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As the glass of wine can change the course of the world history

" Wine; Mirabelle plums appeared in shops of Paris in September, 1875. Appeared and appeared, you never know the fault is on sale in the French capital. Mirabelle plums modestly became dusty on counters until in Sand there was no article of the famous taster Charles Cavour About the nature of things . Monsieur Kavur in the article told the readers about a surprising case who happened to it at the known restaurant

Maxims directly on a workplace during tasting of new party of wines. Having tasted Madeira of a harvest of the seventy third year and, as usual, having admired its unusual taste, the taster paid attention to a bottle of wine unknown to it. Monsieur Kavur honestly admits that the first desire was to pour out, without trying, this wine in a bucket as there was a full confidence that it is

preotvratitelny. But high professionalism got the best and the taster, having opened a bottle, took several small sips. Further events are described quite chaotically.

Monsieur Kavur felt improbable ease in a body and slight dizziness. Suddenly it was attacked by strange desire to sing, and he started singing. The marvelous tenor reaching from kitchen of restaurant drew attention of personnel and visitors. Having finished the aria of the Duke and having taken finally top la monsieur Kavur heard a storm of an applause and shouts Bravo and even Bravissimo . So the famous taster found new talent. Found thanks to unknown wine.

Monsieur Kavur, having come home, decided to experience effect of wine on the wife, the woman deprived of some abilities in general except for talent to give birth in a large number of children. Having offered the spouse a glass Mirabelle plums the taster expected that at the wife the marvelous soprano will be cut through, but wine worked otherwise. Monsieur Kavur`s spouse suddenly attacked on him and seized the taster directly in a drawing room in the face of the amazed servants.

Is probable, wine awakens the hidden talents of the person, monsieur Kavur drew a conclusion and continued the experiments. Wine was offered to be tasted to all friends and acquaintances. At three people no effect except easy intoxication was noticed. The director of bank monsieur de Bussi, after the first drink grabbed a feather, a sheet of paper and wrote strange verses. Madam Lyamur, the forty-five-year-old matron, mother of three children stretched out and after attempt to make a somersault - to the mortala got to hospital. The owner of a casino Victor Roget directly on a napkin provided the proof of the theorem of Fermat in restaurant. The famous jockey Andre made the delightful copy of a picture of Rembrandt Last Supper right there sold at auction for hundred thousand francs. Unfortunately, influence of wine had also negative consequences. So the Minister of Justice of France, having tried Mirabelle plums behind a little table of " restaurant; Maxims right there removed expensive Swiss watch from the headwaiter and, already leaving, carried away with itself tableware.

Article in the newspaper had effect of the become torn bomb. All rushed in shops to buy wonderful wine, and by the evening its stocks were settled. Meticulous journalists Sand made own investigation, and here that became clear. Wine was made in the current year on the southern coast of the country near the town of Cannes small and unknown to anybody in Saint`s small village - Germaine from

of grapes of a grade Mirabelle plums . Residents of the village did not test any effect of influence of wine, it is probable because were accustomed to dilute it with water.

The next year the huge number of the people gathered for harvesting in Saint - Jermain and it is difficult to describe that huge disappointment of crowd when it became clear that except taste pleasant in every respect, wine has no more any advantages. Possibly, activity of the sun was insufficient or rainfall more norm dropped out. Anyway, this history was gradually forgotten and was forced out from pages of the press by other, not less sensational news, somehow: appearance of the yeti in suburbs of Paris or the birth of absolutely black child the countess de Mompen. But the history forgotten in France received unexpected continuation in several years in a small country town of Russia.

*** with

Ilya Nikolaevich, having wrapped up in a beaver fur coat and so that only the beard outside stuck out, came back home from a trip to St. Petersburg. The coachman dashingly drove the fresh three of horses taken on the last stage. To the city there was an hour, one and a half to summer. Runners creaked on the fresh, only dropped-out snow, the mood was fine. Only the day before yesterday Ilya Nikolaevich received from hands of the director of the department of education Vladimir the third degree for a faithful service I reign also to the fatherland. Ahead the cozy house, the faithful wife and children waited. At thought of children, Ilya Nikolaevich`s mood sharply changed. Offsprings obviously disappointed him and the spouse. Lack of any abilities, unwillingness to study and the resistant resistance to parental will. And it at children of the inspector on all schools of the city! Truly, the shoemaker`s wife is the worst shod.

Ilya Nikolaevich used already all methods: beat, persuaded, threatened to give to a shelter - nothing helped. There was a last resort. It, this means was based in the inspector`s sac, carefully wrapped up in a warm knitted jacket now... Having received

Vladimir Ilya Nikolaevich decided to note an award in Slavic market in a circle of old university friends. Boozed on large. Already sang the Gipsy chorus: Arrived To us, arrived to us... Already at a table some unfamiliar young ladies as the councilor of state Vladimir Ivanovich Balashov appeared told a strange story about the adventures in Paris from which it came back recently. Vladimir Ivanovich, as well as thousands of Parisians read article of monsieur Kavur in the " newspaper; Sand and immediately rushed in the nearest little shop. He was inexpressibly lucky - the whole box of " wine; Mirabelle plums it was succeeded to buy before the crowd of frantsuzik swept away it away from a counter. Fairly rumpled, but inexpressibly happy Balashov, shipped wine in a droshky and went roundabout tracks to

hotel. There, zapershis in number, it made tasting and right there nakropat the philosophical treatise: As to us to equip to Rossiy . In this work he suggested to give the earth to peasants, to resolve freedom of speech and to cancel the pale of settlement.

the Treatise was right there published in Taymz and Balashov gained wide fame in all liberal circles. Even Alexander the second caused it on arrival for secret audience.

Ilya Nikolaevich understood at once that he wonderful wine - the only means for manual of the children on the way true and elicited a small bottle. And here it which is wrapped up in a jacket lay in a sac at the inspector.

- to Tpr at to stand darling, - the coachman pulled reins and stopped horses near the house of the inspector, - arrived, your Nobleness!

Ilya Nikolaevich groaning crept out of a tilt cart and looked back. The bright sun hit into snow and roofs of houses. From kitchen pulled Russian cabbage soup from sourcrout.

- Beauty not that in the capital, - having out of place remembered blue-eyed Lily from Slavic market Ilya Nikolaevich hurried on the report to the spouse.

After a lunch, having got fat, the schools inspector comfortably settled down near a fireplace, smoking a tubule of the Dutch tobacco. Having remembered about wine, he decided to begin experiment with the eldest son running at this moment through a drawing room.

- Alexander, be kind, approach me. to

- I Listen, the father.

- I was tired of your feebleness. But, just from Paris, specially, you understand, especially for you brought wonderful medicine. You will accept it on a tablespoon under my supervision every day. You will become the strongest and clever at school. If medicine works, we will give it and to other children. You understood everything, Sasha.

- Of course, the father, - the eldest son answered, rejoicing that today there will be no long notations, - let me accept and I will run on the street.

Ilya Nikolaevich got a small bottle of treasured wine, unpacked it and allowed to try to the son. Nothing occurred. Alexander having drunk, escaped to play snowballs with friends.

- to It already, probably, nothing will help, the inspector sadly sighed and cleaned a bottle in buffet. The inspector did not notice that the younger son attentively watched all this action and went to have a rest to the office.

*** Cannot tell

that the younger sonny of Ilya Nikolaevich Vladimir was absolutely untalented boy. By ten years Volodya was able to read and even played music under supervision of mother. But in a gymnasium its situation was terrifying.

Schoolmates constantly scoffed at Vova, teased its lop-eared and constantly bloodsuckers on a forehead put. Especially the son of the director of a gymnasium Fedor Mikhaylovich Sasha differed. That did not give pass to Volodya at all, enclosed buttons on his school desk and when the teacher turned away to a board, gave to it healthy shchelban.

- Well, very painfully, - rubbed a forehead Volodya, attentively watching in a keyhole manipulations of the father and listening attentively to his conversation with the eldest son. Having waited for

until it from an office begins the silent posapyvaniye slowly passing into snore reaches, Vladimir crept in a drawing room, got a small bottle of wine from buffet and took several gulps.

- Well, you keep now, - he thought about the offenders, - now I will revenge all. Not to get, Volodya poured in a water bottle from a decanter and put wine back. As though nothing was.

entered a drawing room mother. She opened a cover of a piano and played the darling Moonlight Sonata . Volodya approached it and attentively listened.

- That to you, the sonny? - having stopped playing, Maria Aleksandrovna asked.

- Mother, and you saw the tsar?

- Saw once.

- And what it.

- Very big and very kind.

- Well, well, - Volodya was developed and ran to play snowballs with children.

the Sun already left for a big snow cloud. The blizzard approached silent provincial Simbirsk


- Volodenka, put on a scarf, - Maria Aleksandrovna cried out after the son.

- is good, I will surely put on, - Volodya answered. He very much loved mother.