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How to become the queen of the beach resort this winter? Part I: the style of a bathing suit

If cold weather becomes for you absolutely intolerable, then give up all affairs and go to eternal summer of some hot country! Where exactly - the choice for you, the main thing that there was a sun and... of course, beach! Here where really boundless scope for implementation of any dreams opens. You wish to refresh the relations with darling several? Or just you want to flash? Anyway, it is possible and it is necessary to become The Beach Star - 2007 . Well at least from the patriotic purposes at last to show true shape Russo - the tourist .

In this part after the short introduction we will talk about a bathing suit style.


Even if an opportunity to jerk on the South opened suddenly, necessary for rest still at home is better to prepare all. After a list sotavleniye, it is possible to start purchase of absolutely necessary bathing suit, beach accessories and cosmetics. About it to the popodroyena!


It is no secret that it is attractive look can each woman irrespective of any parameters (age, growth, weight, a figure). You do not pursue fashion at all, and choose what to you goes. Golden rules visual influence of a bathing suit on a figure many women absorbed nearly smoloky swear, but many with them are absolutely unfamiliar! Competently picked up bathing suit has to be felt as part of itself.

and as to fight against them

the Dissonant waist will disguise Five main shortcomings of a figure:

one-piece and separate (bikini) swimsuits with a belt;

bathing suits with horizontal drawing up to a waist;

bathing suits with the vertical drawing which is beginning or coming to an end at the level of a waist;

bikini with highly cut out swimming trunks.

At the same time it is necessary to avoid:

monophonic bathing suits;

bathing suits in a longitudinal strip;

bathing suits with the overestimated / underestimated waist;

bikini with small swimming trunks.

Visually will help to increase a small breast :

one-piece and separate (bikini) swimsuits with motley top part and monophonic lower;

one-piece and separate swimsuits with the top part decorated with a fringe, frills and draperies (by the way, it is favourite Marilyn Monroe a way of increase in a breast);

bathing suits and bikini with cups.

Will emphasize absence existence :

bathing suits with tselnokroyenny top part without finishing;

bathing suits without shoulder straps;

separate bathing suits with a small brassiere.

Visually it is possible to umenishit a big breast , having chosen such types:

bathing suits with shaped top part;

one-piece and separate (biikn) swimsuits with shoulder-straps in the form of a loop or with the crossed shoulder-straps;

bathing suits and bikini with wide shoulder-straps.

Focus attention on the impressive sizes:

bathing suits with deep cut on a back of impression will not improve;

bathing suits with the top part decorated with drawings / frills.

At excessive splendor of forms approach:

bathing suits with dark lateral parts;

bathing suits with wide shoulder-straps;

bathing suits which lower part is in front duplicated by fabric or an ukrelena special grid .

Do not approach:

all types of separate bathing suits;

bathing suits with big cuts for legs;

tselnokroyenny bathing suits without finishing.

Wide hips and full legs become less noticeable in:

one-piece or separate (bikini) swimsuits with a short skirt or an apron;

bikini with shorts;

one-piece and separate swimsuits, which top part, more difficult cut, than lower;

when wide shoulder straps are in harmony with the wide lower part of a bathing suit.

And at the same time you should not dress in:

bathing suits with the American armhole (in comparison with shoulders hips will seem is even wider).


In the following part of article we select accessories!