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How to clear an organism after holidays?

Ended holidays. The people stretched for work: sluggish, slowed down. Abnormally warm winter brought down our biorhythms; the soul demands snow, a frost, and they are absent; at this time also all exchange processes are slowed so down, and we still spent all vitamin stock made in the fall for neutralization of the toxins and slags formed in an organism from - for impetuous consumption of alcohol, greasy and spicy food.

The liver works with an overload, clearing our organism, and not always copes with the task. Pancreas on the verge hysterics processing fats and carbohydrates. Besides the organism is undermined by alcohol splitting products. And still, the Ministry of Health warns that the flu epidemic approaches. And flu - an artful disease which categorically is not recommended to be had standing. The virus has unpleasant feature selectively to strike a cardiac muscle.

It is necessary to help an organism, to get rid as soon as possible of toxins and slags and to increase immunity.

can Conditionally divide funds of clarification of an organism for three groups.

1. The substances absorbing toxins and slags and which are brought out of an organism in 24 - 48 hours.

2. The products promoting their removal and stimulating work of intestines.

3. Vitamins and vitaminno - mineral complexes.

treat the first group:

Absorbent carbon. Is on sale in drugstores. On 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight during the day, in 30 - 40 minutes prior to food. To accept 3 - 4 days. Not to be fond especially as can absorb some vitamins which remained and so a little.

The banker - B - the tablets made of vegetable cellulose, their action it is similar to effect of

absorbent carbon Blue clay. One tablespoon on a glass of water and after hashing to drink during the day.

Of course to accept not everything together, and at choice.

Second group the most extensive:

Vegetables. Cabbage (in any kind), beet, carrots are especially useful (in a look both salads, and juice. Mix from beet and carrot juice is especially useful). Pectins and cellulose which contain in them contribute to normalization of work of intestines, and mineral substances and vitamins fill up our exhausted stock.

Kashi. You do not look at them contemptuously. A large amount of cellulose, a peculiar mineral and vitamin structure, availability of amino acids, irreplaceable for an organism, does them by a valuable food product.

Porridge works as scraper on intestines walls, clearing them of slime and slags also possesses high nutritional value. It is a lot of calcium, iron, vitamins of group B, besides " Oat-flakes; has low caloric content.

In buckwheat - only to it inherent composition of amino acids, mineral substances, vitamins; it is recommended for dietary food to diabetics and to persons with a sore liver. The original recipe was offered by Barbara Brylska: boiled buckwheat mixes up with raisin 1:1, falls down pounded walnuts and pours down olive oil.

About porridges can be talked endlessly. Do not disdain. 150 - 200 grams at breakfast - you will render to an organism invaluable service. Any porridge is unique on the.

Green tea. Availability of powerful antioxidants, mineral substances, vitamins does it by useful drink.

Juice. Not store which, as a rule, contain preservatives sugar and are often diluted, and freshly cooked houses. Tangerine, orange.

Compote from dried fruits. Contains a large amount of mineral substances. The raisin and dried apricots from - for high content of potassium are especially useful, it ensures functioning of a cardiac muscle.

Fermented milk products. Biocurdled milk, bifidok, low-fat kefir, low-fat cottage cheese. Normalize intestinal microflora and contain a lot of calcium. Limit to

consumption of meat products. Meat only of low-fat grades and at least.

Refuse animal fats, it is more than vegetable.

Exclude the use of all marinades and smoked products.

Is more than seafood, fish of low-fat grades.

To reduce the increased level of cholesterol and to increase the resilience of an organism garlic helps. But not all love it from - for unpleasant a smell next day. And here simple means which helps to get rid of it. Five, six cloves are small pounded, added to a floor - milk liter, mix happens to boiling be (not to boiled), hour is drawn, filtered and drunk during the day. The same effect, but there is no unpleasant smell.

Vitamins. the Raised doses of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). 4 - 5 dragees three, four times a day after food. Products of disintegration of alcohol and " nicotine; devour it. It is possible to accept within a week.

Polyvitamins - usual Revit or it is better vitaminno - the mineral " complexes; Vitrum Komplevit etc. Try

. And in a week your organism as though will be born anew and, besides, you will be ready to meet a flu epidemic fully equipped.

Health to you, successfully to clear the organism and not to sneeze.