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How do business on mercy?

Life are always the movement. We often plan the free time as working is planned in advance. Everything at us goes as on a knurled strip, but there are things which set us thinking. And there is either a sympathy, or indignation. (It is too mysterious - I. G.)

We hurry for work, thinking only of one - as if not to get into a stopper and not to be late. In the subway we are shipped in the thoughts. Someone loses in thoughts the forthcoming day, someone considers what was the day before, someone just dozes, someone reads. And, it seems, nobody does not care about others.

But very often monotonous knock of wheels and a rustle of newspapers the hysterical speech, apparently, breaks the casual passenger. People are kind, help, give who, how many can. I . And it is not accident, very many beg now. In the subway such business prospers for a long time. Business because people do not ask a handout, they so earn money. Contingent such unfortunate the most various: soldiers on wheelchairs, old women, mummies with children, children. Yes, these people, without doubt shadow, cause sympathy and donations. If not one but .

The scenario of actions of such unfortunate coincides to trifles, apart from some nuances. In - the first, a sob-story: if soldier, then Chechnya, fighting wounds and deadly smell of the reek of alcohol; if the old woman, then loneliness, and everything acquired somewhere disappeared, too sometimes does not do without the reek of alcohol; if mummy, then arrived to Moscow, the husband was hospitalized, money for the return ticket, and so at it is necessary every day. And as for nuances, unfortunate never the territory, the time, usually it " come into one car together, here at everyone; rush hour .

It is clear, that many people do not pay any attention to it and if is what, then surely will help. It is difficult to refuse when the young mother bears on hands of the sleeping kid who whether was tired of such work, whether just does not want to see all this because there are too much wild impressions for a children`s heart. Also there is a wish to give to this mother all money that she though for some time refused to herself it pleasure and the kid did not get used from the infancy to such occupation. Each child has the right for the childhood, but not to carriage wanderings. But it is impossible to give everything, there is the family and such nobody will estimate the victims, tomorrow it and the kid will come to work again. The same can be told also about soldiers - the disabled people mutilated with whether war, whether alcohol; the old women betrayed by the own children. All this is sick, it is a pity for all of them.

But sometimes it becomes terrible when these people with the waiting persistence pass in eyes on the car. And as they quickly become aggressive when nobody hurries to give alms

I Once itself became the involuntary participant of very dramatic situation. The soldier - the disabled person, passing on the car in search of donations, peers at eyes of passengers: someone generously gives chervonets, someone gives nothing. And here from crowd the old woman gave a hand and poured out to it in a palm a trifle. He started back from it as from plague, having thrown with neglect of a coin into a pocket, and still very long muttered something about himself. People around were shocked, all exchanged glances with each other, without knowing how to behave. And here the young guy did not sustain, he spat to him following, in the same way as that kicked in the teeth to the old woman. After such case you look at all asking also you think: - How much is your work?

A mercy now not in the price