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Than the bath is good? You Remember

Twist of fate ? Every year, on December 31, we go to a bath. We wash " there;. Here - that the hero of this fine New Year`s movie allowed small inaccuracy. In a bath not so much wash how many take a steam bath. It is simple to be washed it is possible in a tub, in a trough, in a wash-tub, in the river, in a streamlet, in the ocean. And the bath is the most difficult, the complex of psychophysiological clarification of an organism fulfilled by centuries, both bodies, and soul. One modern bathing philosopher told that the bath is a washing from within.

The Bath without steam that Russian cabbage soup without gain

the Main operating factor of any bath - hot steam. The hot steam mixed with hot air. Under the influence of bathing heat of people intensively sweats. For one campaign in a bath of people loses up to one and a half liters of sweat. Become more active and open locks through which together with toxins and slags are removed then. And together with them the fatigue and pain flow away. And, all this does not remain on a body of the person as sweat after a hard work, and is right there washed by the purest distilled water which is formed of steam.

The good bath is better than a nourishing lunch

work of kidneys as a result improves, amplifies vodno - a salt exchange. And in general, the metabolism, in particular, a proteinaceous exchange is stimulated. After a bath appetite increases, the food and drink is better acquired. In a bath you will not grow thin, but you will restore health.

Ban - mother the second, will straighten all bones, will improve all things

you regularly go to a bath? Then to you katara and bronchitis are unknown chronic cold. And what can be better than a bath for prevention of any there arthritises and radiculitises? Fashionable foreign tablets will not be necessary for you - the bath will burn all excess cholesterol. Here it, a way to escape from a heart attack, remaining on one place.

When you take a steam bath - then you do not grow old

In a bath of people relaxes, it is promoted not only by high temperature, but also various weakening procedures - massage, processing by a venichok. After a bath the content of lactic acid in an organism (namely it causes muscle pain after a hard work) decreases twice.

Take a steam bath - not ozhgis, strike were not fallen down, from a regiment do not fall down!

Alas, in all good the tar spoon is. The bath is contraindicated to hypertensive persons, infarktnik and epileptics. It is impossible to use a bath and at sharp stages of course of any illness. A bath not for records who will sit out in a steam room more. A bath for health. Listen to the organism, he will prompt as it is correct to behave in a bath. Categorically it is impossible to accept alcohol in a bath. It is desirable not to drink cold drinks, they reduce sweating. And here it is better to have a shower bath cold, but not warm water.

You be not afraid neither of a heat and nor cold weather, become tempered as " steel;

Where as not in a bath, the easiest to execute this council. And training not only promotes freshness and elasticity of skin, but also fine strengthens warmly - vascular system. If hot steam weakens, then the tub of cold water after a steam room causes a certain stress which distracts from other cares and alarms, forces to flow your thoughts in absolutely other direction. The stress is knocked out a stress.

The Bath broom and the tsar is more senior if the tsar takes a steam bath

But the most attractive in a bath is an opportunity to communicate with adherents. It is healthy replacement of the English club, the German pothouse and Post-Soviet meeting. Ban - the place of ablution is not simple is a way of life.

In a bath people razmyakat, severity, unfriendliness, rage goodness knows where disappear. The unprecedented democracy is established - without clothes all people are as if equal. The liberated communication removes an inferiority complex. Whether in it a secret of success of large politicians and new Russians who so like to relax in a bath.

Steam light for you!