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As all life to live according to someone else`s passport of

This history happened in the mid-fifties. Stalin died, and to collective farmers allowed to receive passports.

Ivan Kozhukhov lived in the remote Arkhangelsk village, in thirty kilometers from the regional center. Ivan wanted to obtain the passport long ago. Not that he would wish to run away from the village. No, Ivan got used to the measured life. It worked as the groom in collective farm. But an opportunity to go to the city and to settle there, for example, the fireman, and maybe the carpenter on a remstroyuchastok, very much even attracted it. There was an early fall. Washed away the road, and to the city was not to make the way, but the case helped. The chairman of collective farm was called on partkhozaktiv, to sum up the intermediate results of harvesting. Though bring them or do not bring, one horse-radish that in collective farm was made, also consumed. Whether from - for the fact that roads were not, whether made less than nothing, to us it is not conducted. Long ago it was. The chairman ordered harness to Ivan the personal horse by nickname Borman, took three liters of self-race, to bank of salty saffron milk caps for an entertainment of members of an asset after meeting and they went in the morning to the regional center.

Hurried not strongly and in five hours were on a central square near the building of a district committee. The chairman, having taken gifts, went to fill up to the hall of meeting, and Ivan, having tied a horse to a fence, it went to studio to be photographed to the passport. Quailed a little. Suddenly it will not turn out. The girl - the photographer put him on a stool and turned on very bright light. Kozhkhov blinked and schuffled from surprise.

- the Man that you twitch as if the German near Stalingrad. Sit down directly and you look in a lens.

- Strict - Ivan solved. He, as well as all countrymen, was rather afraid of the administration. At this time the device clicked, flash sniffed. Ivan blinked and matyugnutsya very quietly.

- Everything, you will come in three days, - the girl turned off the light, - Following!

- In three days as I will not be able - Kozhukhov thought, but kept silent. Life taught him not to lean out.

By the evening, having shipped in the cart of the chairman of collective farm who by that moment was already removed for full disorder of work, Ivan stegnut a horse, - Pshel, Borman, as if to us not to run into wolves, - and they went home.

Neither in three days, nor in a month Ivan to the regional center did not escape. Absolutely carried the road, in collective farm there came the full anarchy. The new chairman was appointed, but he could not reach something in any way. The old chairman drank bitter. Ivan went every day to a stable, fed Borman, other horses in collective farm were not, and thought of the passport. Will receive it and, precisely, to the city with Nastya. Ivan loved Nastya, a little, that lived with her ten years.

struck Frosts only by the end of November. The road rose, and Ivan started to hurry to the regional center. Went on foot, reached in the same five hours.

- That on Borman that pekhodraly, one devil, - Ivan marveled. The familiar girl - the photographer in studio was not. The elderly woman sat in her place and chilly muffled up in a scarf. Indoors was not topleno. Kozhukhov stretched to the woman the receipt.

- You would come still later. Fashion orders took not to take away Eko for two months. Go look for itself the physiognomy.

Ivan rummaged in a box with the inscription The Photo on the passport but did not find himself. Trying not to annoy the acceptance inspector, shy told: - Seem to

, I did not turn out. To see, the muzzle wide, did not get into a photograph.

the Woman approached and looked itself, verifying each photo with the original: there is no

- Yes, you, the man. It seems that someone filched. What will we do?

- is more visible to you, you city, - Ivan got a tobacco pouch and began to twist a roll-up.

- You to me smoke still here, - the acceptance inspector reflected. You know that. I have photos unclaimed. You choose any what is pleasant.

- You that, the aunt, sduret. How I will put others muzzle in the passport?

- And differently you at all in the passport will deliver nothing to yourself. And you will be all life in collective farm of - but to knead.

Ivan reflected. The woman on the one hand was right. When to the regional center you are chosen, and the passport was necessary right now. On the other hand - it is scared.

- And was was, - give the photos.

- On, choose any. Only not female. The female photo to you will definitely not be pasted.

Ivan touched photos and chose the man in a suit and in a tie. Ivan never before had no tie, - Nastena will be surprised.

- On, the aunt, look. It is it seems similar.

- Is similar, similar. Give take away and be swept out. I will be closed. It is time to milk a cow.

In a passport office did not even look at Ivan. Took away photos, the application written from dictation and ordered to come in an hour. It was the most terrible hour in Ivan Kozhukhov`s life. He, suddenly, realized that he for the first time went against the state, against the first-ever state of workers and peasants.

- Execution, will not award less. It is a pity for Nastya, kids. The fool I is the last!

But in an hour, having entered a passport office, Ivan with amazement saw how the woman in the uniform of the militia lieutenant stretched to it treasured darkly - a green book.

- B - d, and here a mess, - was delighted Ivan and a fast, fast pace went towards the native village.


The next morning the neighbor, Sashka Okulichev was.

- Well, Wan, show the document official.

Ivan got into the top box of a dresser and got the passport:

- On, Sashok, envy.

- the Beautiful diploma. Only the muzzle in a tie something on you, Wan, is not similar at all?

- So, the neighbor, is necessary. Bodies pasted, means so to our state it is necessary.

- Yes. At us that bodies will not stick, all on advantage. No, the truth, the neighbor that for history such. Ivan take

and tell it everything as was. Sashka attentively listened:

- the Wife - that knows?

- And that. Still vcheras showed. Says that on the passport I am much more nice.

- the Silly woman. Does not understand that will take you soon under ruchenk and " are white; on the tundra, by rail

- will not take.

is why.

- Therefore, the neighbor that any more I will show this passport to nobody. And you be silent.

- I that. I am a grave. On the other hand, your father, Vasily Makarovich, a kingdom to him heavenly, in general had no passport. You have, but defective. And your children, God grant, will receive normal when they grow up. It, Ivan - the dialectician. The science is such. Here, the other day, I went to board to the godfather to the city to call. He when stayed in the summer, the phone left. Some man answers me. I feel on a voice, drunk. I speak, you to me the godfather, Pyotr Sergeyevich Kuzmenkov, call. And it, is not present it here. I as so is not present! It rested: there is no all also here, speaks, the pier checked all lists. I say what, on horse-radish, lists, the godfather give. And he maliciously so answers: The fool, tell thank you that your godfather is not here. You got to a morgue city.

Ivan laughed. Nastya approached:

- Vanechka, I ban we will heat, Ali as?

- we Will be, Nastena, we will be. Now I will come, I will help. Only I ponataskat holodenka. Itself I ban not skutyvay today, and that we will get poisoned by fumes as last time.

Sashka enviously clicked language, looking after the leaving Nastya:

- Is lucky you, the neighbor, snatched such woman. Here I in war was in Germany, so there men to the women one day a week appoint, for example, Tuesday. And we have an expanse!

From a neighbour`s kitchen garden began to wail Sashkina a half:

- Where was gone, the tyrant damned. Who cattle will feed! Will pour a glazishch since morning!

- I Go, I go, the power-saw bench smashed, - the neighbor quickly disappeared.

Ivan left to the yard, sat down on a zavalinka, twisted a roll-up, with pleasure dragged on. Morning was gloomy, snow quietly fell, but the sun from - for cloudlets suddenly looked out. Having smoked, Ivan rose and went to help the wife to heat a bath. Went and thought over words of the neighbor:

- Is necessary, in Germany, only on Tuesdays. Here, capitalists damned, do not allow people to live normally


Further life went the turn. Somehow imperceptibly children grew up. The senior - Nikolay went to study in the Leningrad morekhodka as the navigator. Then, having fulfilled the young specialist on Belomorsky base of state fishing, moved to Murmansk. Settled there on icebreaking fleet. Went at first on Lenin then got over on Arctic . Served to the senior assistant to the captain.

the Daughter, Varvara, did not stay at home too. It was learned in Arkhangelsk on the teacher, there and remained to work. Ivan all the life and lived in the village. Even to the regional center nevermore was chosen. It hid the passport in a secret box of a dresser and, having kept the promise, showed it to nobody more. And itself did not look. Having retired, Ivan built a small workshop on an attic. Spun from birch bark bast shoes, a tuyes for visiting tourists (The North those years was fashionable). That and veins. Nastya first tried to persuade the husband to go at least to children, but then waved a hand, having reconciled from him as she considered, eccentricities. So together with Ivan imperceptibly also grew old. Children came every year on a visit, pleasing old men with the progress. Brought grandsons for the summer.

Ivan Kozhukhov lived till 82 years. He died in the summer, in stuffy June night at himself in a workshop. Died quietly and imperceptibly, without tormenting with diseases the grandmother Nastya. All children and grandsons had a rest at this time in the village so nobody telegrams had to be called. Ivan was buried near church, in the good place under a birch. On a cemetery almost nobody cried. All understood that to the grandfather time as it will come to any of them sooner or later came. Then, on commemoration, having seen off with an entertainment of the men digging a grave, having tried a kolivo, having drunk without clinking glasses on several glasses of vodka and having remembered about hard life of the grandfather of Ivan, slowly passed to everyday subjects. Who what is ill, expectation of a good harvest and school progress of children concerned the audience at a table. The grandmother Nastya very quietly rose and left to the room. Having crossed, opened a dresser, found a secret box of the grandfather about which knew, but never in it looked, and got the passport. Having dusted and a web, it opened it and began to cry. On Nastya from the photo it is guilty Ivan young still looked, and, appear, apologized for something.