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How to repair the road in the village of

On the suburb of the village of Botalovo situated near Moscow, directly on the road, the hole appeared. However, the hole was here always, and nobody paid to this fact which is crying out for the civilized person any attention. You never know holes in Russia. Nobody considered. Though, out of mere human curiosity, it would be quite good to learn how many them at us on roads. Million, and maybe are more. Well it is fine why to us the nobility about all holes. We are interested only one, that that on the suburb of a small village of Botalovo, exactly opposite to Stepan Ivanovich Trofimov`s house, forty five years, the aboriginal, one may say, of the native and, by the way, almost teetotal that for those places as you understand, an unusual occurrence.

you ask, why the hell to you the nobility about some hollow in some Godforsaken village? Hold your horses. This history can both concerns you, and you recognize yourself in one of her heroes.

Everything began with the fact that Stepan Trofimov, having left the house on business early in the morning, slipped. He lay directly across the road in rural dirt and thought about the unlucky life. It is valid, it is not enough to it problems, so also to manage to begin day so on - beastly!

Stepan rose, got a tractor and went to a pit behind crushed stone. He forgot about all the urgent matters and decided to fill up, at last, the hole disturbing it and many other people on the road. Also after that life if the good deed will make can be adjusted?

In career Stepan agreed with the excavator operator and that for a bottle filled to it a kind portion of future paving. In total for a bottle because Stepan is not the summer resident some from the neighboring settlement, and the native and the excavator operator Kolya the brother-in-law are necessary it. From the summer resident Kohl would slupit not less than one thousand, and even two. If the master, of course, does not notice. If the master notices, then calculation will pass into dollars at once and Nikolay will receive the same bottle, but already from the master. And so our life is arranged.

In a word, Stepan brought the crushed stone cart to the house and was already was going to pour out it in a hole, hated since morning, as Lech`s neighbor approached it and stopped process. - Cost

, - shouts, - the idea at me was born ingenious. Stepan perfectly knew

what ideas at Leahy can arise from a morning hangover therefore answered it as follows:

- Eprst. Lech`s

did not take offense, approached a tractor, pulled down Stepan for a sleeve on the earth and, breathing the yesterday`s reek of alcohol, told:

- Ivanych, me a dream was today about our hole.

- Che, - was surprised Stepan.

- the Dream, I speak, to me was. I know how money we with you can earn from it. Big money, five hundred, and even eight.

- Well and how?

- Unhook, on horse-radish the cart. Went to a pumping station.

Stepan and Lech, having changed the cart for a polutoratonny barrel, filled in it on a collective-farm pumping station up to a mouth and drove up to a hole again.

- further that, - Stepan already began to regret that he contacted the neighbor.

- And here that, - Lech was dexterously connected to a barrel by a hose and opened the crane. Water rushed in a hole.

- You what, the pike son you do? - Stepan tried to drag to Lech. But that was not given.

- Not drift, the village, you will see all now. I speak, the dream to me was.

So far neighbors swore, the hole was filled to the brim and turned into the small lake.

Stepan and Lech sat down on its coast and lit.

- You give, tell what conceived, - Stepan did not sustain.

- And look, the first already seemed.

From - for turn crept out the big silvery jeep. There was a Friday and after a lunch through Botalovo to the cottage settlement began summer residents made the way. Earlier they went to a detour, but since Monday on that road began to repair the bridge through the small river to Vorozhk. Lech also guessed that summer residents have one road now, and to pass their hole there is no opportunity. Fences, trees and a bog near the village will not allow to go round.

the Jeep indecisively stood ashore and humming slipped in water. Long slipped, but was chosen also happy dashed away away.

is the Devil, did not leave, - Lech from disappointment set the neighbor in a back, - Went to a pumping station again.

- is not a pity, we go, - Stepan picked up a barrel again and got a tractor. the hole reminded

In half an hour the small sea, only - only not reached Stepan`s house. Lech for fidelity sat down on a tractor and several times passed on a hole, having made movement on it to other means of transport absolutely unreal.

- Well, a teperyacha, we will have a look who whom?

- Lech, and, maybe, we in vain started all this. People, all - to have a rest go.

- You, blya, saw on what they cars a rod. And your MTZ which is written off and rubber bald. Here tell where they money took on such dachas and foreign cars? And I will answer you. Filched at the state of workers and peasants, that is at us. So do not find fault will share. Here the second seemed. If only without winch was. Look, will precisely sit down on bridges.

In a few minutes in the middle of a hole stood the small parquet SUV with the decayed engine.

- Is a catch, - Lech rubbed hands enough and lit. - Now will come running.

leaned out Of the jeep the driver, the young guy of years of twenty.

- Little men, it is advisable to pull.

Stepan rose to get a tractor, but it stopped Lech:

- Sit, itself will approach.

the Guy, seeing that there is no reaction, took off jeans and, rolling on a belt in water, approached men. - Hear

, it is advisable to pull. Your tractor that - whether? there is no

- the Tractor - that ours and here a cable, - told lies Lech.

- Men, any grandmas of ladies, the girlfriend at the dacha waits for me.

- Hundred, having made a pause, - answered Lech.

- Without market, hold, - the guy got the note from a shirt pocket. - Only give quicker. Lech`s

is dumbfounded looked at a portrait of the American president.

- I, it seems, asked rubles, he murmured and went to get a tractor.

of the Foreign car went densely. By six o`clock at men three hundred twenty dollars, five hundred rubles and even twenty euros lay. All village was going to look at

on how Lech and Stepan money is earned. Boys even drove a column with the plate:

Botalovsky crossing. Payment on a dachshund. Dachshund contractual .

By the evening a stream ran low. Lech was got from a roll of money by a fifty-kopeck piece, caught for fish soup the neighbour`s fellow and ordered to drive to that in shop both to buy red and to have a snack something.

- All Stepan, we have a rest tomorrow, and on Sunday we will continue. All back will go to Moscow. Let`s money divide. Stepan shook

the head: there is no

- I will not take. Bad it is money. Dishonest.

- Well, as you wish. Here to you your half, do with it that you want, and I on lateral, Lech yawned and went home.

The Botalovsky crossing worked a month more while repaired a bypass road. Lech, having quarreled with Stepan, found other tractor and shabashit one. Then it, having agreed privately with children from DRSU, on the gained money repaired the road from a village fence to shop for what grandmothers for Easter delivered it in church a candle.