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What interesting is in houses stars or Who - who lives in a teremochka ?

There is nothing better than the house, when there is no money to go where - nibud still - humorists joke. However even if there is money for going anywhere, likely, there is nothing better than the house - to be exact, houses. Because those who have money, as a rule, one haven are not limited.

Where to us, mere mortals to understand Giorgio Armani who wearily admitted that he has three houses in Italy, one in French riviera, but its most favourite dwelling - a penthouse in New - York. Donna Karan, by the way, too has a penthouse, but there is too gloomy: all black, even covered on a sofa. It would be desirable to live in a penthouse, but in absolutely black? Personally to me - no. And these telecasts from the category Thrust - poor stars and celebrities! As they try to look more modest in the many-tier apartments, assuring that here - only the most necessary and that not really necessary, - all this gifts from admirers .

I do not know, how about gifts from admirers, but at everyone stars there are secret passions and obvious addictions. No, I now not about private life - everything am much more harmless - I about a clothes collecting, everyones features design troubles and other purely human weaknesses. Here at Kirkorov, speak (personally did not see) there is a certain room all given for a footwear collection. It is advisable to track it footwear: if two times I see in one boots - shame to it and a shame. And Abraham Russo in the apartment has a huge collection of bottles and the case all filled by plush toys. About an alcohol collection - it, by the way, perfectly characterizes it: means, definitely not the drunkard, otherwise his collection would cry. And here about passion to plush toys - perhaps, I will refrain from comments. By the way, at it the sculpture of the armless girl was noticed in the house. I do not know who noticed it - but, maybe, it was Venus de Milo, and it is only passion to art? If is not present, I do not even know, as to tell

At Zemfira in the house - a huge number of guitars, but it to you not plush hares so here everything is just explainable. Alla Borisovna wanted to install the fountain in the apartment, but from humidity water stains therefore the hostess was limited to a fireplace went. But it at us - star the first size therefore all is possible for it though Fontan Trevi to bring and establish in a drawing room, I is serious. And Valery Leontyev does not need fountains - he in literal sense aspires to stars because he redeemed an attic and arranged exactly there the office.

But we will return to to teremka . Spitpoisons counted their approximate prices long ago and showed on court of the public, but personally cost just does not interest me - earned - spent, this their business. Interests me more on what. For example, investigation informed that Alexander Domogarov did not begin to exercise the wit in design of the apartment, but hung up several portraits of Al Pacino in a corridor. Why in a corridor, you ask? I do not know, but do not compare the corridor to a corridor of celebrities - it is equal to the whole room, probably. At Makarevich Al Pacino does not hang, but plates of the Soviet period, the " type hang; Apartment of model contents or The Smoking woman finishes cancer . No, I will extinguish - I a cigarette will better sit in Domogarov`s corridor.

And Buynova green will crucify precisely. Well, who in our century of fight for wildlife covers all floor skins of animals? Follow an example of Alexander Zbruyev: at it at windows, say, there are even no curtains! Here that the modest actor still of the Soviet training means. Anna Semenovich from Shining the ponaveshala in the house of a mirror, and the biggest of them hangs in a bedroom. I do not know, however, where exactly - on a wall or on a ceiling. But, eventually, it is better to look without interruption on itself in a mirror, than to trample down skins of the murdered animals.

Naturally, our star fans of real estate did not ignore also the abroad. Alexey Kravchenko (series Special troops if who is not aware) got a two-storeyed mansion in Los - Andzheles. Well, got and got, but here characteristic: the Californian oranges grow in a garden on branches . Anything to kokteylchik : our special troops - and oranges on trees. Orbakaite has a house on an ocean coast because the singer loves the sun and suntan. Quite our way however, the sun there not Russian, but mayamsky, but what difference, if it only for suntan? To Valery Leontyev on the attic it became close too, and he came trudging a country house in Miami with the pool which is surrounded with sculptures of crocodiles. Now I sit and I think, what is better: the armless girl in the house or crocodiles at the pool? By the way, he should make friends with Buynov: will be able to exchange couple of skins of a leopard which at him there is a lot of, for a skin of the Himalaya bear. Not for nothing always Agutina and Varum loved: people bought the house though in Miami, but modestly arranged an office, the nursery, a drawing room - and any to you leopards under legs.

You will tell: and in what sow morals fables ? And sow morals fables such is though it is also not new at all: not important, where do you live, the main thing that you were happy. You remember Vysotsky: Agree at least to paradise in a tent if someone occupied a tower with the palace . Of course, paradise in a tent - it is search too, but still it is unknown, whether long ago those who borrowed a tower with the " palace; looked not at themselves, star in mirrors, and just on stars in the sky - even if in the sky of Miami.