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How to behave on the road with the inspector of traffic police?

Ordinary situation. You go on the affairs, in salon the gentle music and suddenly - the ukazuyushchy gesture of the GAI officer breaking a peace current of time and demanding fast reciprocal actions plays.

Each skilled driver has the, developed over time methods of fight against inspectors of road service. This article is suitable for the beginning motorists or if on - simple, for " more; teapots .

The first appointment to the inspector of traffic police for you can be comparable on the experienced emotions with the first marriage night. The hands getting the driver`s license from a pocket foully shiver, the person becomes covered by unhealthy spots, language is necessarily braided. You are ready to give all cash if only you were released.

Calm down. The inspector too the person and on communication with you he already took away at most two minutes. If, of course, does not find in these minutes of an occasion to carp and prolong communication for indefinite time and for the uncertain a sum more. Deliver to

yourself on its place. He was tired from a never-ending steam of cars to death, he is forever poisoned with exhaust gases, it has a big family and a small salary. Presented? And here you, God forbid on expensive foreign car, with the sign teapot on back glass and with numbers not of its region.

Yes, you yet broke nothing. All documents as it should be, the belt is fastened, speed at the time of contact with the inspector did not exceed the speed of the thoughtful Estonian pedestrian. And, nevertheless, you are already initially guilty.

So before beginning communication with you, the inspector within several seconds estimates the following parameters: car type, region of a registration, sex of the driver, his nationality, age, appearance. Generally, your solvency and the steepness is defined.

Then, these parameters correspond to internal parameters of the inspector. It: the number of the protocols completed since morning, existence of the money earned already, the requirement of the wife about purchase by the evening to the child of a fur coat and many other things.

Thus, you still unfasten a belt, and the inspector already made the preliminary decision on degree of your fault and the size of a penalty.

Your task - to change its decision in own favor. It is quite difficult, but it is possible. The most important - to come into fast visual contact with the inspector. You quietly release glass (we do not go out of the car at all) and, stretching the driver`s license, surely greet. We look to the inspector in the face and we smile. Only not an idiotic, servile grin, and Belmondo`s smile from the movie Professional .

The inspector is already puzzled with quiet behavior teapot also begins to doubt in originally accepted decision on punishment. But, nevertheless he continues to pile on the agony and now will begin to demand an insurance, checkup, the fire extinguisher and a lot what he can demand. Therefore we advance events and we tell:

- The insurance is, checkup is taken place, the first-aid kit - FEST, the fire extinguisher new, the driver sober.

If you are autoladies, add couple of steps to the inspector`s rank. Still any lieutenant did not take offense if his beautiful lady called the captain or even the major. If you do not understand ranks - use a combination companion colonel .

Nevertheless, the inspector does not lag behind and demands to open a luggage carrier. Here it is a high time to show sympathy for its hard work, to call all other drivers the morons rushing unclear where and on, only thought up by it, to rules. If some holiday is ahead planned, surely we congratulate. It is quite good to tell a fresh joke, type: new Russian overtakes a skating rink or " Zaporozhets; beats Mercedes .

99 percent that you are let go in peace. But! Occur among inspectors freezed at all. Only money acts on such.

councils stop because this text leaves a legal framework, and writing Further the article As it is correct to bribe the inspector of traffic police the author does not intend yet.

Happy journey and good luck on roads!