruiters (the majority of which, as well as HR managers in the companies are psychologists).

At the same time consider that recruiting agencies more seriously (clear, absolutely other money) treat applicants. They will store your questionnaire, and be not surprised if they call back to you in half a year or even year.

The EMPLOYER - the client of the recruiting company. whether

Can sign at the same time to the employer the contract with several recruiting companies? Yes, it is possible, however at the conclusion of the contract with the recruiting company in it it will be obligatory point on a penalty in the amount of 10 to 30%. You will be forced to pay this sum in case you find the worker.

What is a guarantee for the candidate? The warranty period is the term during which to you will replace the employee, if for any reasons that did not suit you. As a rule, the warranty period is equal to a trial period (not always official, and it is rather to that which is secretly established in the company - the customer).

You remember, I right at the beginning wrote about so-called potboilers . In what this hack-work is expressed or, we will call it so, - nonprofessionalism? Everything is very simple - the recruiting agency has to conduct independently huge work (what, actually, and money is paid them for), namely:

- to Make selection on own base.

- in the absence of candidates at own expense to place information on search in mass media.

- is possible, to use hed - Hunting (search and enticement of employees from the companies, competing or adjacent to a profile of the customer).

- to Select the candidates conforming for 50 - 70% to initial requirements of the customer.

- to Carry out psychological (if it is stipulated) testing.

- to Provide to the customer of 3 - 5 candidates (as it is stipulated in the contract) for the final choice.

Nonprofessionalism in this case is that the customer often does not understand in staff recruitment, and begin to palm off on it all candidates at the very first stage when the applicant it seems, corresponds to inquiry. About any psychological testing and the speech cannot be.

Anyway, I recommend (on own experience it is repeatedly checked) by search of the candidate to use all possible resources - independent search (announcements, the Internet), search through recruitment agencies and to attract recruiters. The hope for recruiting is extremely small, at the very beginning of article I at once mentioned the fact that recruiting - the new type of business for Russia, and, so is for the present not rather developed.

Good choice!