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Whether there is an advantage of spam? (A question without answer)

Where look, everywhere abuse spam. What will only not be wished to villains who distribute to ten million addresses worldwide the offer to buy

a folding bed in Moscow or factory on production of door handles near Verkhneuryupinsk.

Spam, really, assumes some universal scale. And here it is interesting to me: what sense in it? I never had to hear that someone found something in spam for himself useful. But someone for some reason dispatches it? Though something sometime works? On a fig to distribute the offer to buy a case in Mukhosransk to the distant countries?

Here I receive, for example, recently the offer to buy a tower crane in Moscow, to be trained to drive the plane and to buy office in Anapa. Perhaps, they are parts of some global universal plot? Well to what to me a tower crane in Moscow and office in Anapa? And if to ponder: if the crane at you in Moscow, and office in Anapa then not to do without driving of the plane!

Or here phrase: we can what Viagra cannot! Interestingly, and what it cannot? For example, to take integral with a variable top limit. From the same heap: to grow thin, thin, just on 7 kg a week. Two months - and you as did not happen. And at us in Odessa and write in advertizing: loss of the weight of 100%. To become Paykraft! Well unless it is not tempting? Then to drive the plane it is not necessary to study - directly I will flit so to Anapa, in svezhekuplenny office!

However, recently damnations of the citizens tortured by spam, apparently, began to be embodied. Many spammers were affected by some awful disease very similar to paralysis mix with itch. Hands at them shiver, eyes are rolled up, and all letters double, treble. And, on the contrary, breaks off words on part in the most unexpected places I cannot imagine

what efficiency, for example, advertizing can have:

ylogggop ototot zzaa of a kakakaniye and vpravllllyayayu fefekttttyyyf of a ktion

For oddddin sssseanans

Popopstoyann to nnyyyymkliiyeenta the DISCOUNT

Here no wonder regular customer to become piece

of Lllleeechchchu Dididiplomi`s

of a rroooovanna

the Separate charm - offers to be enriched quickly in the way multi - the left marketing, selling the air spoiled by thirst of a profit in the form of the management how quickly to earn a lot of money . Thanks to these Ivanushkam - to little fools and careless Emelyam I now know, how quickly to be enriched : to sell to idiots council how quickly to be enriched . Has to work! Especially as sometimes they are not limited practical fast money for a web purse " came to me; and accompany it with the highly artistic description of the dolce vita, purchase of the island on Canary Islands, saunas on the Bahamas They change Mercedes in process of filling of ashtrays in it etc. but at the same time very much - very much ask to send them 5 or 10 dollars on this here vebkoshelechek.

Comes English-speaking spam even more. I know English extremely badly therefore I erase, without reading. Never write me in English! But all - out of the corner of the eye I manage to notice largely allocated 5 inchy - and to reflect. Really so - and on 5 inchy? Um However!

A separate small group several tens letters from relatives of great dead men lie. Generally from Africa. Sons, daughters, widows and nephews write Mobuta, Bokassa and him similar (top, diamond, a masterpiece among them the Pope`s WIDOW was unsurpassed! I rejoiced week). All these children of the lieutenant Schmidt in a mass order suffer from impossibility to have accumulation of the innocently murdered or unfairly expelled relatives which accounts were blocked by gadsky juntas and perfidious courtiers. All of them (children to Mobut, but not courtiers) like personally to me absolutely inexplicable trust and ask, literally beg to help them - only it is required to withdraw their millions from account. And for it they will unfasten to me friendly who 15 who 25 and who and 30% of not only a few millions of USD.

I was absolutely flocked in bank, well to me, it is a pity to help the suffering African brothers, perhaps? But then thought. Here at me already these letters accumulated pieces 30 (I do not delete them, and carefully I store in special to the daddy under the heading To Strangle ). It in bank you are not run in a month...

No, I still am better for a podsober. And then I descend - and once all money - that and I will remove. Also I will receive the percent. The sums there rather big, all in millions of these USD. I will put all denyuzhka to a heap, I will buy all this Africa and I will disconnect the Internet to devils dog there.