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As the brightest memoirs in life of any person to become connected by the woman of

, as a rule, with extreme events. The jump from a three-meter tower of the pool in the fifth class is remembered much more brightly than ten years of family life. The emergency landing of the plane on which you fly to the Krasnodar resort, is retold for the rest of the natural to all relatives and acquaintances who were already finally stunned by this history. The episode with attack of hooligans on the dark street and successful escape from them in several years turns into the epos about fight with bandits, their detention and transfer to hands, as always late, to representatives of law enforcement bodies.

My life full of adventures and dangers ended after dismissal from army. Ten years of military operations in the Caucasus as a part of special troops of GRU, hundreds of the killed and taken prisoner spirits infinite transitions in mountains, ambushes, extensions - all in the past.

Ya, Sergey Ugarov, thirty four years, the major in resignation I begin to conduct boring civil life. Ahead, you want - you do not want, a wedding. Then children, a garden - a kitchen garden, clogging goat in the yard with neighbors and the guaranteed place on the Troyekurovsky cemetery. Fie!

I perfectly knew, than I above all did not want to be engaged. To me, the person able to shoot from all types of weapon, to jump with a parachute at any time and in any weather got used to kill and always ready to be the killed, there was no wish to work. To work on uncle . To go, by an example of colleagues, to protect the different swine who grew rich to impropriety, so far we broke spirits in the Caucasus there was no desire. The moral principles, honor of the Russian officer and mother`s education did not allow to find a job on other side of barricades to bandits in an organized criminal group. Though called, there was a business. To work as the loader in shop or the helper at building? It is possible, of course. But only, at a pinch so, as on beer will not remain.

is shorter, I decided to go to business. To earn a lot of money and for Canary Islands - a paunch to heat on the beach. For business it is necessary reverse . My military pension of three thousand rubles was obvious insufficiently. The state, however, presented with the small one-room apartment on the suburb of the capital. Therefore, it is solved. I put the apartment in bank, I take the credit, I open business.

The campaign on capital banks drove me to despair. It appears, my apartment did not interest them in principle. It was necessary to ring round all friends and acquaintances and, about a miracle, it was lucky. The old schoolmate Gosha, Georgy Viktorovich Petushkov helped out. Gave fifteen thousand dollars for a year. And without percent, than pleasantly surprised. Such unselfishness practically does not meet presently. All my relatives and acquaintances already fell out because of money. Someone took from someone, did not give and, rushed! Reached a fight. It all gathered on holidays or just like that earlier and songs sang. And now, one word, capitalism. It be wrong.

is shorter, I took these fifteen thousand and enclosed in one business. In what, I will not tell. It is a shame. There, in mountains, in the Caucasus, we are specialists. And here, in the city, in this capitalist jungle, puppies snotty. Generally, threw me. I in court, in militia. There explain, all supposedly by rules of present life. Signed contracts? Signed. Set the seal? Put. Wipe snivels and bring down from here. I to bandits. Those laugh, did not go to us when called, now itself get out. Pancake - compote full.

It was necessary to go to Petushkov from guilty. So supposedly and so, Georgy Viktorovich, is not present money, on you flat keys, I went back to the Caucasus spirits to wet. Georgy, the person serious, the head of the department of any there superconfidential institute, did not take keys.

- I, - says, - and so knew that you will not give money to me. Business to you is important. I at our institute those ten years so far you on the mountains ran, experiment put one. At first was naked the theory, then made skilled installation. Tomorrow trial start-up. You want, I will write off a debt completely?

- Of course, I want. What do I have to do?

- to me needs the volunteer. Three sessions for two minutes. Every minute you earn two and a half thousand dollars. Goes.

- Goes. And what that should be done-? Gosha began to explain

. I to tell honestly, a little, that I understood. Many clever terms it on me poured out. Quasiresettlement, power libido, adrenalinic attack, supertunnel effect and other scientific nonsense. I will try to tell by the own words so that both you understood, and I understood better.

Each person in our world possesses own power field. At someone it big, at someone is less. But at the time of the highest tension when, for example, it is necessary to go in to the attack under the opponent`s machine guns, there is a huge emission of adrenaline in blood and the power field of the person increases in hundreds, and even in thousands of times. Petushkov also constructed the device capable to measure this energy. But it only beginning. Further continuous miracles begin. It appears, at the Soviet power confidential researches about resettlement of soul of the person in other body were conducted. Children from the Politburo tried to return themselves youth. Then nothing left this invention. Cockerels, having lifted old developments, made discovery that resettlement of souls, or the exchange of bodies, is possible. But only at the time of peak excitement of the power field of the person. Did not understand? I explain further.

The device created by Petushkov scans space in a radius about one kilometer. If he finds peak emission of the power field of the person, the mechanism on transfer of soul or if you want, to an exchange of bodies right there turns on. Difficulty was in what was absolutely unclear to whom there will be an exchange. Therefore Petushkov also wanted to make experiment on me. Preparation in special troops of GRU allowed to hope that I will get out of any situations. Or almost any.

Risk, of course, was looked through, but it is no more, than in Chechnya. Well, I agreed. Signed some papers, called the familiar girl Katya. Next day, having put on fresh linen, came to institute and it was given in a charge of Petushkov`s assistant to Svetlana Ivanovna. To the lady advanced in years and with character.

I lay on a table, absolutely naked, shrouded in a set of wires. Svetlana Ivanovna, rapaciously smiling, pricked to me in a hand sleeping pill. Gosha explained that sleeping pill is necessary in order that the person who will appear in my skin slept during experiment and remembered nothing.

- Is a pity that I am the non-believer. Now though said a prayer, - having delivered this farewell speech, I failed in a chasm.

what now I will tell you actually took only several seconds.

Ya drove the smart new jeep. And the jeep moved with a speed about hundred fifty kilometers per hour. And not just moved, and overtook KAMAZ with the trailer. In total nothing, but met halfway just the same KAMAZ . Usual reaction of the driver in such situation to go to a ditch, trying to avoid a head-on collision. I having estimated roadbed width, decided to risk. Included the right turn, headlights and flew by between trucks. Lost only both rear-view mirrors. Stopped at a roadside, looked round. Near me sat, having widely opened a mouth, the beautiful young woman. On back sitting two boys of years on five settled down. On the road from the stopped trucks men with mounts ran. by

- Darling - was necessary to shake the woman a little. - Tell, be kind what driver`s experience at me.

- Three months, - the woman, at last regained consciousness.

- Remind me then that I went more carefully. Well.

Having had a look for hours, I understood that until the end of the first experiment there were half-minute. It was possible still to manage to get away from men with mounts.

Having returned to laboratory, I in detail told everything to Gosha.

- There now. You already worked the first five thousand. Let`s continue or will postpone experiment till tomorrow? there is no

-. Give at once. - Give

. Svetlana Ivanovna, prick.

This time I had time to orient. I was approximately at the height of one thousand meters. The main parachute dangled as a rag. Possibly, Goshina installation caught the peak tension of some beginning paratrooper from aero club. Here at me problems should not have arisen. I more than once got into such situations. However, there was one circumstance which prevented to concentrate, but about it later.

I Unfasten the main parachute, I pull a ring spare, and here on the earth. Sprained a leg only a little. I lie, I think that further. And to me already run:

- the Marine, Marina, - shout.

Here I again in laboratory came to be. Reported, all as is. Only that two minutes the woman visited did not begin to tell. Will carry still then everywhere, a shame you will not be gathered.

Recovered the breath a little, descended with Svetlana Ivanovna in institute buffet, has a bite. The assistant in buffet (specially perhaps?) told that Petushkov, having borrowed me money, then and took away them through familiar businessmen. But you will not sew the word to business. Went for the third, last experiment. Everything is already habitual. Sleeping pill, motor, shooting.

sometime arrested you handcuffs to the battery? Terrible show. If, besides, faces a gun barrel Well, there was no place to disappear. Opposite to me three mobsters of obviously non Slavic nationality settled down. One showed the ability in the oral account. And considered, for some reason, in the opposite direction:

- Five, four, three, two, one.

of the Zero! I even saw how the bullet leaves a barrel of the gun and thoughtfully flies to me directly to a forehead. In total. I died.

The consciousness came back breakthroughs. I again failed in the black tunnel, again met Petushkov and Svetlana Ivanovna`s alarmed persons. At last, effort of will forced itself to regain consciousness.

- Well, here and nicely, - Georgy Viktorovich wiped sweat from a forehead. - And we thought that you were lost. Give, tell as as.

- Go you with the experiments where far away, - I tried to rise. - Svetlana Ivanovna, in a throat absolutely dried up!

the Assistant, having knowingly nodded, stretched a half-glass of undiluted alcohol. Petushkov, having realized that it is better not to touch me yet, stepped aside and sat down on a chair in a corner of laboratory. Alcohol made the business very quickly. Even the old schoolmate became not so nasty.

- Killed me. Gangster dismantling. Gun TT . The swine you, Petushkov, all-.

- Itself I know! - Gosha jumped from a chair and ran on laboratory. - You, Serega, proved now that experiment is safe for the examinee. You represent what business can be developed! I wanted to give

to Petushkov in a muzzle, but the pulled hard wild fatigue did not allow to make it.

- So, Svetlana Ivanovna, - Petushkov approached the stand. - Experiment will be immediately continued. I want to understand what occurs There. Tomorrow I will collect an academic council and I will give the report. All scientific world will kneel before me. I will become rich, very rich!

Gosha quickly undressed, itself fastened on himself electrodes, itself put the timer, and, for ten minutes, itself entered sleeping pill.

- Everything, Svetlana Ivanovna, include installation, - Petushkov fell asleep. The blissful smile set in on his face.

to me was interesting to watch experiment from laboratory. At first nothing occurred. Installation quietly hooted, something clicked. As all alarm bulbs suddenly lit up. The arrow of the device showing level peak tension suddenly shot up up and jumped in a red zone. There was something extraordinary. Svetlana Ivanovna in horror looked at indications of devices.

- That that happened? - it was necessary to shake a little the assistant and to bring her round.

- Yet I do not know. According to indications it is clear that the source of radiation is somewhere nearby. Literally in ten meters from us. And it so powerful that installation works at full capacity. - Svetlana Ivanovna got a cigarette from a pack and tried to light. - Let think.

Ya stretched it a lighter.

- Think quicker. What is in ten meters from us?

- the Director`s office, - Svetlana Ivanovna nervously several times dragged on. - Postoyte, postoyta. How many now time?

- the Seventh hour

- Oh, My God. Really it No, no, cannot be! - Listen to

that cannot be. Get it together, at last.

- It is Lyubochka!

- What, to hell, Lyubochka!

- the Secretary of our director. Every day after work at six o`clock it causes it in the office for summing up day. Really, really now there, in a director`s office, Georgy Viktorovich instead of Lyubochka Nightmare!

Ya understood everything. The power field of the person increases not only at the moment of danger, but also at the moment of pleasure. Our installation was adjusted on a wave of the secretary Lyubochka during her stay on a sofa in a director`s office and, according to the program, moved Gosha Petushkov`s soul in her body. It was the first case in the history of mankind when the man could understand that the woman at the time of a coition feels.

Gosha still was lucky that he did not get to maternity hospital - I thought.

Svetlana Ivanovna splashed in a glass alcohol and, having sharply exhaled, drank.

- And I, in own way, loved it.

- be not upset, dear Svetlana Ivanovna. It will return, he will surely return and will tell about the feelings.

- Yes, yes. You are right, Seryozha. It is so interesting to learn, at last, what is it!

Poor old maid - I thought. It was time to gather home. Rose, put on a raincoat. And here my look fell to the timer. Georgy Viktorovich as Lyubochka needed to stay absolutely slightly - slightly. I thought a little, waited for the moment when Svetlana Ivanovna turns away, and added on the timer ten more minutes.