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How to save children from alcoholism?

you incidentally felt an alcohol smell from the child and began to panic. It is so much times met at an entrance of the teenagers splitting a bottle of wine or beer, but never reflected, as your son when grows up, can appear in the same company.

On how you will behave and that you will tell depends whether he will retire into oneself, will become isolated or it will be frank in confidential conversation.

Whether it is necessary to tell the children who entered teenage age about danger of development of an inclination to alcohol at the regular use of alcoholic beverages? You do not doubt that it needs to be done and as soon as possible, however such conversation demands special preparation. Dear parents, you be touched all a few years ago, having seen the peanut or the stranger who is funny sipping beer from banks and hurried to imprint this moment on a photo. And, of course, he remembered the relation of the idols to drinking of alcoholic drink.

Your angry affirmative intimidations will not help to come into confidential contact: What you to yourself think? The alcoholic you will become, the addict! . The teenager and educational insincere rhetoric will not apprehend. First of all, it is desirable to find out: with whom and where the alcohol was drunk, at the same time it is not obligatory to extort concrete names - it guards. There is enough if you knows that in one company with your child there were schoolmates or children from your yard.

If there was a company of school students, and they regularly meet, drinking alcoholic drinks, then one of your conversations and other efforts on prevention of an inclination it can appear insufficiently, and it is necessary to go to school that were connected to promotion of a healthy lifestyle of the teacher. In case of the domestic company association of the parents who are well realizing danger of children`s alcoholism for derivation of teenagers on sporting events, on joint social activities is required, on everything that will together be thought up.

Only quiet, benevolent actions can cause desire to continue contact in the teenager, discussing a scrupulous subject! However it is worth to remember that the system of vital values in which there is no place to alcohol and drugs for one conversation is not created, and it is necessary to lead within many months preventive discussions from time to time. Children`s alcoholism began to draw attention to itself only when chronic patients at ten-year age appeared, having disproved advertizing of adult uncles that not beer ruins people, and water.

Beer and gin - tonic in popularity eclipsed drugs - well, do not take away life and any awful withdrawal pains at once. However the regular use of these drinks within a year can lead to a disease of children of alcoholism - to drink on a bottle or bank three enough - four days every week. Parents cannot forget about it, educating the children. And conversation can be begun from far away, with the house not to guard the teenager.

For any child the house, the fortress are personified by his parents. Here it is loved, fed, dressed and all life to something is learned. But it in a safe family and what is a house for children with the drinking parents? Tell

to the teenager that when he grows up, too will make a family, and at the drinking parents children suffer especially - they have many any problems and not only with heredity and health: they should exercise the wit to avoid a beating, not to remain hungry, not to be out in school at elbows, to look for support out of the house.

If such orphan at living parents finds sympathy at relatives or neighbors, then, perhaps, and will not become the alcoholic if is not present, then will very quickly become an inveterate drunkard together with the parents. If only one parent abuses alcohol and scoffs at the same time at a family, then at most of the children saving the lives and mother`s life from the drunk brawler resistant psychological immunity to the use of alcohol and contempt for the alcoholic is developed.

Physicians write about hereditary predisposition to alcoholism much, and teetotal parents can decide that alcoholism does not threaten their children. It, of course, delusion, and they risk to pass need of strict control for teenage age when children gather and drink alcohol which rastormazhivat. The habit to take regularly alcohol before discos, during meetings with friends just also develops an inclination to alcohol.

Surprising cases of the thirst for alcohol formed after the long use in small amounts of infusions of medicative herbs on alcohol meet and in a sort at these people of alcoholics it was not noted. To avoid such accustoming, it is necessary to do breaks in drug intake.

Whether you know that alcohol to Russia was delivered only in the 14th century, but at the beginning of the 20th century by scientists it was established that Russians die of alcohol more often, than Europeans in spite of the fact that alcoholic history of Europe contains the millennia?

Scientists found approximately in 70% of the examined Russians Asian gene the person programming tenfold activity of enzymes, thanks to which gets drunk ten times more slowly than the European, therefore, can drink and wants more. At the same time in its blood poison is 10 times quicker formed.

Tell the child that at the alcoholic all life spins around binge, and if it is absent, then everything loses meaning. Alcoholism, as a rule, at men till thirty years begins. The alcoholic is not imperious over by itself, and all nondrinkers suffer near it, but he long does not admit the dependence on alcohol. The illness will bear on itself the stamp of defect, and the family is in isolation - neighbors, familiar nondrinkers and even relatives avoid contact with it.

And about other negative consequences at regular abuse of alcohol parents have to tell about all this to the children who entered teenage age. If the child acquires that alcoholism a dreadful disease, almost incurable that risk to ache at teenage age is raised, will understand that you, dear parents, very much worry about it, then will regularly avoid to take alcoholic drinks.

Do not conceal information from the children: tell about impotence of alcoholics, about alcoholic slavery, degradation of a brain, give examples. Do not forget that alcoholism is not a hereditary disease, but an illness with hereditary predisposition. Do not leave teenagers unguarded of adults when you leave - they can amuse themselves alcohol and by that to create positive installation on alcohol.

If you see that your words do not get into soul of the teenager, move to the psychologist or the father. Perhaps, they will be able to inspire more intelligibly you that life is a great gift.

Councils of Vasily Petrovich Stasov who raised intelligent and highly educated children are interesting: For morality to arrange time of every day that there was no idle hour till the lunch At children not under any circumstances not to do reprimands to people and anybody even sporlivy or loud conversation because they become from that sporlivy or shouters Never to frighten punishment To be protected how many it is possible that they did not know dresses and that they will be given - were happy the subjects That everything was done and protected on power of age and ordered nothing to nobody for themselves Played how many want and than want if only it was not harmful to them That went to bed early and got up early and spent time with us more, but not one in the nursery because they could not be corrected " there;.

Very bad example is set by parents if for removal of a stress get drunk in the presence of children. Teenagers can forever remember that you drank from weakness, muffling vital problems alcoholic intoxication. Accustom children to prepare for

for holidays for a table various juice and cocktails without alcohol.

Tell them constantly everything that you learn about alcohol, its use, danger of poisoning and disease.

Take care also the children, be careful of addictions.